Reader Reports Slashing at Last Night’s DC Bike Party Ride


Last night a reader tweeted us:

“a bystander stabbed a DC Bike Party rider tonight in SW DC. Kid had a knife as we rode by.”

In an email a few more details were shared:

“We were riding up as the whole group through First St SW. Last leg of the ride as we headed back towards the Mall and Chinatown. Lots of folks in the neighborhood were cheering, waving, and saying hi as we rode by. We got to an apartment complex where some youths were standing between cars high-fiving riders. We were in front of it, but as we rode by, one of the bystanders had a knife in their other hand and slashed someone.”

On DC Bike Party’s facebook page there is no mention of this incident:

“What an awesome night! Thank you to New Belgium Brewing, Ironhorse Taproom, City Bikes, and most importantly DC Bike Party volunteers! They are the people who make it all happen.”

I’ve sent an email to the organizers to see if they’ve heard anything. Anyone else happen to witness this incident?

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  • This is weird. Maybe whoever runs the FB account wasn’t aware of this incident? Was a police report ever filed?

  • what happened when the police were called?

    • They arrested the bicyclist for failure to yield and impeding traffic.

      Seriously though, is this a joke?

    • Two officers in a squad car showed up.

    • No arrests made.

      About four different police officers interviewed me and took my information.

      I told them I wasn’t comfortable IDing anyone because it was dark and happened a bit too fast.

      However, they did tell me multiple times that I shouldn’t be riding my bike in that neighborhood, and we should stay out of the area, etc etc etc…

  • This happened right in front of me and my friend. We didn’t realize what happened but it looks like the rider was hi-fiving people as he went by and got slashed on the hand. He remained very calm, identified the slasher and was asking for police.

    Such a shame. DCBP is a ton of fun and everyone from all over the city participates. I hope the rides continue to be safe, positive events for all involved!

  • hope that this was reported on the Sketch app.

  • All,

    I was the individual who was slashed last evening. It ended up being a minor cut/hardcore bleeder (tis but a flesh wound).

    I honestly forget what street it was on, but it was the last leg from SW to NW. Police were notified, a report made, and an ambulance came to administer one alcohol wipe and two antiseptic wipes. I ended up riding up to Iron Horse, but it was bleeding pretty hard still so I kept riding home. No stitches as the deepest part is on the side of my thumb joint.

    I’ve emailed PoP to ask if additional details are wanted.

    Anywho, keep ridin’ folks!

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