Holy Crap, Snowsanity Seriously Cont.

by Prince Of Petworth February 8, 2010 at 4:04 pm 29 Comments

Mural in the snow
Photo of mural in the snow by PoPville flickr user faucetini

From Alert DC:

“National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for D.C., effective noon tomorrow to 7PM Wednesday. All parts of the forecast that were just sent remain the same, except the projected snow totals HAVE BEEN INCREASED TO 10-20”.

  • NBC4 is still saying 8-12 inches for DC. I’m sticking with Bob Ryan.

  • mNomeNa

    I’m going with AlertDC. They were fairly accurate for the snowmaggeddon. I don’t know whether to be excited or frustrated. I’ll let my beer decide for me…

  • Anonymous

    @ Herb – I’d go with the NWS any day over tv forecasters. They get their news from NWS anyway, it’s just outdated sometimes. Anyone see Fox on Friday, saying there was already 5 inches on the ground at 5:00 before any of it even stuck? (I was at the gym, I don’t usually watch Fox). They just were using outdated info and projections. So sad…

  • Ragged Dog

    Bob Ryan was one of the forerunners of modern weather forecasting. I would not discount his prediction. The rest of the guys are just warm bodies.

    • Plus he hasn’t changed is haircut in over 20+ years. Gotta go with that…

  • rg

    this blows. Im suppose to move out of my house this week. So im stuck here with the soon to be X Mrs rg. I ve been shoveling like hell just to get some space beetween us.

    • Mal

      :( sorry rg – if you or anyone else wants to meet for drinks tomorrow during the next snowpocalypse, lemme know! mavanyo at gmail dot com

      • rg

        thanks mal.

  • Victoria

    In case you’re wondering about snow-buried shrubs & plants, (like I was) I just called my nursery guy who said to leave them buried. They will be very brittle and trying to dig them out and shake them off can damage the branches. Blizzard winds tomorrow will also hurt them if exposed.

    Also be careful about shoveling snow from salt-treated walkways over plants.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I’m already out of PTO so if the feds close I just don’t get paid. This winter is starting to cost me $$$ and I don’t like that one bit.

    • Anonymous

      I know someone else who is in this situation. It’s total bs that contractors make their employees take paid time off if the gov’t closes.

      • rg

        you should work for me, im onsite today for aforementioned reasons, but I have my guys working remotely.

    • Victoria

      Well, at least you’re not eating the seed corn. . .

  • Annie

    My furnace just stopped working – think its a minor issue but regular guy i use cant come out. Is there a company in the petworth/parview area that is still working ?

  • Annie

    Thanks – i dont think anyone in MD will come down here though – just talked to a few companies and because there is no parking and roads not ploughed they arent servicing DC!

  • Home Alone

    Speaking of snowsanity, was someone shot or something near Grant Circle? They’ve got streets closed for blocks??

    • Inside

      Someone apparently is barricaded inside a house on 7th NW. Cops all over the place.

      • Varnum St.

        Yeah, I just tried to walk to the Metro and the cops screamed at me to get back inside due to “an incident.”

        • Not there

          It seems they brought in a special snow plow to make space for all the parked police cars in the response staging area in front of St. Gabriel’s. Loud police radios report recently they made contact with the individual.

  • MtPRez

    DC schools are closed tomorrow (Tues) per DCPS web site.

  • Anonymous

    What are people doing about the snow on their roofs? Is it necessary to clean it or can you just let the snow melt? If the former, any good recommendations for people/companies who can clear the snow, especially given the additional accumulation expected on Tues/Wed?

    • Matt

      I made the mistake of shoveling my roof on Saturday. From what I heard, a bunch of people in my neighborhood had their roof cave in. I think it ultimately depends on how old the roof is and whether you’ve had issues with it before.

      All I’ll say is, it sucks. 1) it took like 5-6 hours for me, and 2) you just run out of places to throw it. I blocked in both my front and back doors throwing it off and avoiding the sidewalk. I had to end up shoveling it all over again (front of house into the street). In the end, the roof is in good shape but I’ll probably never do it again.

      I don’t know about hiring people. Are there legal issues associated with that? What if you just hire some random person and they fall off your roof?

  • Ragged Dog

    1. Don’t get on your roof. You will fall off. It’s slippery. This is what homeowners insurance is for: so you don’t have to risk you life doing stupid stuff to save a couple grand.

    2. Grant Cir: Cabin fever finally got to someone. That or the meds refill was unavailable.

    3. rg, I’m sorry man. You’ve had a rough couple of months.

    • matt

      Isn’t snow an act of god? I thought damages caused by such acts weren’t typically covered?

  • Anonymous

    Was not considering getting on the roof myself, but wasn’t sure if there were people/companies that others have used to clear snow off the roof.

  • Anonymous
  • FentonH

    Best news in the history of the world. Awesome weekend keeps getting awesomer. [and yeah, that should be a word]


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