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From the Forum – Man impersonating an FBI agent?

by Prince Of Petworth April 18, 2014 at 2:10 pm 16 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user caroline.angelo

Man impersonating an FBI agent?

“I was on the 64 Bus south to federal triangle on Tuesday morning around 9:15 when a man got on sometime between Irving and Florida Ave. He was dressed like an FBI agent with tactical pants and boots, a professional looking belt with hand cuffs and a few other official looking pouches. He was wearing an FBI sweatshirt that anyone can purchase from one of the many tourist trap trucks around the mall which raised a red flag for me. His pants were also really saggy. Maybe I just have unrealistic ideas of FBI agents but he seemed way too unprofessional to be a real one – especially the touristy FBI hoodie.

Has anyone else seen this guy? Or maybe you know him and he actually is an FBI agent? Maybe he’s just an FBI agent that had a bad morning and was looking a little sloppy. I don’t know – but considering impersonating a federal agent is very illegal I just thought I’d throw this out there and see if anyone else had any similar sightings.”

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  • Nonna

    Def not an agent, most of the agents I know wear suits. Sounds weird

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t seen that man, but somewhat similarly, yesterday at 6:00 I was walking on Euclid street and a man asked some other guys walking on the street about an assault that occurred against a woman on that block. He flashed a badge and is apparently a private detective hired by the defendant in the case. Very odd, and sat pretty uneasy with me.

  • Allison

    It is extremely unlikely for an agent to be wearing a “sweatshirt” with “FBI” on it. In fact, the agency discourages (or forbids) employees to wear them. (Source: friend who worked there.) If an agent is in proper uniform, you will know (i.e. an official looking jacket with “FBI” on the back.) But as long as he didn’t say anything about being an agent, pull any badges, or order anyone to do anything, it doesn’t appear to me that he’s “impersonated” an officer, and therefore hasn’t done anything wrong. Just a layman’s opinion.

    • textdoc


  • Anon

    Unless he claimed was an agent or flashed a badge around, he wasn’t impersonating anyone.

    It’s not actually against the law to wear pants, boots, and belt pouches. He could be any type of law enforcement or security or a dude with some kinks that just happened to buy an FBI sweatshirt.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. He’s probably some sort of security guard, bail bondsman, or a repo man. Looking like quasi-official usually helps make their job easier and they’re usually dealing with some unsavory characters who could get violent in the heat of the moment.

      As long as he wasn’t flashing badges and verbally presenting himself to others as an agent, he did nothing wrong.

  • Doc

    Did his FBI sweatshirt say “Federal Boobie Inspector”? If so, probably not legit.

    • Anonymous

      Full Blood Italian

  • Anonymous

    Its not illegal to dress like one, its only illegal if you use the impersonation, like ordering someone to do something, or obtain something of value. See 18 U.S.C 912.

  • Anonymous

    he was cia pretending to be a civillian pretending to be fbi

    • Allison

      Now say that in Dale Gribble’s voice. You’re welcome. :)

      • Anonymous

        I think you mean Rusty Shackleford’s voice.

        • Allison

          Now say *that* in Dale Gribble’s voice. Damn, this game goes on FOREVER! New source of endless entertainment…achieved.

          • Anon 3:53


  • Truxton Thomas

    I haven’t seen him, but I did once talk an old man (at a bar) who told me he was a double-black intelligence agent, a robot, and God. None of that prevented him from haggling over his bill, however.

  • !!!

    Casual Friday???


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