Chrome “gear for living and riding the city” coming to Shaw

8th and Florida Ave, NW

And across the street from the coming Takoda, in the new Shay building, is the new Chrome Industries location. Chrome’s website says:

“For over a decade, the creative communities throughout every major city have used Chrome bags, footwear and outerwear to help them survive the demands of the city. Wrenched is a tribute to these people and the cities in which they live and create in. Through each of their own unique perspectives, we’re given an insight to the best of everything their neighborhoods have to offer. This isn’t a guide to the same old played out tourist traps that you’ve already heard about a million times over. This is a glimpse into each city that we feature as told by its locals. This is the real-real … For tourists and lifers, alike.”


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  • while chrome makes quality riding gear i hope they get enough people coming in the store that buy merch to keep them there
    just seems in this day & age a lot of people go to retail stores to try stuff out/ scope it then find it for half the price online & this is super niche
    either way i hope they do extremely well in the space

    • I love their products, but their customer service has always been less than stellar. I will absolutely visit, but foresee my visits being as you described – checking gear out before buying it cheaper online (or hunting down super cheap deals).

    • Indeed, especially since most of their stuff can be ordered from Amazon!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that does that. Long gone are the times when I would walk into a store and drop hundreds of dollars on items, especially clothing- to then see them on sale the following week. Nope- not anymore.

      • I’m willing to pay more for good craftsmanship and good customer service. E.g. if I go to Pacers and they spend a lot of time with me helping me find the right shoe, I’ll pay the full price even though I might shop online for future pairs. I’m also willing to spend a little more if they have a really generous return policy. I’m paying for more than just the item.

  • This is the PERFECT store for el Shay in North End Shaw.
    (Okay, couldn’t resist. I actually like most of their stuff that doesn’t try oh-so-hard to scream “I’m totally urban, brah!”)

  • I like my timbuk2 bag but I’ll check it out. Is their stuff durable?

    • Their US-made products (a small fraction now) are excellent, but very expensive. I like Chrome but much prefer Seagull (

  • northeazy

    I own a few Chrome items. They are good quality. But they have totally gone corporate since the original owners sold it. The fact they are now in the Shay speaks volumes. They lost their je ne sais quoi quite a while ago. The former Chrome creators are now making bags at Mission Workshop. Super good stuff. Just picked up second bag today actually. Either way I’ll check them out and wish them luck.

  • They recently used topless women to hand out promotional material in New York. I’m not opposed to that in theory, but if they are stooping to sex to sell gear I’m guessing they can’t sell on quality alone anymore. That said, they will fit right in to that development.

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