2nd Report of Walgreens coming to Union Station – Could a Harris Teeter be coming too?


“Dear PoPville,

I heard second-hand that the Walgreens in Union Station rumors have been confirmed. Some of the merchants who are being displaced in the food court area, said that a Walgreens and possibly a Harris Teeter (although this part sounds unlikely) would be located in the food court area where the Indian restaurant currently is.

I would be so excited if this were true! Union Station needs a drugstore like crazy.”

Ed. Note: Do you think there’s enough room for a Walgreens and a Harris Teeter? Would it even make sense to have both? Maybe it’ll be one of those big Walgreens that have a significant grocery section?

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  • If it’s a “super” Walgreens like down on H Street, it will be a home run. Who’s going grocery shopping in Union Station? There are plenty of other sites around town the HT would be better served.

  • Harris Teeter can’t be accurate. It makes no sense.

    I’m more curious about what is going in next to Bojangles. There’s a lot of work being done and it looks like it stretches out pretty far unlike your typical food court stand. Have we heard about what that is yet?

  • I’m OBSESSED with Harris Teeter’s hoagies. I like to get them for tailgates, road trips and such. I’d love to add train rides to the mix (I visit my college roommate [UVA] up in NYC at least once a year), but I’m not sure there’s space in Union’s Station for a SUPERmarket. 🙁

  • It would make sense that HT could go into the old theater space–they have small format stores (~13K sf) that are heavy on prepared foods in other cities. I’ve seen groceries in train stations in London, but not elsewhere. I ted to have my doubts it would succeed.

    • I’ve seen small-format groceries all over western Europe. That kind of thing would work, but there’s already an ABP where people can get things to go. It also doesn’t make sense to have a full-size grocery store considering there’s a Giant at 3rd and H, and a Harris Teeter just up on M.

      • Huh? Having one in the station for all the people who are coming or going from the station. Need two avocados for what you are making tonight? Affordable water, soda or beer? A carry out sandwich as others said?

        You guys do realize it’s the busiest system in the metro system, right? And 2nd busiest Amtrak in the system? Intercity buses, streetcar, transfer to metro buses etc

        • There’s a good corner store at 3rd and Mass (for those heading south from Union) and another on 3rd and F (for those heading East or Northeast). There are also a ton of options for a carry out sandwich or other food to go, and I believe still a liquor store. I think a smaller urban store, like Tesco Express in the UK, could work – basic groceries and a lot of ready-made options – but there’s no need for something as large as it would take to fill up the movie theater space.

        • A high rent location of any decent size won’t survive on that, People aren’t going to schlep bags of groceries home on MARC. The number of people who do this drom the Van Ness Giant or the Tenley WF are very few.

  • The Kalorama Harris Teeter and the West End Trader Joe’s were huge deals. Today, a little bit of competition, better prices and coverage of Trader Joe’s by Instacart, Costco produce/dairy and Trader Joe’s by Google checkout are what I’m looking at.

  • Fat chance on HT coming to Union Station… they already have the location in NoMa and there’s already a Giant on H Street AND a Whole Foods coming to H as well …not to mention the Walmart a few blocks from Union Station. That area is saturated with grocery stores considering the residential population. Walgreens, however, makes perfect sense – especially if they replicate the Chinatown store’s format.

  • Kind of surprised the Walgreens is actually going in that new space they’re constructing down in the food court. There are two tenant vacancies on the Mezzanine level that look a lot bigger, and a Walgreens up there would presumably draw a lot of needed foot traffic to the upper stores. The space they’re building in the food court looks so small. As for the HT, worth noting that there is a huge amount of vacant space walled off behind the pretzel stand where a grocery store could probably fit. Also, several tenants down there have recently vacated (Great Steak, BK, and two others), so they could probably consolidate the rest on that main wall to free up the other half of the food court for something else entirely.

  • Aglets

    omg please let a super walgreens with the makeup wonderland and food stuffs take up the old movie theatre…..

    ALthough- does anyone else shudder when they think of the old theatre? it was a great (easy) theatre to catch unofficial double features but OH MAN the ladies bathroom was just a continual river of pee on the floor…

  • Union station is well on its way of becoming a crappy chain-store only mall and food court. With Aditi closing, there is no reason for me to go there ever. Sorta sad.

  • Does anyone know if Aditi is going anywhere else or just closing? They were my indian food gift from above.

  • No one has mentioned the roach problem on the food court level – I really don’t think that a grocery store there is advisable, but a Walgreens that focuses on drugstore items would be awesome.

  • The Indian place is gone. The hot bar has been totally gutted from it too. I think the Jamacian place and King BBQ are the only one still open on that wall.

  • I think they would do well to have an express mini supermarket, along the lines of Sainsburys Express in London (e.g. Liverpool Street Station). So many people would go there on there way to wherever, to pick up last minute items including bottles of wine/beer etc. It would be useful not just for the MARC/Amtrak train commuters, metro users but also the car driving people who park in that massive carpark at the back. The foot traffic has so much growth potential with the increased density of the H St NE corridor, and even moreso as the Burnham Place plans get moving. Having said that, I am not an HT fan. I would love it if Whole Foods were to try out an express/mini concept, even though, as someone points out above, a full-format WF will be at 7th and H NE down the street (a location very much needed). The Walgreens sounds terrific, especially if it’s as large as the one in Chinatown. What I wish Union Station would do is bring in a decent bar/restaurant or two. The fast food places are fine, but there is nowhere very nice to sit down and have a glass of wine or a beer. Whilst I haven’t actually tried the Thunder Grill, it doesn’t look enticing to me, nor does that Uno Pizzeria place upstairs. LPQ is fine as a cafe, but to eat dinner and have a glass of wine??…

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