Doggie Day Swim Scheduled for September 6th!

Photo by PoPville flickr user Wayan Vota

Though it’s always sad to learn of the public pools closing schedule – there is one more day of happiness for many – Doggie Day Swim. This year DPR tells me it will be on Saturday, Sept 6th at Randall (25 I Street, SW), Upshur (4300 Arkansas Ave, NW) and Francis (2435 N Street, NW) pools from 12 pm to 4 pm.

Ed. Note: Reminder from previous years – “All dogs must have a valid DC dog license, issued by DOH, to enter the pool. For more information on how to obtain a dog license, call DOH at (202) 535-232 or go to the DOH Dog License website.”

UPDATE: From the full press release:

“The DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) will partner with the Department of Health (DOH) to host the Sixth Annual DPR Doggie Day Swim on Saturday, September 6, 2014 from 12 pm to 4 pm at DPR’s Upshur Main & Kiddie Pool (4300 Arkansas Avenue, NW); Francis Pool (25th & N Street, NW); and Randall Pool (South Capitol and I Sts., SW).

With the end of the outdoor swimming season, this annual event provides dogs with a one day opportunity to partake in the pools, enjoy a swim and play fun aquatics games. DOH will be on location to monitor the health and safety of the pets and their owners; to ensure that all dogs have a DC dog license; and to provide outreach and education on animal related issues.

Admission is free, however all dogs must have a valid, DOH-issued DC dog license, to enter the pool. DPR and DOH encourage dog owners to obtain dog licenses prior to Doggie Day Swim. For more information on how to obtain a dog license, call DOH at (202) 535-2323 or go to the DOH Dog License website. Licenses will be issued on site, however dog owners must have all the required documentation (proof of rabies and distemper vaccinations; and proof of spaying/neutering) and fee payment. Only money orders or personal checks are accepted (no credit cards nor cash), made payable to “DC Treasurer.” The cost of the license is $15 for dogs that are spayed/neutered and $50 for non-spayed/neutered dogs.

Attendance on the day of the event will be based on capacity at the time of arrival. During Doggie Day Swim, there will be a capacity limit in terms of the number of dogs allowed in the pool at one time; 75 dogs at Upshur Pool, 75 dogs at Randall pool and 150 dogs at Francis Pool.

To maintain order and to ensure a safe and fun event, dog owners are asked to follow these rules:

All dogs MUST have and wear a valid DC dog license.
Dog handlers must be 16 years of age or older.
Dog handlers cannot swim or enter the pool with their dogs.
Dogs must be sociable and remain leashed while on the pool deck.
All dogs must be current on vaccinations including rabies and distemper.
All dogs must be spayed/neutered.

To volunteer for Doggie Day Swim, please call (202) 535-1952.

Doggie Day Swim will take place rain or shine.”

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  • hispanicandproud


  • Best day of the year in DC.

  • Curious to know if owners are allowed to help dogs into the pool (as in, me in the pool first). My dog loves to swim, but I don’t think she’d jump in on her own.

  • And looks like the kiddie pool at that!

  • Must have “proof of spaying/neutering.”
    I’m pretty sure if my dog could talk, and you asked for proof of neutering, he’d yell, “DO YOU SEE MY BALLS? BECAUSE I HAVEN’T SEEN THEM IN 7 YEARS.”

  • I actually had no idea I needed to register my dog in DC>

  • I believe they do this after the regular pool season has ended precisely so that there’s no risk of humans and dogs using the same pool water.

  • Can someone who goes to this event take pictures and send them to POP for posting? I would love to see them 🙂

  • I used to go ever year (that’s my pic above) but I stopped going 2 years ago as DC uses this event to corral people into registering their dogs. A month after the event I got a nasty letter saying that I had to pay the registration fee and a fine for non-compliance.

    Oh and what’s a dog license you ask? Just $15 fee for having a dog, payable every year and its on you to remember when that time is and to send in payment. If you are late, they fine you. If you never register your dog to begin with, nothing happens. More info:

    What is most offensive is that only responsible pet owners, like those that would be excited for a dog swim, are pestered to pay this fee.

  • Fun fact about the dog license renewal this year. They’re cheaping out and not giving you a new tag so if you have your old one, you should be fine. They update your paperwork and mail you back a copy for your records (and tell you the new situation). You’ll probably be fine with the old tags. Maybe bring that paperwork to the doggie swim but checking papers before an event like this seems a bit much.

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