Anyone Know What’s Going On at Mocha Lounge?

by Prince Of Petworth February 22, 2010 at 10:26 pm 6 Comments


“Dear PoP,

I walked past the Mocha Lounge yesterday and although it was closed, it looked really inviting- lots of pillows, armchairs, sort of a Euro cafe vibe (at least to my caffeine-starved brain). Do you know if they’re actually serving coffee there yet? Yelp says the bar area has opened but I’m more interested in the espresso.”

When I last wrote about Mocha Lounge, located at 944 Florida Ave, NW, a few commenters mentioned that it was open for a new year’s party. Sadly every time I’ve walked by during the day it has been closed. So for those that live nearby, what’s the scoop here?

  • Lizzie

    There was some activity in there when I strolled by there around midnight last Saturday. There was a few people milling around the bar area. I am curious too!

  • Shawn

    Would love to try this place! Hopefully we can find out the hours soon.

  • Jeremy

    I went into this place on Saturday night. I had a blast. Darnell, the owner, was awesome. Vick the bartender poured some excellent drinks. Overall, had a really great time. I dig the “living room” atmosphere. They said at this point, they’re open from 5-2, but they plan to do lunch service and be a full-service expresso bar on top of being a bar/lounge very soon, once everything gets worked out in the kitchen.

  • Kendra

    It’s closed on Mondays. Try any other day after 5. It’s a cute place.

  • Thaddeus

    The last time I talked to Darnell he was in the process of getting some premium coffee vendor to approve the spot as worthy of serving its coffee. Definitely worth checking out for a friendly, chill evening. But not yet really a mocha lounge.

  • Sully

    It was open on Friday night 7ish and atttempted to find a parking space to check it out and just gave up.


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