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  • DC Liz

    I read on CH News or the CH Yahoo group (but can’t find the posting now) that there is a local farm that delivers fresh milk to the CH/Petworth neighborhood. From what I remember, it’s not much more expensive than buying supermarket milk either.

  • MT

    we get milk (well half & half) and cheese delivered from a dairy in Maryland. It’s great! We get to support a local family farm, get a great product, and reduce trash, etc.

  • Kennedy

    MT, Can you let us know who you get your milk and cheese from? I would love to do it too.

  • MT

    It’s called South Mountain Creamery: http://www.southmountaincreamery.com. You can set up everything online. And they have lots of other products as well.

  • Parkwood Person

    MT– thanks!! I’ve been looking for a place to get meat too, and this farm might just fit the bill.

    They sell coffee and ice cream too! I am closer than ever to never having to set foot in a grocery store again!

    FY- the hyper link includes a period at the end of the URL, so it isn’t working, but if you copy and paste the http://www.southmountaincreamery.com you’ll get there.

  • Kennedy

    Okay. These people deliver to NW:


  • Kennedy

    Sorry! Didn’t see your response.

  • DCer

    I also use south mountain.


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