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  • We already have &Pizza and Red Rocks, do we really need another Pizza place on H? Good riddance to Pizza Parts & bad Service. Pizza was good if it ever got delivered right or on time, but that was rare.

    • SouthwestDC

      We the Pizza is a good delivery option (if you’re willing to spend a little more than you typically would on delivery pizza).

  • Phew, I thought you meant they’d be coming in addition to the million other pizza places we already have. As a replacement for Parts and Service they are more than welcome.

  • I think Good Stuff would do 100x better then we the pizza.

    • Completley agree
      you do have big board but its at the other end of H st &.. i hate to say it but they are nowhere near as good as ther were when they first opened
      …& they got rid of their best burger. the dublinier or whatever it was called

  • justinbc

    Ugghh. Please do. I don’t want to be sandwiched in by Spike spots.

  • Pizza Parts and Service had TERRIBLE service. Good riddance. Hope the replacement place gets an entirely new staff or they’ll crash and burn too

  • jim_ed

    Blech. Spike can take his Yuppie Sbarro and stupid hats somewhere else.

  • The Capitol Hill location is all about the lunch rush, they close at 11 pm and aren’t open on Sunday. An H Street location would have to have a very different business model, focusing on late night pizza for the drinking crowd. Tough to do as it seems like the drunk food market on H is oversaturated now and will certainly be when Ben’s opens.

  • Problem is limited delivery radius. Gotta expand that to last on H St given what is already there.

  • Come to petworth. Having just moved from H st, they already have a we the pizza (delivery). Now they get two!? Petworth needs you. Bring a Taylor while you’re at it. Need more quick, good, eats.

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