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  • Huge fan of Georgetown Valet on the Hill/ 8th St. SE. They always go the extra mile and their work is top-knotch.

    I do not recommend Bergmann’s.

    • I’ve never used a dry cleaner, but my ex used Bergmann’s once and they claimed to have lost the coat she dropped off. Later they confessed that they still had the coat but had spilled something on it and couldn’t get the stains off. WTF.

  • the one nearest your house is best.

  • I think I’ve asked this here before, but I’ll ask again: why does dry cleaning cost 2-3 times as much in DC as it does in VA? I don’t think it can be completely explained by higher rents, since it’s still a lot cheaper in places like North Arlington.

  • justinbc

    It’s really hard to say, because I’ve probably not even tried 5% of them, but I would also give another high vote to Georgetown Valet (although I went to the NE location at D and 8th, I’m assuming that’s what the poster above meant). We’ve tried many of the other dry cleaners around that area and been very unhappy with the results.

    • palisades

      This is the only time Popville will have a collective agreement that something involving Georgetown is great lol

  • Another big thumbs-up for the Georgetown Valet on 8th Street NE. We’ve been going to them for about 5 or 6 years and they are incredibly professional and friendly.

  • Love Total Cleaners. They are in Arlington but deliver/pickup to most locations in DC. They also will do tailoring – just leave a note on the garment and put it in the bag!

  • I like Q&Q in Columbia Heights, mostly because they have a pull in spot and I can easily drop it off on my way to work or the grocery store.

  • Soapy Joe’s, for sure. Just kidding!

  • The answer depends on what you mean by “best.” In terms of very high quality, delicate and/or intricate clothes that one wishes to be handled with kid gloves, Parkway Dry Cleaners up Connecticut Ave. a few blocks into Maryland is the place to go. Note: their prices are extremely high compared to other cleaners, but I use them for my special items and they are worth it. They also pick-up and deliver for free. Otherwise, I am a loyal to Cleveland Park Valet (in strip of stores across from the Uptown theater).

    • Good to know. I’m glad we’re actually having this discussion. I can’t find a dry cleaner in Columbia Heights / Adams Morgan that can really inspire confidence that (a) they are laundering shirts and not dry cleaning them and (2) that they treat the clothes properly. I’ve liked 7 Brothers for casual shirts that need to be cleaned, but I’m fairly certain that at that low price, they’re still dumping chemicals into my clothes. Ideally, I’d just like a place that will press my shirts after I wash them myself. Any places that do that, or actually, truly just launder shirts?

      • Every cleaner I’ve been to will press, but the price is so close to the launder/dryclean + press price that I never do it.

      • 7 Brothers claims to use organic/all natural chemicals… who knows what anyone is actually using nowadays (hard to read through all the buzz) but whenever I’ve gotten my stuff done there, it doesn’t smell like they just tossed a bunch of nasty chemicals on them.

    • Second for Parkway Dry Cleaners as the best. They’ll actually remove then re-attach buttons to make sure the fabric and the buttons aren’t damaged during cleaning. And, they have gotten out stains that I thought would never come out – all without any noticeable fabric damage. They are insanely expensive, but worth it for special/problematic cases.
      Best everyday for dresses, laundered shirts, etc., is Besson’s Cleansing on 14th. They do everything on-site and are very friendly.

    • Blithe

      Another vote for Parkway. I’ve taken fragile and irreplaceable things to them over the years — and they’ve done a beautiful job, or explained the limits on what they were able to do (think indigo stains on a fragile, light colored leather jacket). They are expensive — but definitely worth it.

    • Parkway is definitely the best, and you pay for what you get. If you want your wedding dress cleaned, or your elderly neighbor bloodied her favorite jacket in a fall and you want to do something nice for her, or your baby spit up on the fancy bedspread, then Parkway is your place. Hands down and no doubt.

      For more common needs, it matters less.
      – Bergmann’s is usually reliable and delivers (they clean any US flag for free, and every year cleans coats for donation).
      – Cleveland Park Valet does as good a job as most typical cleaners, and the man who owns/runs it is a gem.
      – I also like Zartan’s comment about the closest (often) being the best.

      • I hope your neighbor is OK.

      • Just want to second the vote for Bobby — owner of Cleveland Park Valet. Fun story here . . . For years, Cleveland Park Valet was owned by a couple, Seymour and Fran, who met during WWII when Seymour was in the Army. Fran was a Jewish girl who had been a “rat” in the Paris Opera Ballet before the war. They married and owned/ran Cleveland Park Valet for years. Bobby was the “boyfriend” of their daughter in junior high (or something like that) and began working at the store. Well, he stayed, and stayed, and stayed — and when Seymour was ready to retire, he bought the shop.

  • Love U Street Cleaners at 15th & U NW. Been going there for nearly five years now — great, reasonably priced service, and one of the few local businesses where they know me by name. Never any perfumey or chemical smells on the clothes, and they also do a great job with mending and alterations.

    • +++++++1. Knew these ladies for almost 9 years and they would wave when I walked by. They altered my husbands wedding suit and we now live in Michigan park…worth the drives and and they are organic. So even better

  • French’s at 14th and Spring is the best I’ve encountered… Better than Georgetown Valet in my experience.

  • Frenchs at 14 and Spring NW! They do a great job and always are friendly!

    • I also vouch for French’s

    • KSamps

      Came here to say French’s as well. They do a great job and they’re really nice. They also cleaned, repaired and packaged my wedding dress for $250, which seems like a steal compared to other places in DC.

  • I’ve had good luck with Kilroy’s Cleaners on Upshur St 🙂 Local and consistent.

  • ZIPS! By far the best!

    • Do love zips. Wouldn’t by dry clean-only clothes if I couldn’t get them cleaned for $2, TBH. And I live 2 miles from van ness!

  • @PoP Awesome picture choice.

  • Lafayette Cleaners, in that center on 20th near L St. NW for those in Dupont/West End/Downtown. I called around to several when I moved here and they have the best prices by far. No same-day service, but they always have next-day and the owner is super nice/helpful.

    For those up in Mt. Pleasant/Adams Morgan/Columbia Heights, 7 Brothers (off of Columbia Road NW) can’t be beat! Super affordable but well done and fast turnaround. They are cash only, but they have an ATM in the store. Great place!

  • What about a good tailor for simple alterations?

  • Had to figure this out last week. Had been going to European Custom Tailor for both dry cleaning and great tailoring, and was bummed last week to find out they closed at the end of August. The building they were in on Ct. Ave. in Cleveland Park is being marketed for development. The sign on the door says they hope to reopen in the neighborhood – I hope they do.
    Looked on Yelp for suggestions and took a bunch of cleaning to Besson’s near Logan Circle. They were good as their reviews indicated.
    Still need to figure out who to take my tailoring to – as I am very picky as someone who grew up sewing my own clothes. May try Besson. Recommendations for cleaners who do really good cleaning and tailoring welcome!

    • +1 for Bessons. They were our cleaners for three years and we went out of our way to bring our clothes there. They didn’t mess up once in those three years and were as friendly as their service was reliable.

  • I have a recommendation of who NOT to use. The Georgetown Valet at 13th and U Street NW is terrible. I’ve had to take things back because they came back not clean. I also had an Armani dress come back with the tags no longer in it and another expensive dress came back missing the belt.

    I use the cleaner in the Department of Labor now. They are quicker and haven’t ruined any of my stuff yet.

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