The Evolution of 14th and Colorado Ave, NW Continues – Swampoodle DC Now Coming to former Dry Cleaners space

14th and Colorado Ave, NW

We’ve been waiting a long time to see what the heck is going on with the old cleaners at 14th and Colorado Ave, NW. Brightwood Bar and Restaurant out – Swampoodle in! Their Facebook page says:

“Hey ‪#‎DC‬! We are working hard to bring you an exciting new restaurant to the area! Follow along as we bring you updates from the ground up. ‪#‎new‬ ‪#‎localfood‬ ‪#‎comingsoon‬”

“We are eager for you to come join us at the bar for brunch! Delicious food and brunch cocktails await you.”

“On a bright and sunny DC day you and your family will love enjoying a meal on our outside patio!”

“Although it may not feel like it today, Spring is here and that means we are that much closer to opening our doors! We can’t wait for you to sit in our chairs and have a burger at Swampoodle DC!”

Nevermind that Swampoodle was an old neighborhood name nowhere near here (by Union Station today) – this sounds promising! Stay tuned.

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  • Swampoodle? They should call it Spring Valley or Foggy Bottom. Actually, now that I think of it, H Street is hip–they should call it H Street.

  • That’s six (6) exclamation points!!!!!!

  • gotryit

    +1 cautiously optimistic
    -1 with a name like that, it will not be a spot for date night
    -1 you couldn’t find anything unique to our neighborhood’s history?
    +2 because I can’t be in the negative for something happening there

  • Was waiting for a restaurant or bar to use Swampoodle in its name but was hoping it would be in the vicinity of the old neighborhood. Oh well.

  • So glad this is coming to the neighborhood! Been waiting for MONTHS for something remotely resembling a place to have a nice meal!

  • Ugh. The bar’s profile picture on facebook is the silhouette of a poodle groomed on some pretentious dog-show style. This doesn’t bode well if you’re looking for a down-to-earth neighborhood bar, rather then an overly pricey “gastropub” with a crappy cocktail program.

    Plus, am I the only one that doesn’t like the name Swampoodle? I mean, it has the word “swamp” in it. So what’s if it’s the name of a neighborhood uses anymore. It just doesn’t sounds like a place I’d like to eat. What was so bad about Brightwood Bar and Restaurant?

    • Maybe because anyone who knows about the history of DC knows exactly what and where Swampoodle is/was and this simply doesn’t make any sense.

      • “anyone who knows about the history of DC knows exactly what and where Swampoodle is/was”

        So basically, you’re talking about 5 people.

  • Thanks for posting this. SO WEIRD about the name Swampoodle. I used to work in NoMa for the NoMa BID and that is the historic name for that area. And it was going to be called Brightwood before and it’s technically not Brightwood either (but a lot closer!). Whatever, still cannot wait for this place to open!

  • Also, one story is that Swampoodle got it’s name for being a low, wet area — a swamp + puddle. We are in 16th Street HEIGHTS! Not a fan of geographically / historically incongruous place names. Still going to eat a burger there.

  • Honestly, I like it better than “Brightwood Bar and Restaurant.” Any word on when this will open? I live a block away and can’t wait for a brunch spot in the neighborhood!

    I also saw that the corner store across the street is being renovated. If the both turn out well, it will make such a difference at this intersection!

  • Come on, no shout-out to the long-departed Colorado Kitchen? I still miss it– passive-aggressive inkjet printed signs and all.

    • That was one restaurant that I wanted to go to, but I moved to DC right around when it closed and wasn’t able to get there in time.

  • I wonder what happened to the Brightwood Bar & Restaurant? However, I live across the street from this location and I love burgers and fries. I wish they were opened now because I have a good taste for a burger and fries, before The Flash comes on at 8 p.m. on the CW Channel. LOL

  • I would like to see DC do more to address economic development (specially vacant and blighted storefronts) on 14th St from The a columbia Heights metro north…

  • I cannot wait til this place opens. Any word on when that will be?

    Ha, love the name. Yes, it was another neighborhood’s name a century ago. So a reference to some DC history — from before NoMA was branded Noma, and was a totally ignored, blighted literal cesspool of a neighborhood–good metaphor for the ignored blighted property they’re transforming. But it’s also just a silly, light, ridiculous name. “Swampoodle.”

    See you b**ches at the Poodle!

    • Agreed! Some of the commenters need to lighten up and pull the stick out of their you-know-what. Very excited for the neighborhood and hope they do well.

  • Are they serving dog meat or crocodile?

  • I don’t care what it’s called. I just hope it opens soon. I’ve been waiting for this place for a long time.

  • This is such a nice property. I think theridiculous name demeans it 🙂
    Seriously – please change The name. To me it sounds like the place is appealing to a twentysomething bar crowd.
    And what’s wrong with a name that references the true local neighborhood? This place sounds like it was named by suburbanutes who don’t know DC history or what they’re talking about. and thought Swampoodle sounded cute. I’m already disappointed.

  • Maybe the owners will open a second one if this is successful and actually put it in Swampoodle. So you should all go there a lot and all of your dreams will come true.

  • With a name like that, it will need more tics.

  • I’m looking forward to it! Please have some good vegetarian options. And food and beer at different price points so it can appeal to all neighbors given the wide range in incomes nearby.

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