Dear PoPville – Anyone Else Hear Construction Late Last Night on Florida Ave?

Photo by PoPville flickr user ep_jhu

“Dear PoPville (via twitter to @PoPville),

Any idea why I was kept up past 3am last night bc of house-shaking construction on Florida Ave [at 5th St, NW]? Or why it’s allowed at night?”

Anyone else awoken last night? Anyone know what time the cutoff is for construction?

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  • jim_ed

    No idea, but just a guess – if it’s 3am and the house is shaking, there’s a good chance it was emergency infrastructure work of some sort – maybe a gas leak or water pipe, etc. A few months ago our neighbor noticed a faint natural gas smell out front and called Washington Gas late one night., and sure enough at 4 am they were drilling holes into the street or sidewalk right out front, creating a godawful amount of noise.

    Or maybe one of your neighbors is fracking in their basement.

  • They are repaving Florida Ave which I think everybody agrees is desperately needed after this winter. DDOT has three choices:
    1) Try repaving during the daytime hours on a heavily trafficked commuter route which will take more time since they can’t reasonably shut down more than one lane.
    2) Take far less time by doing it during overnight hours with the benefit of being able to do large stretches at one time and finishing the project faster
    3) Not repave it at all
    I think its reasonable that #2 is the best choice here.

    • There are residences on both sides of Florida at 5th st NW. Working outside of legal construction hours is a terrible idea. If you drive on the road, you should know that it will eventually need to be repaved and accept that your commute might suffer for a couple of days.

      • I’m sorry your nights have been screwed up by this, particularly because it sounds like you are not a driver, but this stretch of road needed repaving more than any other in the City that I’ve seen. Doing the repaving in the middle of the day or, worse, during rush hour wouldn’t just be an inconvenience, it would bring this part of the City to an entire standstill. Thanks for taking one for the team.

  • The city is grading and repaving Florida Avenue this week. This morning it looked as though the east bound lanes from 9th to New Jersey had been completed.

    A giant variable message sign just across from Flash says they’re doing the work form 10 pm till 3 or 5 am — I assume because of reduced traffic.

    I’m sure the noise blows, but dear god did that stretch of road need it!

  • talked to the construction folks – looks like Monday – Saturday for the next two weeks they will be repairing Florida Avenue. From 7:00 pm to 4:00 am. my house was shaking as well. They got approval from the ANC. That part of Florida takes the brunt of all the dump-trucks haling stuff from the construction sights around that part of town + a bad winter = very bad roads…

  • I too have been woken up repeatedly by this very noisy construction. Even worse, when the construction is suspended they put steel plates down which aren’t very well moored. When buses go over the plates, they rattle and boom – sounds like thunder. I understand the need for repaving in this area, but still.

    • it’s a part of living in the city…..if you need peace and quiet, you could try moving to Reston or somewhere where you won’t hear any noises.

  • I live on Florida Avenue and it’s 1 am right now and my house is shaking like crazy. BUT it’s completely worth it. They can’t do this during the day, Florida Avenue is just way too busy and this road has needed repaving badly for a while. I am so glad this is happening. I will take sleeping pills tonight, and not bitch, which you all should do as well. It’s part of living in the city, deal with it.

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