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Dear PoP – Snow Clearing Award

by Prince Of Petworth February 8, 2010 at 2:00 pm 39 Comments

the 30" of winter 2010
Photo from PoPville flickr user mkw4114

“Dear PoP,

I think an award should be given to the first snow clearing of Snowmeggedon.

Property management at 1500 Massachusetts NW (recently acquired by William C. Smith). Today, almost as soon as the last snowflake fell, they had a full crew and equipment out clearing the sidewalks. This property, which occupies an entire city block, as of 7:30PM already has all of its sidewalks and driveway cleared, all the way down to the pavement. Now that’s diligence!”

Now that it’s Monday what’s your assessment of how the city’s sidewalks and streets have been cleared? Is it thumbs up or more sidewalks/streets of shame?

  • Report from Bloomingdale:

    Thumbs UP for the residents clearing their sidewalks!
    Thumbs DOWN for the residents tooling around in their tiny cars and getting stuck.
    Thumbs UP for my neighbor clearing my roof for me!
    Thumbs DOWN for the lack of plowing on any street except 1st in the entire neighborhood. ugh.

  • Petworth Newbie

    Props to St. Gabriel Church on Grant Circle for actually digging out their sidewalks on all sides this time (instead of just the entrance like last time.)

    Fie on that one neighbor around the corner who didn’t shovel their walk. Maybe they are in Costa Rica like my oh-so-fortunate friend’s parents, who had excellent timing.

    Guess I’ll head down to a couple of bus stops with a shovel and dig a path from the sidewalk to the curb for me and my neighbors to use tomorrow!

  • Home Alone

    Great idea. Next time, we should have a contest, which block has all the sidewalk, from one end to the other, cleared first, including the wheel chair ramps. Must submit photos to prove it. First photo proof, wins!

  • Anonymous

    Thumbs down to Latrobe Apartments on 15th, somewhere between Mass and P. They only cleared the entrance to the building, without bothering to clean along their entire (long) property line. Frustrating and wondering what else they don’t bother doing . . .

  • Anonymous

    I’ll give the ass award to the group house on the corner that only shovelled their driveway, dumping it across the entire ally creating a 5ft wall the rest of us had to cut through. Oh, and aside what the other neighbours shovelled, their side walks are untouched.

    • Anonymous

      The Group House residents are completely useless. A house packed full of able bodied young people, and none of them can get off their ass to shovel their walk. Seriously, they all saunter off to the snowball fight, but don’t have the energy to shovel. Three group houses on my block, three houses with ice covered sidewalks, and every single other house is clear.

      • ah

        If it were me, I’d shovel their sidewalks into their driveway. And then spray it with water.

      • Park Viewer

        Thumbs up to my neighbors across the street who helped me shovel my entire sidewalk…which I was doing specifically so I wouldn’t be the group house who broke a little old lady’s hip because we were too busy with a snowball fight to care. We did still manage a snowball fight, by the way.

  • Shout Out to all the people I saw helping out their neighbors. The 3000+ people who had the energy to attend mass snowball fights sure could have made a difference for older residents in need of help with snow removal. Maybe the snowball fight organizers can harness some of that energy for service during / after the next storm.

    To the dumba$$es who dump their snow on / in front of their neighbors’ cars nice, real classy.

    • Eric in Ledroit

      Some of us go to snowball fights and such AND dig out our neighborhoods. I know it’s hard to imagine.

      • No – not hard at all that is why I said, “Maybe the snowball fight organizers can harness SOME of that energy for service during / after the next storm.”
        I did not say they should cancel their snowball fight and shovel exclusively. The weather offers the opportunity to enjoy the snow AND potentially serve. I am sure even more participants (like you) would help out if asked.

  • angrychicken

    Thanks to the random guy who helped my boyfriend and I shovel my car out on Irving Street yesterday.

    Speaking of Irving Street (at least btw. 14th and 13th) the sidewalks are mostly clear. We tried to clear the sidewalk in front of the abandoned house near us but the three inches of frozen slush won out over our tiny collapsible shovel.

  • Sandy Bridge

    Thumbs down to all the people complaining that their neighborhoods aren’t being plowed fast enough. This was a huge amount of snow not seen since 1922. The listservs in the upper northwest neighborhoods have nothing but whiners. If you own a home, own a snow shovel. Dig out yourself & be helpful to your neighbor (even if he isn’t your BFF). If you want your streets cleared faster-move closer in town. They plow the more densely populated & business districts first.

    • Mal

      I’m gonna disagree with that – I live at 12th and Mass Ave (a snow emergency route!) and Mass Ave is kinda sorta cleared but 12th Street isn’t even close to being clear. All of the roads within a 3-4 block radius are still filled with at least 6 inches of compacted ice/snow.

      There’s no way I’ll be able to make it out to Bethesda tomorrow in my Honda accord coupe. It doesn’t like snow. Sad panda over here.

  • bogfrog

    Nice work by the 700 block of Lamont St… neighbors had a great time shovelling each other out.

    We noticed that the NDC (Neighborhood Development Corp) didn’t take care of their property.

  • PetworthRes

    Heroic shoveling efforts on the 600 block of Upshur St NW and the 700 block of Taylor St, thank you! :)

  • Sunny

    Great efforts by the 1400-1500 block of Monroe St NW! Neighbors did a great job and helped each other. Sidewalks along are block are mostly clear.

    • Melissa

      I agree! I really liked the blocks’ camaraderie this weekend; shoveling sidewalks, friendly snowball fights and even going the extra mile to help stranded vehicles in the road. I’m really glad to be a part of 1400-1500 Monroe St. NW.

  • MK

    Big thumbs down to mayor Fenty whose block was shoveled to the asphalt while the rest of the neghborhood remained snowbound. I guess that’s why he thought it was safe to open schools and DC govt. Maybe next time he’ll look both ways up the street.

    • MtPRez

      Wonder why Kenyon St in Mt Pleasant was plowed at least seven times but no other side streets in the neighborhood have been touched. The fact that Mayor Fenty’s parents live on this street must be purely coincidence.

  • Eric in Ledroit

    along 1900 block of 2nd street nw in ledroit park we did a great job, the sidewalks were clear by midday yesterday. Howard University as always was excellent and had a guy out clearing sidewalks during and immediately after the storms. 2nd street itself was plowed very quickly and is currently down to the asphalt – though about once an hour someone foolishly turns onto Elm Street and gets stuck.

  • anonymous

    Thumbs down to back lots and alley ways not getting plowed. I work in southern Maryland and am not sure how I’m supposed to get there. I shoveled as much as I can but I can only do so much.

    • ah

      I’m sympathetic, but our alley there’s no way a plow could put it anywhere. It has to be tossed to the side by hand.

  • CPT_Doom

    I have been pretty impressed by how many people have managed to clear the sidewalk, although I do wonder if the phenomenon of people only shoveling one shovel’s width of their sidewalk is a DC one only.

    I have been shocked by the number of churches that have not touched their walks. The Baptist church on the corner of Buchanan and Kansas have managed to clear a very long block, but the Seventh-Day Adventist’s sidewalks look exactly as they did when the snow stopped falling. I made the trek from Sherman Circle to the Target and back and was really shocked at how many churches didn’t clear, or just cleared a path to their doorways.

    And has anyone ever seen the Park Service clear the sidewalks in their land?

  • My block the 1800 13th St NW (west side) did a good job shoveling from S to T. Props to the block!

  • rg

    kudos to 1000 block of quebec place. after we shoveled out the sidewalks, and some of our older nighbors stoops, we hve been working on the street itself. great effort by the block.

  • Anonymous

    Does DC actually fine homeowners who don’t shovel their sidewalks? It might have given an incentive to my neighbors to help me shovel the sidewalks this weekend. I think I scored points with the karma gods…

  • Victoria

    Suggestion – a lot of sidewalk trash cans are overflowing and not likely to be emptied soon – how about we all (especially dog owners who throw away their poop bags there) bring a heavy duty trash bag and tie it on for people to use. Would love to not see starbucks cups blowing all over my street!

    And for shoveling – churches are the worst! Always have been. They clear out their parking lots and shovel their front steps to the curb and ignore the rest.

    I hope when all the church people die they have to dig through a 20 foot high snowpack to get to heaven. Though maybe god will break an ankle this week and send them to hell.

    CVS at 14th & Irving was likewise shameful.

    • 13th & Harvard

      I agree- major thumbs down to the CVS at 14th & Irving! They only seemed to shovel like 5 feet in front of their door…the sidewalk along Irving is a mess. It’s really dangerous.

  • Anonymous

    Thumbs down to Howard U for not shoveling the sidewalks of their dorm on 16th St by Malcolm X Park. They managed to shovel their driveway and entrance but not the sidewalks along 16th Street. Also, can the city ticket the CVS on 14th and Irving? Their uncleared sidewalks are just another affirmation of their incompetence. It scares me to think that people trust them to have their prescriptions filled there.

  • Anonymous

    Double shame on 2729 11th ST NW because they’re a corner house with double the sidewalk to slip on. They haven’t cleaned their sidewalk once this winter. I saw you out there yesterday clearing a path down your stairs to your car so I know you’re able-bodied with a shovel. How about giving us pedestrians a break and clearing off the rest of the sidewalk?

  • Truxton K

    And a big thanks to Shiloh Baptist, Springfield Baptist, and the “Seek Ye The Lord” church for not bothering to clear the sidewalks in front of their property. Particularly Shiloh, which owns nearly the entire west side block of 9th St from P to Q. I am sure the old lady I saw hauling her groceries home in the street this AM within 2 feet of fast moving traffic appreciates the civic- mindedness of Shiloh and the rest.

  • Victoria

    What is the point of shoveling more than a two foot wide path or so? Higher piles of snow just mean a longer period of melt-freeze cycles and ultimately, more danger to pedestrians.

  • Cut the churches some slack they are not for-profit entities like CVS. If the custodian / maintenance guy / caretaker does not show what is the church going to do re: snow removal? Many have older congregations and most cancelled service on Sunday.

    I have much bigger issue with the pedestrians walking in the street at night wearing dark colors.

  • Victoria

    Churches, like everyone else, knew there was a storm coming. There are always plenty of homeless guys with shovels around eager to work. If you aren’t connecting with homeless guys on a routine basis, and can’t manage to arrange a pay a few to shovel you sidewalk with a WEEK’s notice, what the hell use are you as a church?

    In fact, churches should have been buying snow shovels for the homeless to use to be able to earn some money.

    • Really – Do you think homeless people are in a position to travel away from shelter in this weather. They congregate where they hope to get a bed for the night.
      It sounds good but is the homeless guy a really reliable snow removal plan?

      As far as what the hell churches are for (faith / worship aside) a few things come to mind; fellowship, ESL classes, childcare, health screenings, food pantries, visiting sick / shut ins, youth services (tutoring, scouting), support for military spouses etc. No single church is supposed to be all things to all people. All churches do not do homeless outreach. I am not sure anyone should dictate to a church what their mission should be.

      CHURCHES SHOULD SHOVEL. My point is a commercial enterprise owes a Special duty to shoppers based on the nature of the relationship with the consumer.

  • ontarioroader

    Churches also know, like everyone else who doesn’t shovel, that there’s no enforcement of that hefty $25 fine for failure to shovel. Is the city really going to dispatch resources to clear sidewalks when they can’t even clear the streets, then attempt to recoup the costs from residents? No, of course not. Just like littering – no enforcement means no compliance.

  • Brooke

    thumbs up and thanks to the brittany at 2001 16th st nw – they cleared the entire width of a very wide sidewalk all around their triangular block. it was the best part of a sloppy and grumpy commute yesterday for me.

  • DC Girl

    Our condo shovelers were awesome – our sidewalks were amazing after several rounds of shoveling and they even somehow produced a snowblower. I had picked up some disposable warm beverage cups from CVS before the storm and we made them some hot chocolate and they were very grateful..considering baking some cookies for this storm.


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