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  • I live right around the corner from this monstrosity, and couldn’t be happier to see this. This pop-up is such an eyesore!

    • It’s one story taller than the building on the other side of the gas station…

      • I’m not sure the height is what makes this one an eyesore…

        • I’m assuming the commenter I replied to is smart enough to understand that this isn’t what the final product is going to look like.

          • The commenter might have also read the previous discussion of this pop-up, in which it was mentioned that this building has the same owner as the Ella, a.k.a. “The Middle Finger of V Street.”

      • And if I was a betting person, I’d bet that in 10 years, that gas station will be the site of a similarly tall condo building and nothing will be offputting about any of this.

        That said, it totally looks like it’s leaning.

        • I believe the brick structure is leaning right, and the popup part is correcting to the left.

      • agreed. the gas station is the eyesore.

  • Noted this from afar on my walk to work this morning. What are the reasons given? I can’t read the writing on the picture of the stop work order.

  • What does the stop-work order say? I can make out the word “unsafe,” but that’s about it.

  • Before all the haters pop the champagne corks you might want to wait and see what the Stop Work Order was for. They may have just violated some public space / electric / plumbing item and all it will take is an appeal and inspection to get things rolling again.

  • brookland_rez

    I blew it up in Photoshop, It says “Unsafe Structure”, and I can’t make out the rest of what it says. The column to the right is the remedy column, for that line it says “Correct the violations & pay the fine”

    Hopefully they make them knock it down. This wouldn’t be allowed under the new pop-up regulations.

  • west_egg

    There’s a flip in progress a few houses down from me that’s had a Stop Work order posted on the front window for about a month, but there’s definitely work going on just about every day.

    • That would be illegal, and from DCRA’s website::
      to report illegal construction, call DCRA’s Illegal Construction Unit, at (202) 442-STOP (7867) or call 311 during non-business hours and you will be routed to an on-duty inspector

    • greenroofgoddess

      If there is a posted stop work order and ongoing work, call the cops. They will come and enforce the order and shut down the site, then DCRA will issue another (much larger) fine and make it more difficult for the work to restart.

  • Two violations:

    No wall check
    Unsafe structure – Front wall not supported properly

    • YES.
      DCRA doing actual enforcement work.
      More of this and we will have fewer problems with pop-ups.

      • How many pop-ups have we had collapsed? This stop work has nothing to do with them building a larger pop-up than what was permitted.

        • The PIVS data on this property isn’t much help. Under the commercial inspections most notices were from 2004 with a “Third Party Oversight” Scheduled 2015/06/08. Don’t know exactly what that means other than somebody was scheduled to look at it. Under the permits there were 3 for 2015 one for supplemental electrical, one for supplemental plumbing, and one “Construction/Addition Alteration Repair” that said “Alteration and Repair to existing two unit to include Demo foundation and framing”

          • Hmm… there’s no mention there of adding additional stories, which makes it sound as though the builder didn’t get a permit from DCRA for them (even though the C-2-A zoning would have allowed them).

          • Do you know what the permit requests say when they are adding stories? Maybe alteration covers that to the extent that whatever is being done doesn’t require a variance/exception.

          • unfortunately there isn’t much more and I don’t know enough to offer more insight. The address is 1724 if you want to poke more. The owner is NEW JERSEY HOLDINGS LLC and they bought it 2014/02/28 for $575,000.00 and the sale type listed was Speculative.

          • ET — I don’t think it’s covered unless they specifically mention it — even when it’s by-right.
            Some samples of wording I’ve seen in other pop-ups’ permits:
            “adding one story to the existing 2-story + cellar”
            “add 3rd floor as per plans”

          • Oops; that was Duponter’s question, not ET’s.

        • Sorry – didn’t mean my comment to be in reply.

    • Ruh-roh. “No wall check” is pretty serious. The walls are supposed to sit on a concrete footer that goes deep enough and wide enough into the ground that the wall won’t tip or collapse. Before you build your walls, you pour your footers. After your footers are poured, but before you start building the walls, DCRA is supposed to inspect the footer to make sure they are big enough and in the right place. Sounds like these guys didn’t do that. They’ll have to undo enough deconstruction to expose the footers and convince DCRA that the footers are OK.

      • A wall check is not a foundation inspection which; would consist of a bearing check (capacity of the soil to support the footing) followed by a rebar and concrete inspection to verify the structural plans were followed. The new wood structure would then be built on the footing once the concrete was found to have cured to the required psi.

        A wall check is getting surveyor to verify that the new structure is within the property line. This should take place prior to any MEP systems being installed in the building.

      • HaileUnlikely

        “Front wall not properly supported” sounds kind of serious to me, regardless of whatever “wall check” means.

      • brookland_rez

        Maybe this is why it’s leaning?

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