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  • Did a bit of Googling (it’d be nice if they’d clean that one):

    “drop box — The olive green noncollection receptacle where city carriers
    leave mail on the line of travel for later pickup and delivery by another
    carrier. (Also called relay box.)

    relay — Mail that a city letter carrier prepares in sacks for delivery to
    relay drop boxes along the line of travel of a route. After completing
    delivery of carry-out mail, the letter carrier picks up additional mail
    from the relay drop box and resumes delivery, continuing this process
    until the entire route is served. A relay may weigh up to 35 pounds.

    relay route — In city delivery service, a route in which the city carrier
    places sacks of mail in drop boxes for pick up by city carriers as they
    deliver mail on their routes.”

    You will still see relay boxes in urban areas, but as more letter carriers
    are using vehicles, they are in declining numbers.”

  • Anonymous

    I’ve also seen a mail carrier leave his lunch in there.


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