Liquor License Placard Posted for Whaley’s by Yards Park

301 Water Street, SE

Small updated on Whaley’s coming to the awesome Lumber Shed building. The placard says:

“New full-service upscale casual seafood restaurant. Live Entertainment will be provided. Total Occupancy Load is 71. Two Summer Gardens, one with 32 seats and one with 18 seats.”

They’ll be located right between Agua 301 and Osterini Morini, with a beautiful view of the river.

Side note PSA: Yards Park, Capitol Riverfront, Navy Yard whatever you want to call it is absolutely beautiful this time of year.  If you don’t work or live nearby – it’s well worth a visit.


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  • Shhhhh on the side note!! Gotta keep it a secret 🙂

  • Agree on Yards Park. Great space for little ones with the waterfall, wading pool, pedestrian bridge, green space. Plenty of bike parking. Daddy just needs the coffee shop to open (Philz) and we’ll be all systems go.

  • Where the heck are they gonna put two summer gardens? The first I’d imagine is just their patio, but the second?

    • great question. I’m wondering if they consider each side of the doorway to be one garden—one side would have exclusively seating (for 32) and the other would have a hostess stand/service items (for 18).

    • There is a space across the sidewalk from the restaurants with umbrellas. It’s been public use in the past, but perhaps it’s being incorporated into the restaurants now.

  • I hope it’s good. Morini is great, but Agua 301 did not impress me much.

    • It’s a lot better than it was when they opened. Worth another look if you haven’t been back recently, especially for brunch.

    • They’re happy hour is pretty good, and its got great hours: 3-7 daily. I like their tacos/chips and salsa.

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