National PSA (about Home Ownership?) Being Filmed in Columbia Heights this Morning

Columbia Heights PSA01

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“On my morning bike commute I saw a commercial shoot for a national PSA. They wouldn’t give me many details. They did say that it was for promoting home ownership. They were shooting in the 1200 block of Kenyon St. NW.”

Columbia Heights PSA05

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  • Let’s shoot a PSA about buying a home in a place where the average American cannot afford one!

  • Lets shoot a PSA in a place where people spend $800,000 for a house and constantly have packages stolen from their porches!

    • Who knows, maybe it’s a PSA discouraging home ownership?

      “Are you sick of long-term commitments? Tired of needing to worry about upkeep and maintenance? Buried by property taxes? Consider renting! This message was brought to you by the Council to Restore Serfdom.”

    • Accountering

      I love this comment! Also love the mower as a prop. Who uses one of those, and not just a weed wacker?

      • I’m not sure what’s driving all the mower comments — do any of you actually own rowhouses in petworth? Most have fairly decent sized backyards and require an actual mower — not a weedwacker. Also, “mowing” with a weedwacker is pretty awful for the grass (and looks like crap). We wheel ours around front to do the front yard (which granted, only takes about 8 passes).

    • Doesn’t take much to set off a wave of entitled bitterness on this blog eh?
      You aren’t entitled to an affordable house in the neighborhood of your choosing.
      You will never escape petty crime in a major city so quit whining about it, it makes no difference what you paid for your house.
      If you want an affordable house you might have to live near the minorities you claim not to hate but refuse to have as neighbors.
      If you wait until a neighborhood is past the point of no return (gentrificationwise/whitewashed) expect to pay top dollar as everyone knows that it is a safe investment.
      All these skittish new DC homebuyers are creating the very problem they constantly whine about. You ALL want the same houses on the same “safe” block and then freak out when life happens “but I paid $xxxxxx, so life isn’t supposed to happen to meeeee!” So you’ve realized that crime exists all over and that white faces on your neighbors only create the illusion of safety. Why not pay half of what a house on a gentrified block costs a couple blocks over and quit lying to yourself? I guarantee those black teenagers that scare you so much won’t steal $300k worth of packages off your porch.
      This rant/PSA is brought to you by a lifetime of living in DC and working in real estate/development so feel free to not take my advice and bemoan the pop-ups, high costs, and low supply you help create by not looking outside certain neighborhoods, I profit from it directly but I don’t love what out state developers will do if people continue to push up pricing in only a select few neighborhoods.

  • That’s not even a home; it’s a condo. (See the electric meters on the side of the house.) And where are they keeping that mower? Who’s using a mower that large for a yard that small?

  • They need a lawnmower for that tiny lawn? They’d be better off with a good pair of kitchen shears.

  • My mortgage and fees, even in a co-op, is way less than people pay in rent in DC. This PSA is a great idea.

    • Pro tip: Not everyone has hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting around for a down payment.

      • Not everyone needs to put down a down payment. I bought with zero down. And even if you do, you’d only need “hundreds of thousands of dollars” for a $1 million plus home.

        • Yes. This. A reasonable down payment for a starter “home” (small condo, co-op, etc.) is anywhere from 0% down to 20% max. We’re talking $0-80,000, with everything in between. Best advice I can give is to get an excellent real estate agent.

        • +1

          I did this too. It’s a good option for young professionals who aren’t making much money yet but expect to in the future. Many programs have income limits. So you may qualify now but not after you get a promotion.

        • ” I bought with zero down.”

          So how much equity do you have in your home?

      • Ha! I wish I had that kind of money!

    • If you had just bought a condo in the building shown in the ad, I assure you it would not be.

  • That lawnmower is called a prop, people.
    Symbol of suburban homeownership and responsibility.

    And I’d presume the people in front of the camera are actors.

    And they are reading from a script.

    Please do not look for real-life represented at a video shoot.

  • Somebody should parody these ads. Show this dude waking up to the sound of a burst pipe in January, having his AC fail in August, discovering shoddy electrical work, basement flooding, patio furniture stolen, etc etc.

    • I guess that’s like doing a parody of a pro-birth control PSA. If affordable, home ownership is usually good and usually worth it (and so is birth control).

  • Even worse than Bashar al-Assad?

  • Thank you, Prince of Petworth, for your interest and for sharing these photographs.

    This PSA is not about home ownership. Once it’s released to the public, I will share the link on here!

  • 10 bucks says it’s a commercial from the National Assn. of Realtors; they’re located around here somewhere and most commercials like that ton TV are theirs.

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