• GuinnessPhish

    that happened to me once….

    but it was with this massage machine…..a padded machine that vibrated…..

    it was at the barber on capitol hill near 2nd and Mass NE

  • Randito

    Probably a little weird in DC, but common practice in Korea.

  • Parkwood Person

    Sounds a bit odd to me, but hey- free massage.

  • Susan

    Common in Japan and I assume in other countries. Where was the hairstylist from?

  • Anonymous

    Where do you get your hair cut?

  • Flipflopirate

    Does anybody know anything about the Barber next to the Petworth Station… or furthermore can anybody reccomend a good barber? I’m talking Hot Shaves, Shoe Shines, the whole 9 yrds.

  • Jason

    haha, this happened to me too, the barber put on this giant vibrating glove and starting giving me a massage, pretty weird at first

  • dk

    “common practice in Korea”?!?!? what kind of f&*^ed up stereotype is that?
    Having lived in Korea for many years, between myself and everyone I knew, never heard of this being “common practice”
    If anything, I’ve had that happen more in downtown DC than anywhere else.

  • maeella

    Sounds nice. Usually I get a head massage when I go to get my haircut… I like it!

  • matt

    This happened to me. She cut my hair then started in on the shoulders. Then the neck, then the front of my shoulders/tops of my pecks. I told my wife later that it felt like a lap dance.

  • North or South Korea?

    Did you live in North Korea or South Korea. Since the Sino Soviet split and the end of the Korean Ward (some call it a military action) 50 years ago, the cultures and traditions have evolved apart. Perhaps it is in North Korea that a haircut is accompanied by a shoulder rub.

  • ummm

    Hey “North or South Korea?”…you are such a NERD!! LOL! ;)

  • Anonymous

    Who knew we had such experts on Korean culture on this board? We are all very impressed.

  • Flipflopirate

    Korean Cultural Exchange greatly appreceated and valued… meanwhile I’m still scruffy, there has got to be a good barber in the hood, right? we’re not all scruffy are we?

  • Sveiks

    So PoP gets his hair cut at one of those asian “massage therapy” centers that advertise in the Sports section.

  • Flipflopirate

    ….and I never look a gift neck rub in the mouth.

  • Anonymous

    speaking of korean – any good korean food in dc? the place. mandu, in adams morgan is not that great and overpriced.

  • lazy cake

    Korean food- Go to VA. Annandale, specifically. You can have your pick of places.

    Or you can hit up Woo Lae Oak in Pentagon City. The food is awesome, the prices are a bit steep.


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