Cinco de Mayo at El Chucho in Columbia Heights and Later Hours for Bar Charley in Dupont

3313 11th Street, NW

Can’t believe it’s already Cinco de Mayo time…

From an email:

“Cinco de Mayo is quickly approaching, and there is no better place to celebrate the 152nd anniversary of Mexico’s marginally important victory over French forces than at El Chucho Cocina Superior!

The anniversary of the Battle of Puebla falls on a Monday this year, but we will be opening for brunch at 11:30 and featuring a special menu of breakfast burritos. We’ll also be offering drink specials during the day including our margarita on tap for $4.50, frozen margaritas for $5.50, and Tecate tallboys for $3.

Cinco de Mayo is also the perfect chance to try our new menu of tequila and mezcal flights! In order to make our extensive selection of agave distilled spirits more accessible, we are now offering flights from $12! With five of our nine flights are priced under $20, Cinco de Mayo is the perfect opportunity to celebrate Mexican heritage and enjoy the fruits of agave cultivation.

1825 18th Street, NW

Bar Charley News: Apart from Cinco de Mayo, our sister bar, Bar Charley will be staying open later effective immediately. The kitchen will stay open until midnight on weekdays and 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, and the bar will remain open until 12:30 and 1:30 on weekdays and weekends respectively.

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  • Wondering why you can’t believe it’s already Cinco de Mayo time? Because it isn’t! It’s nearly three weeks till Cinco de Mayo! Thanks for the head’s up, though.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Shameless rhino plug: It’s also Cinco de Rhino! Give to your favorite rhino charity! I like the International Rhino Foundation!

  • Hey “Charley”,

    I thought you were a “restaurant”. Your ‘thanks’ to your neighbors is a slap in the face when you argue all this time that you’re not a “bar” and you don’t want to be “a bar” but then call yourselves a “bar”. I thought your premise was based on food? However, its clear the quality of your food won’t get you very far. I guess then its back to being a bar….

    – Confused

    • Have you ever even been to Bar Charley? or any bar/restaurant in DC? I’m sure your quality of life is going to plummet effectively immediately with their additional two hours of operation. My apologies to you on behalf of people who have a clue.

    • You really must be confused if you are whining about longer hours for an establishment on 18th St. Get over it.

    • Dear dupont resident,

      If you are reacting to the fact that El Chucho called us their sister “bar”, they simply misppoke. It was in no way meant to connote that we have changed over from being a restaurant to a bar. I’d point out that the first thing they mentioned above was our extended kitchen hours, which we are delighted to now have. If you didn’t enjoy the food before, please try us again: we’re just rolling out our spring/summer menu and it is beautiful (if I do say so myself:))–featuring dishes like Confit of Mushrooms, Wood Grilled Artichokes, Brown Butter Frogs Legs, Crispy Chicken Liver Biscuits and so much more. No harm meant by the wording in Chucho’s announcement; they were just giving a “shout out” about our new hours. If it’s about the use of Bar in our name, that was never intended to mean we were only a bar, rather, it is a trend in naming meant to suggest the establishment is casual, rather than fine dining. Of Bon Appetit’s Top 50 Restaurants last year, 3 were named similarly (Bar Sajor, Bar Ama, Bar Marco). This was the inspiration. We hope you’ll come in to try us out, enjoy the warm ambience and patio seating, and take advantage of the later dining hours we now can provide.

      Jackie/Bar Charley

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