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  • peter

    For a city that is lacking in quality pizza I think We The Pizza is a nice addition. I’ve been there a few times since it opened and I’m always satisfied. The pizza is fresh and tasty plus their Italian sodas a really refreshing.

    • MJ

      My view is that we are not lacking in quality pizza as much as we are swimming in crappy pizza. There are a number of great pizza places, and some that are not half-bad. I’m thinking of Vace, 2 Amy’s, Red Rocks, Pizza Paradiso, Pete’s, Open City. Then we have the not half-bad places like Alberto’s, Angelico, Radius. As a native New Yorker, I do miss good NY/NJ style pizza. (I’ve always thought NJ made better pizza than NY). That said, the quality pizza places tend not to deliver, which kind of sucks.

      • Anonymous

        On the Hill side of town, Seventh Hill uses the same dough as 2 Amy’s although the crust tends to be properly cooked at 7th Hill while it’s always mushy at 2 Amy’s.

        • Anon2

          Hey everyone, please stop pimping 7th Hill. It was great when it opened and still somewhat of a secret, but now I can barely even get a seat there on a Thursday-Sunday evening. Not to mention it is overrun with poorly-behaved children until about 9 PM. The more people we can send to Spike’s or Matchbox the better.

          • Hill Girl

            I do not understand the mad love for 7th Hill. I’ve tried it 3x now and I find the pizza lacks proper seasoning. Maybe it’s because I always go with a veggie option? I don’t know. Also, it’s so small and cramped (and, as noted above, usually filled with misbehaved children).

            Btw, Spike, his pizza and his burgers are god awful.

          • mappo

            You can have it. $20 for a 12 inch Meh pie.

      • Jersey Girl

        “I’ve always thought NJ made better pizza than NY”


    • Greg

      It’s not that we’re lacking in quality pizza, it’s that we’re overrun by the types of people who feel they are an expert on everything but who don’t really know good pizza from bad.

      But I refuse to go to this place because the name is so stupid.

      • Speaking of stupid names, any news on when Spike is opening his Thomas Hardy themed marijuana dispensary, “Tess of the Doobievilles?”

        The white pizza with ricotta is pretty good.

  • joker

    I walked by it about a month ago, remembered the discussion here about the 1% shenanigans for the “enviro tax” (yea right) and decided to go elsewhere for lunch.

    I think that outright money grab is completely childish and ridiculous to the point where they don’t deserve my business even once. I don’t care how “apologetic” they were afterward.

    • anon.

      Me too. I was anxious to go when they first opened but the crowds kept me away. By the time I was ready to go the enviro tax, I mean option charge that they don’t tell you about, put me off. Never went, not going.
      As for environmental friendly. Have you seen the boxes they use? and for a single slice?!?!.
      These people have simply increased their profit with the tax, oh I mean charge.
      I think they are pigs.

      • Really?

        The “tax” is tiny. Most orders around 10 cents. And they will waive it if you ask. People in Washington freak about every cent. Just look at all of the bag tax complaints.

        • joker

          It isn’t the “cost” as I can certainly afford the extra 1%. Its the non-disclosure and “assumed payment for a made up cause” BS.

          There were only two possible explanations:

          1. They were actually dumb enough to think that adding a non-disclosed and non-posted tax to their bills wouldn’t cause ire if noticed. Or

          2. They were flagrantly trying to pad the bottom line.

          Or put another way, its the principle of the matter. They “attempted” to slide on by their customers to pad their bottom line, hoping and assuming people wouldn’t notice the 1%, but added up collectively over the course of a year it constitutes many thousands of untaxed income for them.

          • Really?

            There is no reason to think that We the Pizza is dodging normal taxes with this fee. Also, why is it hard to believe that the fee is actually going to something useful? Spike should give a more detailed explanation, but your argument is fairly paranoid. Not every fee is an attempt to screw people unjustly.

  • Maire

    Sloooow service.. even for just a slice… and even when not crowded.

    • TonyS

      it was slow, yeah. even when empty. I’ve been twice, the pepperoni pizza we got was not very good.. just OK. but i went back and got the chicken wing one by the slice a few weeks later and it was frikin delicious.

    • H street resident

      super slow and surly.

  • J

    I hate everything about Spike — including his burgers which are horrible — but the pizza by the slice is pretty good. But had a whole pizza the other night and it was painfully overcooked.

    • TonyS

      haters gonna hate. i think his burgers are legendary.

  • rk

    The Pizza is fine by DC standards (defintily better than Pizza Bolis and New Citi pizza, the other delivery options on the Hill), but it’s trying to be a gourmet pizza place, and it’s not quite there for me. They also seem to have real problems with execution – often longer than expected waits for the by-the-slice pizza (even with few people in line), and the re-heated slices are often still a little cold – cheese isn’t melted all the way, crust is a little tough. The made-to-order sodas are a nice touch, but the one I had (orange)honestly wasn’t that great. I really want to like it, but I always (been there 5 times) walk away a little disappointed. I think I prefer 7th Hill. I haven’t tried Matchbox, which is the other pizza option on the Hill, so I don’t know how this compares.

  • Anononymous

    I’ve only been once, but I thought the sub was delicious. Far tastier and fresher than other “gourmet” subs I’ve had in the city. I’ll definitely be back.

  • m

    I think that the pizza is delicious. I esp. like the mushroom. That said, I think you’re better off ordering fresh whole pizza than pizza by the slice.

  • K St.

    I thought it was good, not great. It bucks the gourmet, 2 Amy’s, 7th Hill, style trend and is a more traditional style pie that people from the NYC region will at least recognize. That said, it’s not quite as good as what I grew up with. I would go back and might try their delivery.

  • Rukasu1

    Had the spinach artichoke…it was terrible. Just dry, overcooked, and hard as a rock

  • Gordon

    I think that the pizza is pretty good but it takes them way way way too long to get you a slice even when there is no one else there late in the afternoon. They have plenty of staff, but it takes forever to get the piece. It also seems a bit pricey considering the slices aren’t exactly monstrous. It is $4 for a single slice of cheese pizza. That is a bit much especially when compared to somewhere like Petes that is only $3.25 for their most expensive slice of pizza. I also have a problem with the boxes that they use. They are enormous and they give you an entire box even if you only get a single slice.

    • rooty tooty

      Wrong. The plain cheese is $3. Everything else is $4.

  • I was there over the weekend and had an amazing slice of “harvest” pizza. The pizza was topped with butternut squash, balsamic onions and fresh ricotta.

    If you go I would recommend ordering a whole pie because then it will be made to order and not just warmed up in the oven.

  • jill

    Wishful thinking, but it would be awesome if one of these famous chefs opened a great vegetarian/vegan restaurant. What better way to encourage people to reduce the amount of animal products they consume, than by making vegetarianism/veganism trendy? The pizza/burger thing is way overdone, in my opinion.

    • ‘Shroom lover

      Many of the pizzas at We The Pizza are vegetarian — the truffle mushroom one is awesome. And the “Vegetarians are People, Too ‘Shroom Burger” at Good Stuff is definitely worth trying. Also, Mike Coletti heads things up at Good Stuff — he’s really responsive to feedback — if you’ve had a bad experience at WTP, let him know.

      • ‘Shroom lover

        Correction: Mike = We the Pizza. Typing too fast…

  • FigNewton

    Can’t believe no one has mentioned their sodas! They make their own sodas and they are so yummy that I order two, one to drink while I eat and one to take home. The pineapple is my fav.

  • rooty tooty

    As a native NYer, all the frou-frou pizzas are a bit of a distraction. I love 2 Amys, Red Rocks, etc. But, I’m always looking for a well done, thin crust, just normal NY-style pizza at a non-exorbitant price.

    I finally got there the other day for the first time (ok, I was actually on a milkshake mission) and got a plain cheese slice – and I’ll say it was perfectly done. Good crust, right sauce, right spice balance. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

    • Anonymous

      you want ny style? i hear they have good ny style in new york.

      • Jersey Girl

        I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a normal, well-made pizza that’s not of the fancy brick oven variety. Pizza-makers around here seem to have a hard time getting either the sauce or the crust right (or oftentimes both).

      • rooty tooty

        i’d call the bus fare and time to get there and get a pizza cost prohibitive. i’d like to just be able to get a decent pizza here, perhaps with (gasp!) delivery. i don’t understand why it’s so hard. i guess i need to just open my own place.

  • Shaw Sweetie

    Love their Buffalo Chicken Pizza and the White Pizza is great too.

    DO NOT get the wings. Got a batch of undercooked and slightly bloody ones the last time (which I promptly returned). Won’t make that mistake again.

  • Ghost of Your Free Time

    Am I the only one in DC who likes chewy, puffy crust Sicilian style pizza? Like LoCoco’s in Oakland, CA? I never understood what is so great about thin hard pizza crust.

  • kt

    doesn’t hold a candle to red rocks!


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