Washington, DC

Big police response at 8th St NE

“This is a two part tale of some sketchiness that I witnessed over a 12 hour period on the Hill last night I’m hoping someone could give me some more information on the arrests that were made, but overall, I wanted to share the story.

Part 1: Last night around 9pm there were 6+ police cars (including one K9 unit) at the corner of 8th and A St NE. (The police response was so large on the corner that it was actually blocking traffic on 8th St.)

From what I could see, the cops had handcuffed two teenagers (maybe around 15 years old) and were questioning a third. At least two of the kids seemed to have been arrested (they left the scene in the back of a cop car).

Anyone know what happened or why those kids were arrested?

Part 2: This morning around 9am, I was walking on A St NE near where the arrest was made last night. I was near Beaver park (a small area of grass on the corner of 9th and A St NE), where I saw a 15 year old kid looking very nervous, walking toward the park. I recognized him right away. He was one of the kids from the arrest scene last night. I watched him as he ran across the park into the bushes that border a neighbor’s house/side yard. I followed him from a distance to see if he was just cutting through, or if he was entering my neighbor’s property. The kid entered my neighbor’s yard and searched around for about 30 seconds, then grabbed something, pulled up his hood, and sprinted away.

There was another person also watching this unfold, he was much closer to the “scene” and he was totally shocked by what he saw. He said that he thought he saw the kid grab a gun that was stashed in my neighbor’s bushes/flower bed.

This is a pretty unusual/bizarre scene for our neighborhood. Beaver park is an area where neighbors walk their dogs. Everyone kinda knows each other, and it’s relatively safe compared to the rest of DC. To see someone rummaging through my neighbor’s immaculate garden was unsettling in itself, but then to realize that it was a kid from last night who was basically returning to the scene of the crime was even more disturbing.

Overall, I’d just like to know what happened last night. What was the arrest all about? I haven’t been able to locate information anywhere.”

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