11/28/13 10:22pm

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

So I’m just curious – where did you go for Thanksgiving? What was your favorite food on the table this year? Funniest/craziest family fight?

I went to Rockville, Maryland and like every year I love the stuffing the best. Although a close runner up this year was a squash souffle that was insanely delicious. Hope everyone ate well!

11/21/13 10:22pm

Kangaroo Boxing Club adding a second floor on 3410 11th Street, NW

Recenly we’ve learned of Maple’s expansion into Columbia Heights Coffee on 11th Street and just down the block KBC expanding into a second floor. Ed. Note: A liquor license amendment also says KBC will add a Summer Garden (Roof Deck) with 25 seats. Anyway, it got me thinking about other bars that would expand or even up open a second location. I’ve always wished Solly’s would open a second spot closer to where I live. Do you think it’s possible for bars to expand and keep the vibe that got you liking them in the first place? Same thing with opening a second location – do you think it’s possible for a bar to replicate it’s success?

What bar and/or restaurant would you like to see expand or open a second location?

11/14/13 10:22pm

Photo by PoPville flickr user ep_jhu

I’m stealing this question from a friend of mine who posted it on his facebook page because I think it’s a brilliant question. I studied political science but if I were in college today I think I’d study geography or architecture. I’m not sure I have the drawing skills for architecture but I think I’d find it fascinating. I’m also not sure what the job market is for a geography major but I can stare at maps for hours. Hmm, I guess I’d like to study more history too. You see this is a great question. What would you study? Would you study for the sake of finding it interesting or for the sake of getting a future job? Would anybody decide not to go to college?

11/07/13 10:22pm

Photo by PoPville flickr user bajidc

So with Sushiko and Cafe Japone closing plus Perry’s switching to sushi in Adams Morgan, well it got me thinking about sushi. While we’ve spoken a lot about Ramen lately with Taan, Daikaya, and Toki Underground well, I feel like we’ve been neglecting sushi. For this week’s Friday Question of the Day, I thought it was a good time to reassess the best sushi in the District? And if it’s really really good, best sushi inside the beltway?

Years ago when we spoke about sushi options in DC there were tons of fans of Sushi Taro at 1503 17th Street, NW. Still a lot of fans of Sushi Taro? I think I’m leaning towards Izakaya Seki at 1117 V Street, NW as my favorite. Where’s yours?

10/31/13 10:22pm


A reader send me the photo above from Bloomingdale and it got me thinking about the most family friendly neighborhoods in the District. Then I remembered some discussions we’ve had where folks wish to avoid kids at all costs. So for this week’s question – which neighborhoods do you think are the most family friendly? Which neighborhoods are best/most fun for those without kids or those who simply want to avoid kids? Which neighborhoods truly cater to both sets?

10/24/13 10:22pm


With all the new sandwich shops coming, Capriotti’s, Italian Gourmet Deli, The Best Sandwich Place and others – well I want to redo where to find our favorite sandwiches. So where’s your favorite from and what do you order? Ed. Note: If yours is from a Food Truck please let us know in the comments. I know I’ve probably left some off the list but following is a poll with the ones I hear about the most:

10/17/13 10:22pm

Photo by PoPville flickr user yostinator

This is something I always enjoy learning about when I meet people. So here goes – I was born in New York, New York and when a little kid lived in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn before moving to the Village of Rockville Centre on Long Island. I went to college in Ohio (Miami Redhawks represent) and I moved to DC in 1997 after living overseas for a year. How about you guys – where are you from originally? What year did you move to DC? For those who are from the District – what neighborhood did you grow up in?

10/10/13 10:22pm

Photo by PoPville flickr user hellomarkers!

This week’s question is a reader request:

“I live on the NE/NW border and am looking for some new running routes. The Glenwood cemetery is a large area of land that is open during daylight hours, but their website is not clear about a running and jogging policy. I have known of some cemeteries that permit this, given that you do not interfere with any ongoing funerals or processions.

What do people think about running in a cemetery? It is generally okay or is it disrespectful?”

While we once spoke about dog walking in a cemetery – do you think it’s ok to run in one?

10/03/13 10:22pm

Photo by PoPville flickr user number7cloud

How much longer do you think it’s gonna last?

As we near the end of the first week of the shutdown – the novelty is wearing off and it’s starting to feel real. While it was fun to track all the cool deals around town – I’m now wondering how long, realistically, this thing might actually last. Obviously losing even one day of pay is painful for some and catastrophic for others but for those who have a little cushion – how much longer could you last before making some serious financial cuts? For those who’ve applied for unemployment – did the process run smoothly? What percentage of your paycheck will you receive?

09/26/13 10:22pm

Photo by PoPville flickr user antisocialtory

Last week we talked about our favorite books of all time because the National Book Festival was coming up. This Sunday is the much anticipated finale of Breaking Bad so let’s talk TV. Last year we spoke about some of our favorite foreign tv shows but for this week let’s hear your favorite tv series of all time? You know the ones you can gorge on and watch a dozen episodes in one sitting if given the opportunity. Though I’ve enjoyed Breaking Bad very much, I’ve narrowed it down to my two favorites – The Wire and Battlestar Galactica. What about you? It doesn’t have to be a drama – could be any genre.