• Our pup had mixed feelings: http://img5.yfrog.com/i/hwn.mp4/

  • Jay’O

    Oh, is it snowing? I haven’ been outside today.

  • dcmom

    My dog is overwhelmed. He has figured out that the snow on our hot tub cover isn’t as deep – so now he immediately goes there. My husband isn’t happy about it, but at least it is outside.

  • Mine is of the mixed-feelings variety as well. It’s far too cold and wet, and when it feels like rain, she doesn’t like it. When it’s light and powdery though, it’s hard to get her to come in. But, the having hair and not fur thing is the biggest issue. When she comes in, she now walks right over to her bed in front of the fireplace and waits to be toweled off.

    Today though, with the wind, I had to practically push her out the door to go. And if I had to take her on walks, I’m pretty sure she’d like it a lot less.

  • Katherine

    my husband shovels a little area outside in the back and our pup does her business out there.

    once the snow stops, she is fascinated by it. we put her sweater on and she loves to run around in it.

  • And some dogs love the snowballs! Check out Dog Taxi chasing (and loosing) snowballs in our snowdrifts:

    Snowpocolypse 2010: A Taxi Dog Delight



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