Washington, DC

Today’s question is submitted by reader – Reuben.  If anyone else has ‘Friday Questions of the Day’ that they’d like to suggest don’t hesitate to email me.  So on to the question of the day:

“My friend and I were discussing his theory about dogs and social class-wars and all. He wonders, and again-this is based upon what he -and yours truly-quite frankly-sees as a marked change in the breeds of dog being walked in Brightwood, Petworth to some extent, versus-say, Logan Circle or Dupont, if there is more of an emphasis on dogs as pets (and i guess you have to consider this term metaphorically and literally) in the latter ‘hoods, versus dogs as -what- symbols? expressions of aggression and anger? Obviously, none of this is hard and fast. And like all conversations between friends, it’s, well, too buds shooting the stuff…”

So what do you guys think- do the neighborhoods people live in affect their choice in dog breed?  Or do people simply buy dog breeds that they like regardless of neighborhood?


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