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Another succinct reader request:

“What are people’s food budgets (in some ranges) and do they stick to it?”

So how much do you budget for food per week including restaurants? Do you stick to your budget? How much do you spend on groceries per week? (If you give your answers in the comments please say if your budget is for 1, 2 or more.)


Well we’ve talked favorite podcast, books, movies, foreign movies, tv shows and foreign tv shows so it’s time for favorite app. Also in the rant/revel a reader asked:

“Five apps that are a must have if you live and work in DC?”

And I thought that was a great question so wanted to give it a separate thread where more could see it. But I’m also curious about your favorite apps in general – bonus for the free ones! So maybe a three parter – favorite – DC specific app? Favorite app in general? Favorite free app?

Ed. Note: I’m mainly interested in IPhone/Android apps but since I know some will say it – you can tell me your favorite appetizers too :)

4211 9th Street, NW

We’ve been hearing rumors of post office closings since at least 2009. Well Petworth’s is really closing soon, confirms the clerk on site. An exact date is not known could be a few weeks, could be a few months. A reader says, “the District has signed a long lease to build a Community Outreach Center. They’re going to occupy the entire building and will open at the end of the year. The Post Office has to move sometime in the coming months but he doesn’t know where they’re going to go.”

So for this question I’m curious to know if folks still use their neighborhood post offices often?

Ed. Note: I do because I mail a lot of PoPville t shirts so this is gonna be rough for me. Future caption contest winners may have to pick up their shirts when this happens I’m afraid.



Admittedly I’m pretty lucky in that I love my current my job very much. But I’m just curious what others think. For me, I think maybe one day I’d like to try radio host – you’d get to meet lots of interesting folks and I could still wear jeans or track suits everyday. How about you – what’s your dream job? I guess broken into two parts like a ‘realistic dream job’ and a ‘fantasy dream job’?


In the DC baby name post a reader requests an update summer reading list post because they:

“Have a 21-hour flight coming up and I’ll need some good ones.”

Do you have any specific ones you’d recommend for a long flight? What’s on your regular summer reading list this year?

For fellow soccer fans or just those interested in the World Cup, I recently started Eight World Cups by New York Times sports columnist George Vecsey and it’s off to a strong start.

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File this one under – I’m just curious. I’d say among my friends it’s nearly evenly split 50/50. So I’m curious about PoPville. Do you believe in God? Do you go to Church/Temple other house of prayer? If so where do you go?

Update: Maybe impossible because of the subject matter, I was honestly just curious, but anyway let me be very clear – if you feel one way or the other please don’t be rude to those who feel differently. You can make your point with being rude or insulting. Or better yet, just skip this post if the subject matter is too sensitive. Thanks.

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I’m in a music mood this week – so maybe we should update one from back in 2008 – What’s the first concert you ever went to? Mine was Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet – 1986 at Nassau Coliseum. I’m still recovering from that epic show… Who was your first show? I’d also be curious to know what’s the best show you’ve ever seen live?

And the other day I was talking to a buddy how much I regretted never seeing Beastie Boys live. So if you could have gone to any show (living or dead) who would’ve it been? I kick myself for never having gone to a Beastie Boys show and while I was way too young – I would’ve loved to seen a Bob Marley show in person. What about you?