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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • msmaryedith

    Rant: The crazy, stupid helmet-less girl cruising along on her Capitol Bikeshare bike in the far left side of the far left lane of the GW Parkway headed south towards the airport this morning (during rush hour traffic). I came upon her at a curve where I could not see her until I was scarily close (the car in front of me swerved wildly to miss hitting her and that’s when I could first see her). It’s 40 mph there, and drivers are often going faster; she was probably going about 10 mph. I wanted to honk and yell “are you an idiot?!” but was afraid I’d scare her and make her fall off. She looked completely oblivious.

    • You can’t ride on GW Parkway, right?

      • msmaryedith

        Nope. Illegal. See 4.30(a): http://www.nps.gov/gwmp/parkmgmt/upload/REV0321_GWMP-Compendium.pdf I honestly couldn’t even figure out how she got on there–much less the far left lane!

        • maxwell smart

          I generally find that people on Capital Bikeshare’s are some of the worst cyclists on the road – no helmets, usually wearing headphones, completely oblivious to anyone (cars, pedestrians, other cyclists). Like I am all for the bikeshare getting more people to commute by bike, but there really should be some sort of safety seminar requirement before you can get a bikeshare fob or something.

          • I agree on most points, except the helmets. I wear one religiously, but I’m on a faster bike and with clipless pedals, so my odds of hitting head first are higher. The CaBi bikes are so slow and upright that I’m not sure how you go headfirst into anything.
            The rest? yeah, wtf bikeshare people – get some brains.

          • Exactly, though my biggest peeve is biking down the wrong way on a bike lane, especially one way bike lanes.

          • I’ve seen enough people on their own bikes without helmets and wearing headphones, so +1 for your gross generalizations.

      • All right, just wanted to make sure. That seems remarkably ill-advised. Yikes.

        • msmaryedith

          I know. Even if it wasn’t illegal, there’s a bike trail RIGHT THERE. Why on earth would you opt to ride on the Parkway itself? In the far left lane?

          • There are sufficient problems with the MVT (including heavy pedestrian usage at certain hours) that some cyclists have called for making it legal to ride on the GWP – on weekends I beleve when the trail is crowded and the road far less so – of course that would be more viable if the speed limit were enforced.

            Of course in addition to it being illegal now, even if it were legal it would not make sense for a CaBi rider, since they are usually slower.

          • and note if it WERE legal (which it is not) the law would still require one to ride in the right lane.

          • msmaryedith

            I know it’s a heavily traveled trail, but I think it would be incredibly dangerous to allow bikes on the Parkway. Many cars go well above the posted speed limit, but even if going exactly 40 MPH, I don’t think it would be safe for casual 10mph-going CaBi riders to share the road, at least in the stretch north of Old Town. That crazy chick was presumably in that lane where 395 merges, etc. It’s amazing she was not killed.

    • GiantSquid

      That’s a deathwish.

    • In the LEFT lane?!?! WTF. I am so confused :-/

    • She could have been wearing a diving helmet inside a space helmet, and it wouldn’t make choice of route any less stupid.

    • A helmet is not going to help much if you get hit by cars going 40 mph. I’ve never driven on that road so I’m not sure what speed cars actually travel, but it sounds like it was not congested.

      • msmaryedith

        I’d say many are going at least 50 mph. It wasn’t as congested as usual because traffic is lighter on Fridays, but even with a reverse commute, that’s a pretty heavily traveled stretch. Even when relatively congested, there are few exits from the Parkway so traffic goes quickly.

      • I drive that road daily from my home in Mt. Vernon up to the 14th Street Bridge. North, and especially South, of Old Town, traffic averages about 55 mph, with some cars going well over 60. Traffic is lighter on the weekend, but includes more tourists who do not know the road, and still go very fast. I also walk on the trail, and it is indeed crowded. I have often thought they should expand the parkway to include “high speed” bike lanes from Old Town south to Mt. Vernon to accommodate the spandex folks who are too fast for the kid/dog/pedestrian traffic on the regular trail, but who are too slow (even if they’re going 30 mph) for the regular traffic.

  • Rant: I wish it was 4:59pm already!!!
    Rave: Its Friday

  • Rave: Working from home today.
    Rant: I planned to work from home so I could get down to the Yards Park concert early and get a spot, but my plans fell through and I can’t find anyone else around to go with me πŸ™
    Rave: I have already knocked a few chores off my list, so maybe I’ll have more free time this weekend than I expected.
    Rant: Please come back, nice, low-humidity weather!!
    Question: How is lap swimming at Banneker on weekday mornings? Is it super packed? How many to a lane, typically? Thinking of checking it out next week, now that I’ve cancelled my Y membership.

    • Every time I make plans any more they just fall through πŸ™ I’m giving up and doing things alone from now on.

    • Farragut

      Do you want to meet up? My husband has to work tonight so I’m thinking about going by myself. I don’t have work today and I live near SW waterfront so I’ll just be walking from home.

  • Rave: I went to the Safeway! It was glorious! I know it’s the opening, so everything is new and spiffy, but I got there at 9:30 when the program was supposed to start and turn out was truly impressive. As I shopped so many associates and managers asked me how I was doing and if they could help me find things. My cashier was so excited that he was nervous about his performance ringing up veggies without codes. I know, this is the honeymoon phase, but I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.
    Rave: it took me exactly 5 minutes to walk there.
    Rave: they have one of my all time favorite cheeses, Humboldt Fog.
    Rave: I called into a meeting on my day off this morning from my backyard, and I’m glad I did. Things are really on the up and up at work, this is a complete 180 from 3 years ago when I was trying desperately to get out.
    Rave: 10 days off!
    Rants? what are those? I’m on vacation!

    • Yeah, stopped in the Safeway this morning. it’s wonderful; what a hell of an upgrade!

      No more Columbia Heights Giant for me. Thank you spaghetti monster!

    • I went there with the kids. I promised them fresh latin pastries but they were the pre-packaged type. Oh well

      • I saw some mexican breads in the wall bins by the bakery. They looked fresh. But I didn’t try one either.

        Just a little less than two years ago, on September 19, 2012, I stood at the groundbreaking and pointed to the mural hanging on the side of 3910 Georgia and said, now that girl has one more incredible thing to call sweet.

  • Rant: I forgot to pay a parking ticket within 30 days (it’s been 33), so when I went on to pay it had doubled! My fault, but still irritating.
    Rave: Somehow my busy neighborhood is often overlooked by Parking Enforcement, so the fact that I’ve been without the correct zone pass for 2 months (didn’t have a full lease copy yet, need time to deal with this Real ID business, etc) and only had 1 ticket to show for it is pretty great.
    Rave: Finally broke and purchased a piano keyboard yesterday. It arrives this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to a little music therapy!
    Rant: The front license plate came off of my car, and finding the specific hardware to put it back on (a Honda) is proving surprisingly difficult. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • msmaryedith

      I’ve ordered lots of random car parts off ebay. You can usually enter your model/year and find almost anything! Good luck (and sorry about the ticket).

    • What’s the specific hardware you need? Most plates just screw on with a regular screw. Did you try a Honda dealer?

      • I’d suggest a sheet metal screw rather than a “regular screw”. Drill pilot holes first, and those will grab onto the front fender nicely.

    • You can buy duct tape anywhere.

    • What year/model is it? I used to have an old Civic, and the plastic mounting bracket was a universal type that they have at Advance (I went to the one at Eastern and NH) for a few bucks.

    • I’ve been thinking about getting a digital piano for ages, but I’ve found them difficult to research. what did you get?

  • Rant: Minor but irritating medical problems.
    Rant: Mosquitoes.
    Rant: Getting more and more depressedβ€”a long, slow decline over the last few years and a quick one over the last few months. I’m pretty much a lost cause at this point.

    • You’re never a lost cause. I’ve been there, and I promise it gets better.

    • It’s the depression talking – are you seeing a therapist? If not, start. If so, schedule an extra appointment. Medical problems, minor or otherwise, can take a toll on your wellbeing.
      Hang in there – you’ll get thru this.

  • Rave: I got up this am and hit the gym. Yay for making my goal of working out three morning a week! This is just the first week, but if I can keep doing it, I can make it a habit.
    Rave: Finally finished the last of the post-wedding celebration thank you cards.
    Rave: I have a very chill night planned this evening: a phone date with my best friend, some wine, and some couch time.
    Rant: Driving to DE tomorrow.
    Rave: Will get to see a lot of friends in DE tomorrow.

  • Rave: House of the Day photos on Popville. Keep them coming!

  • justinbc

    Rave: Awesome turnout for the PoPville happy hour last night at Mockingbird Hill. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and got to try something a little different than your normal libation. Requests for future Brookland and Adams Morgan locales were lobbied heavily, and will be taken into consideration for the months ahead. Attendance hinges heavily on Metro accessibility, so I’ll try to find some spots that meet those requirements.
    Rave: Jazz in the Sculpture Garden today, weather looks great for it! (for now)
    Rant: Broke my favorite pair of sunglasses, for the third time. This time they’re beyond repair. Any suggestions on a shop downtown with a good selection? I’ve always gotten my prior pairs online, and don’t want to wait this time.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Thank you for setting these up!! I hope to actually make one next time πŸ™‚

      • justinbc

        Last night we scored the whole back room to ourselves πŸ™‚ I believe Pablo got a few shots of the festivities. There was mass clamoring for higher male attendance btw, so I don’t want to hear anything from these single guys who come on here wondering why they can’t ever meet ladies!

    • I hear there’s a Warby Parker coming to 9th & U.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Thanks for setting it up last night! I had a great time and got to try some new beverages. They were all tasty!

    • No advocates for a venue in the original PoPville? Petworth PoPville HH fans?

      • justinbc

        None so far that I’ve heard. I’m not super familiar with Petworth bars, and specifically ones that would be large enough to have a crowd of 15-20 folks, so if you’ve got some in mind feel free to toss them out!

        • Looking Glass would be good for a more casual environment, Chez Billy if you want to go a little fancy. Sadly I’m not in the neighborhood anymore or I would definitely come for that one!

          • justinbc

            Those both look like pretty solid options. Any idea when the HH times are at Chez Billy, and if it’s on the patio only or inside as well? Can’t find any details on the website.

          • Not sure about that, you might have to give them a call and check.
            I’m now craving their bone marrow appetizer.

        • Petworth Citizen… reserve the reading room. HH prices are good too.

          • I’d love a Petworth Citizen happy hour. (I still haven’t been there!)

          • (Though D.C. Reynolds and Chez Billy are both closer to the Metro than Petworth Citizen is.)

          • justinbc

            Yeah Citizen looks cool but a bit less friendly to non-neighborhood travelers (also a problem for most anything in the northern part of Adams Morgan, or 14th Street and H Street stuff).

        • Just out of curiosity, was this one last night posted anywhere, I don’t remember seeing it. I’d like to make it out to one if possible.

          • justinbc

            It was posted in the RRR multiple times, but never as a headline item like the news blurbs are. For most of the unofficial gatherings you gotta just keep your eyes peeled to these postings (although I do try to put multiple reminders in the week leading up as I know not everyone checks every day).

          • HH notices are posted here but they’re easy to miss unless you are a regular reader.
            Any chance the PoPville brunch group can expand to HH notices? That way there’s one place to look w/out looking thru R&R threads.

          • Alright, thanks for the heads up, I don’t read RRR’s as much as I do other news items, but I will keep my eyes peeled for future events.

        • Not technically Petworth, but I’m sure DC Reynolds would let you use their upstairs. We’ve used it for casual events before.

          • D.C. Reynolds has a fantastic patio and a fantastic happy-hour deal (two for one drinks, until either 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. — I can’t remember which). I’d vote for the patio, as long as weather permits.

          • justinbc

            That’s a nice large outdoor space, I’ll see what I can do.

      • I’d love a Petworth PoPville HH!
        Sorry I missed yesterdays’s gathering but will see some of you at brunch tomorrow : )

    • No suggestions for a shop – but my multiple pairs of Ray Bans have put up with multiple years of abuse. I’ve had good experiences with both plastic and metal frames, and between places like Sunglasses Hut, department stores and eyeglass shops, it’s a brand that’s easy to find, although tracking down a particular pair might take a bit of effort.

    • Justin, Universal Gear on 14th has an amazing selection of men’s sunglasses priced from $30 to $160. I picked up a gorgeous pair of Shwood sunglasses (handmade in Portland, OR) with Zeiss polarized lenses for $140 a few weeks ago. Amazing sunglasses, I absolutely love them. Universal Gear has a bunch of awesome styles, many sunglasses from small companies I’ve never heard of. Check it out.

    • It’s definitely a challenge to find a place that can accommodate large groups that are metro accessible and don’t cost anything extra to use. July and August might be slower times overall, which could open up more possibilities for the next venue. Hope to make it out to one as well!

    • Had a great time and was sorry I had to leave early. Really looking forward to the next one in Petworth!

    • on a side note, the Ward 5 Community Happy Hour is at Smith Public Trust (on 12th ST NE in Brookland) July 12th from 6p – 8p.

  • Rant: Missing a great beach gig this weekend. Plus, won’t be able to see Lazy Lester or my former bandmate’s new band. They’re on the road (from Austin) and probably won’t be back in the area for quite a while.

    Rave: Missing all of that because of my step-sister’s wedding. Lots of family and friends in town this weekend.

    Rant: Lots of friends and family in town this weekend. πŸ˜‰

  • Rave: Pina coladas
    Rant: Getting caught in the rain

  • Rant: Could not sleep last night – finally gave in at 3:00 am and took a half ambion. Is reading about other people’s insomnia contagious?
    Rave: My dog will sleep until I get up (and then she comes downstairs and sleeps some more).
    And rave: I’m looking forward to the sunset tour on the Anacostia River this evening!

    • This has been an awful awful sleep week for me too! Summertime insomnia with a vengeance!

      • Same here. I keep waking up at ungodly hours and being unable to get back to sleep.
        It doesn’t help (at least for me) that the sun comes up so early. I’ve got thick curtains on my bedroom window, but there’s a sliver of light that comes in through the side — I need to put up a blackout roller blind or something.

        • If I don’t have light coming into my bedroom in the morning I’ll sleep till 10:00, or later. Getting up at 5:30 am to lead an early morning webinar on Wednesday got my sleep schedule off kilter πŸ™

  • Rant: Four months after I applied, I finally heard back on a federal position in my hometown. I didn’t get it.
    Revel?: I didn’t get it because they cancelled the posting, not because someone else got it. It at least makes me feel a little better because that generally means that they had the position tagged for someone and that person didn’t cert.
    Rant: I have to figure out what my tipping point is between getting out of DC and maintaining my current pay grade and pension. I don’t think there’s any way I’ll get back home without taking a pay cut and losing my pension.

    • I wouldn’t give up hope. You should start asking at work about options. Obviously I don’t know who you work for or where you want to go back to but I have been seeing various agencies starting to let people teleworking much more frequently or even letting them teleworking outside the DC area and be able to keep their same job. As long as you can check in at some regional headquarters in most cities, it seems to work to the people I talk to.

    • A. Don’t give up hope. B. Have you been with the feds 5 years? If so, you won’t lose what pension you have vested. You just won’t be getting more pension from the feds. Maybe there would be a private sector job that would provide some kind of retirement benefit that is different? C. On the pay issue – a friend of mine moved back home and took a pay cut, but her quality of life improved greatly because where she was from she could buy a nice house for less than a small condo here. So, dollar-for-dollar, she was ahead. Good luck whatever you do

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m not trying to have a busy day, but my micromanaging, working from home boss keeps meddling! He now has me doing more work than a normal day.
    Rave: Had much fun last night talking to people I’ve met before, meeting new people, and trying new drinks.
    Rave: Going to my country home this weekend to celebrate Mr Zelda’s birthday.

    • Seems as if you still have plenty of time to hang out here though, so it can’t be that bad, right?

    • Ugh my boss is like that too. She tries to compensate when she’s gone by meddling in everyone’s projects. She was away for a week and everything was FINE while she was gone but the week after she got back was hell week. She was trying to catch up so that meant the rest of us had to feel her wrath and anxiety of being gone for a week.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yeah my boss panics that no one is working and he can’t control everything when he works at home, so he does it twice a week. We all know what we need to do, he doesn’t need to worry. If we leave our desks for too long he starts calling around to see where we are. I’m convinced all he does it watch the IM statuses all day. At least he’s a really nice person.

  • Rave: Friday!
    Rave: New coworker is awesome. She hit the ground running and is going to be a tremendous help in getting our new program area off the ground.
    Rant: She’s already frustrated with our new boss. I am too. He has the connections and the experience to get us on the right path, but he’s most definitely not a “get shit done” type of person. And we REALLY need to get shit done.
    Rave: Taking Thursday off next week so I’ll have some down time before things start to get really crazy. It’s so needed!
    Question for the masses: I’ve got an iPhone 4s and I’m about ready to either upgrade or switch to a non-iPhone smartphone. Recommendations?

  • Rant: slept entirely too late this morning and had to rush to get to work just 45 minutes late.
    Rave: I must have really needed that sleep because I feel AWESOME in ways I haven’t in quite some time.

    Does anyone know a good electronics store? An old school RadioShack would have been my go-to, but their most recent iteration doesn’t hold 90% of what I need. I could order stuff online, but I hate the huge amount of packaging everything comes in. It’s not good for the environment.

    • There’s Arcade off of Edsel Rd. in Alexandria, but I don’t know if you’d want to go so far.

      • Thank you much – that is a hike. Even if I brought my bike on Metro on a weekend, I’d be looking at an hour at least. All to see if they have a capstan motor or something. Jameco it is!

    • saf

      Is Arlington Electronics still in existence?

      • looks like it isn’t. Alas. The move to digital (both Internet shopping and in fixing things) has rendered the stores obsolete.

  • Rave: It’s finally Friday…
    Rant: …after a long, long week with too much to do at work and struggling with a crushing sadness caused by personal/romance stuff that made me cry both in the office and on the metro. I am so not a crier, usually, but I’m feeling this in a physical way, like all the time in my chest, and it really, really sucks πŸ™
    Question: does anyone know of a good tailor who could alter a dress for a reasonable price? I bought it online and the neckline is much higher than I thought based on the picture. Feels a bit constrictive but if it were a scoop neck I would love it. Thanks in advance for any tips!

    • I’ve had good alterations experiences at Cheryl Lofton (for my wedding dress, so it was $$, but they do other dress alterations, too) and at Dupont Court Cleaners and The Press.

    • GiantSquid

      I had a bridesmaid’s dress that was at least a size too big taken in and hemmed by The Press and I was very happy with the results. I did the fittings at the Capitol Hill location but they also have two other DC stores. The whole shebang cost somewhere around $60.

  • Rave: It’s Friday
    Rant: Gotta make my mind up, which seat can I take?

  • Rant: A 2:30PM on a Friday meeting with the boss’ boss. Praying it will be relatively painless and any follow-up can be completed on Monday.
    Rave: Finally found decent Chinese food delivery that my SO and I both like.

    • Spill! Which Chinese place is it?

      • justinbc

        Great Wall delivers, probably not up to Petworth though. I think their radius might be 2 miles?

        • I don’t actually live in Petworth — I am a block or so south of the (sometimes contentious) Petworth-Park View border. πŸ™‚
          Where is Great Wall located? It’s Szechuan, right? Alas, probably too spicy for me anyway.

      • It was Banana Leaves in Dupont. Technically, pan-Asian, but everything we ordered was Chinese (air quotes appropriate, of course). Pretty good, would definitely order again.

        • Love that place! So glad they’re back up and running after the fire. Such nice people too.

        • I adore that place! My partner and I order from there so much that sometimes the delivery guy gives us the “you again?” look.

  • RAVE: I’ve been jamming out this morning to an amazing live show by Tycho recorded last night in San Francisco. Ethereal bliss. Limited time stream: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3j0AXXRFeos
    RANT: I missed them when they played at 930 Club on April 20 πŸ™

  • Rave: Working from home and mostly I just have to dial into meetings, make sure they actually occur and break up any virtual fisticuffs. So far I’ve done laundry, mopped some floors and cleaned the kitchen.

    Rant: Despite all the cool lunch options I’m craving IHop.

    Rave#2: My 84 year old Dad. Snippet of phone call last night:

    Me: …what I appreciate about you and Mom is that instead of lecturing us, you taught us by example.


    Dad; Are you in jail?

  • Neither rant nor rave: Real Maria, one of my friends owns a graphic design firm in DC. He may know someone, or know someone who knows someone. If you email me at sharon wdc at yahoo I can pass on his contact info

    • GiantSquid

      Is this a “he’s looking for work’ or “he’s looking to hire”?

      • My post was confusing! ! (although when I wrote it, it made perfect sense to me)
        Maria and her husband are environmental/experiential graphic designers (per yesterdays R&R), moving back to the US & looking for a job in DC (or I presume elsewhere) in their field.
        Better post:
        Maria, contact me and I’ll pass on info re good resource for you.

  • epric002

    rant: rebound headaches. 3 days worth. ugh. go away.
    rave: friday!
    rant/rave: steam cleaning the grout on the kitchen floor. amazing/disgusting.

  • Rant: lost a bolt on my bike rack and had to use bungee cords to hold it together on a ride (wobbly ride). Now looking to drop by bike & roll near my work to fix it because I have not idea how to put on new bolts. I can change my bike tire and fix a flat, but I can’t bolt a bike rack. Go figure.

    Rave: WEEKEND. Plans with my friend who just moved to DC. Smithsonian Folk Life Festival.

    • Zip ties through the bolt holes work well, too. I think CVS usually carries zip ties.

      • Should definitely consider doing it yourself. The bolt and nut are probably around 15 cents, and the allen wrench maybe 5-10 bucks. Very simple to do just use the allen wrench to tighten the bolt. On most bikes almost all bolts are 2-4mm hex bolts, so the allen wrench will come in use.

        • Thanks! I have a bike toolkit but have no idea what nut and bolt to purchase. The nut and bolt are smaller than the others on my bike. I guess I’ll make a trip to the hardware store and figure it out. DIY it is.

          • Does the hole go all the way through? If so, then any nut and bolt that fits through the hole and long enough to get the nut securely on there.
            If the hole doesn’t go all the way through (i.e., the hole has threads on it) then you need to find the right size screw to match the hole.
            Get stainless steel, whichever it is.

      • Thanks. Will keep this in mind for emergency temporary fixes.

  • We are getting excited for hosting a 4th of July BBQ, but then I realized it’s on a Friday, and I started to think about parking for our guests… Does anyone know if the Rush Hour Parking Zones are enforced on Federal Holidays??

    • I don’t think they are.

    • No they are not.

    • I don’t think this would be applicable for what you describe (no parking during rush hour), but this was the wording in a press release: “On July 4, parking regulations will be enforced in the Nationals Park neighborhood, around the Mall, 14th St. Bridge and other fireworks-viewing points.”

  • Rant: Been sleeping very poorly this week. Woke up around 4:30 this morning, gave up trying to go back to sleep around 5:30, took a shower and got dressed… but felt like a zombie and ended up going back to bed. Slept fitfully and had crazy dreams.
    Rave: Last night’s unofficial PoPville happy hour. Good to see both new and familiar faces!
    Rave: Brunch tomorrow with the PoPville brunch group!

    • Additional rave (I almost forgot, thanks to being so sleepy): This morning near my office, I saw a mom crossing the street with her two daughters (maybe 2 and 4 years old, or 3 and 4?), one of whom must have insisted on wearing her “princess dress” that day — it had a blue tank-style top, and a full-length skirt of iridescent blue-green tulle. And they had a cute little black puppy with them.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I love seeing kids who get to pick there own clothes. They have such a fun sense of style.

      • That was a sweet rave. I love when little kids pick their own outfits out for the day and the parents fully support it.

      • Allison

        Hehe, reminds me of the cute little girl I saw running around Safeway in her poofiest tu-tu telling everyone “it’s my birthday it’s my birthday it’s my birthday!!!”

    • Another additional rave:

      Earlier today, I was talking to my dad, who is visiting for the first time since I got my cat. (He flew in yesterday afternoon, which was why I was late to the unofficial PoPville happy hour.) He’s at my house today while I’m at work and was phoning me with some questions about where to locate various things in the house.
      He grew up without pets and has never really had much contact with them. I asked him if my cat was socializing with him and he said, “Yes, very much so.” I said, “Oh, has she jumped up on your lap?” He said, “No, I’m not ready for that yet at this stage in our relationship.”

  • Rave: The new development is DC is exciting but will the costs of living deter young people from moving here?
    Rant: DC MPD is back to its “All Hands On Deck” routine, a controversial program nontheless, where officers will arrest citizens for practically anything. DC = POLICE STATE

  • New rant: An issue came up in the office that required me to put on pants and come in.

    More rants: My jaw at lunch today started making a clicking noise when I chew. This is a first and has me slightly freaked out.

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