Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

I live at the corner of 14th and Fairmont in Columbia Heights. I have been having a problem with the stadium lights at Howard (I think these lights are from Howard) University being left on every single night, all night, regardless of whether there is a football game or not. The stadium lights are searing straight into my apartment. (Not to mention are a huge energy waste.) Do you know if any other readers have complained about light pollution from Howard? Has anyone else that lives on Fairmont, Euclid, or Girard Streets been able to read in their living room at midnight with no lamps on? What does one do about light pollution? Should I call the university politely? Please help!”

This is a very interesting question as I’ve been hearing folks mention light pollution lately (I wasn’t too familiar with it). But I passed the stadium recently when there was no game and indeed the lights were on at like 11:30pm (so I doubt a practice was going on). I know some folks will be disturbed with this question arguing “we have bigger fish to fry” but I really do think this is an interesting question.

Number one – why do you think the lights are left on all the time? Safety? Do you think it would be helpful to contact the university? And aside from this specific example – have you noticed other cases of egregious light pollution in other parts of the city?


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