“I found a Schwinn Mountain bike in Petworth”


I found a Schwinn Mountain bike in Petworth, around about a block from the metro discarded in an alley. I left it for awhile thinking maybe someone just stopped for a bit but it was moved to the sidewalk and placed upside down. Pretty sure it was stolen or maybe taken for a joy ride. The tires are flat and I didn’t see if it rode well (gears working, etc) but the frame is in good condition.”

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  • If anyone had their white cruiser bike taken….we found one in our treebox at the corner of 7th and Maryland NE this morning around 0500.

    Hill Res

    • I had a white Breezer stolen yesterday in Shaw. Long shot for sure, but I’d love to hear about it if the bike you saw happens to have a bunch of blue reflector stickers all over it.

  • Take it to the humane society to see if its owners had it chipped.

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