Remember the Package Thief Revenge Fantasy? They Caught Him too!


Remember the Package Thief Revenge Fantasy becomes a Reality post back in early December?

“One DC woman, fed up with packages being stolen from her H Street Northeast front stoop, decided to place dog poop in a box – and then let the camera do the rest.”

A brief update:

The guy who stole my packages and the poop was arrested and charged today.”

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  • Ha, an awesome story made even better!

  • The only thing that could make this story better would be if there were video of him opening the box and discovering its contents.

  • gotryit

    What was he charged with? 1st degree theft of dog poop? Is that old law still on the books?

    • Theft in DC requires a person to intentionally take something that isn’t there own. It doesn’t matter if that thing has value or not. This guy took some else’s box intentionally. He is guilty of theft. However, because the item stolen had zero value, he is guilty of a lower form of theft (likely 2nd degree which is a misdemeanor).

    • Having dealt with another kind of thief in DC, it’s likely the detective on the case found more than one instance of this guy stealing packages. The poop theft will be only part of the litany of charges against this guy, hopefully.

  • Man: “Hey, I didn’t steal shit!”
    Police: “Actually, we have you on video doing just that.”

  • Is it like, blog sweeps week or something? “Cuz Popville has been a treasure trove of hilarity and jaw dropping posts this week! Comments alone have kept me quite entertained!

  • What’s his name, where does he live?
    What’s wrong with a little poop thief shaming.

  • Finally, there is a bit of justice in DC. and there is no poo pooing this posting.

  • If the poop fits you must admit!

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