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Here’s a random one that I’m just curious about because I’m getting absolutely thrashed this year (despite the drastic up and down temps.) So who else suffers from seasonal allergies? Are you also getting hit particularly bad this year? Any remedies beyond pharmaceuticals and neti pots?

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WAMU reported:

“A group funded by an anonymous corporation registered in Delaware is pushing to legalize gambling in the District, first by creating a site in downtown Anacostia where people could play poker, blackjack and other card games and then by licensing other such facilities throughout the city.”

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This question was brought up in a rant/revel but I wanted to give it a proper post. Obviously you can never be a native born Washingtonian unless you were born here but that doesn’t mean you can’t deeply identify with DC (am I tipping my hand here…?) So let’s talk years – how many years do you have to have lived in the District before you can reasonably consider yourself a Washingtonian? Or is it more a frame of mind rather than a passage of time? For those who are not native born but consider themselves Washingtonians was there a tipping point, a specific moment you remember when you made the switch?

friday question
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PoPville’s upcoming 10 year anniversary got me thinking about how long I’ve been at some other jobs. I used to rotate every 2-3 years before lasting 5 years at my last job before blogging full time. So then I wondered how long you guys have worked at your jobs. And that’s how my beer dusted brain comes up with a Friday Question of the Day. So how long have you been at your current job? What’s the longest you’ve remained at one organization? How much longer do you think you’ll stay at your current job before moving on?

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With all the Adele excitement, I’m stealing this question from a friend of mine on Facebook:

“What are the particular concerts, or particular musician tours, that you most wish you had attended?”

For me, I always haunted by the fact that I never saw the Beastie Boys play at 9:30 Club. It’s a dagger even to think about – what about you guys?

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I was looking for another non controversial question so I was glad a reader requested this one…

OK earlier in the week the Washington Post reported:

“A proposal before the D.C. Council would permit bicyclists to yield instead of stopping at stop signs and red lights – when safe – without getting ticketed.”

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act (PDF)

Interestingly the OP’s partner who is a cyclist “thinks that it’s too ambiguous. He thinks it relies too much on personal judgment and he doesn’t trust communication to be made by the appropriate people as to when its applicable and when it isn’t (proposal I think at it stands is only for small, less congested and less traveled intersections.)”

What do you guys think? Does it have a chance? Should it?

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“Dear PoPville,

My husband and I are leaving DC in the new year after 10/6 years respectively to move to Europe – it’s definitely bittersweet. Now I’m getting anxiety that we’ve not ventured out from our area and explored enough. Could we start a discussion about unmissable activities/places/restaurants in DC and we’ll try and check them all before we leave?!”

Ed. Note: We looked at some fun things to do here and here a few years ago – but given all the change probably time for a refresh. I’d say be sure to hit the Renwick.

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This week’s is a two-parter both reader requests. Should 16 year old District residents be given the right to vote? The Washington Post reports:

“But under the proposal in Washington, the nation’s capital would go further than any state or municipality by allowing 16- and 17-year-olds to vote in federal elections.”

I see this and think – jeeze I was an idiot when I was 16. But then I think – I was also an idiot when I was 18 so I’m conflicted…

Now for the second part from another reader – are you registered to vote in DC, MD or VA? Did you vote in the last election? Local and Federal? For those who aren’t registered, how long have you lived in the area? For those who were registered but didn’t vote – do you think you’ll vote in 2016?


This week’s question is a reader submitted one:

“What’s the general feeling on tattoos these days? Still taboo or now widely accepted? What about [visible] tattoos in the “typical” DC work environment?”

For those that have one (or more) I’d also be curious to know what is it of? I used to do a Tattoo of the Week feature years ago and there were some awesome stories. Anyone have regrets? Anyone have visible ones?


Thanks to a reader for sending the photo above yesterday “Time stamp: 12:21. PM, not AM.”

Anyway it just got me thinking how much we’ve been griping about metro lately – so as a result do you ride it less than you used to? For those that use metro to commute to work – anyone now use another form of transport? If so, what type? Do you use it on the weekends?