Safeway located at Georgia Avenue and Piney Branch Road, NW Re-Opens but Reading the Violations Report is Traumatizing

Update on Brightwood’s Safeway from Council Member Muriel Bowser:

“About an hour ago, the Safeway located at Georgia Avenue and Piney Branch Road, NW has re-opened after correcting violations cited by the Department of Health.

The Department of Health has released their official report about the Safeway that can be found here.

I’m highly concerned with the observations made in this report. My priority is to ensure that only quality produce and groceries are available to the residents and families in our neighborhoods. I will be meeting with Safeway officials to demand and guarantee that they meet the standards that our community deserves.”

From the DoH official report:

“Location is infested with vermin, mice and rats. [continue reading at your own risk] Mice feces observed throughout the deli prep area, bakery goods display for sale case(s), bakery production area, rear storage areas, electrical panel room, walkin refrigeration unit for dairy and the walkway used for storage in the rear leading to the loading dock. Rat feces dropping from ceiling area in the bakery prep room and observed on cutting board below open panels. Mice feces observed on the floors and counters in all of the above mentioned locations, one mouse observed on glue trap adjacent cleaning supply storage rack on the floor. Eliminate harborages and eradicate vermin by professioanl means, 30-day eradication plan required.”

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  • gotryit

    link to the official report is broken

  • lukecolorado

    This store is so ghetto and so trashy that even though it is convenient I I avoid it at all costs.

  • I read the summary despite the warning. Now I’m not so sure that I should’ve.

  • Wal-Mart 1 – Safeway – 0

  • I don’t know if I feel good that I haven’t bought any bakery or dairy items, just produce. Aren’t vermin just rats and mice? What else would encompass vermin?

  • There are so many grocery store choices in DC I’m not fazed by this. I don’t shop there regularly. Once in a while I stop in for milk or other easy grab to go things but that’s it. I choose to spend the bulk of my grocery money someplace else and have for a long time.

  • Gag. I shop there regularly… This is vile.

  • andy

    I bet there’s stuff on discount! Awesome!

    Also – time for increased advertising, GA Ave Walmart…!

  • I used to work at a Wegmans in high school and I can tell you that it really isn’t THAT hard to keep things sanitary. You have to use best practices and have clear management. This just stems from people being lazy about their jobs and it is too bad.

    Hopefully the new Safeway on Georgia Ave will open soon?

    • I worked at Wegmans for eight years and I second this. This is totally inexcusable.

      • Can Wegmans please hear our desperation and come to the former Walter Reed campus? I’ll never go to Safeway again.

    • saf

      “Hopefully the new Safeway on Georgia Ave will open soon?”

      So. Safeway regularly acts like this. Chain-wide, they have a history of this sort of behavior.

      Why do people think the new one will be any different? Seriously, the Piney Branch Safeway is less than 20 years old.

  • “Got anymore mouse-poop bagels or are you all out?”

  • How is this acceptable? The store manager needs to be fired!!!! There damn well better be some sort of response or accountability from Safeway Corporate HQ. Muriel Bowser, we expect you to stay on top of this to demand accountability. This is a disgrace.

  • Soooooo glad that I never got chocolate chip cookies here…… And thanks for the warning that reading the report could be traumatizing. I am so not feeling up to shopping for dinner tonight.

  • Oh, no. I read the first few entries of the report and can’t go on. We stopped going about a year go due insanely long wait times in line. Am relieved to know this means we’ve ingested far less rat feces and rust, this year.

  • I guess this is the new official “Unsafeway”

  • This store has been in neglible condition for a long time. Managers are indifferent when you inform them that the refrigeration is not working properly because all the ice cream is soft, the milk section smells, and the frequent strong fishy odor means the fish is not fresh, and outdated products remain on shelves.
    Lines are always long, winding down aisles and the self-checkouts are often not functioning.

    The health report has only confirmed what I suspected. No more Safeway or Just U for me.

  • Did the DOH really misspell “professional?” Yikes. BTW, didn’t Dean and Deluca in Georgetown have a similar incident recently?

  • At the old Rodman’s that used to be in Cleveland Park, I once saw a mouse scurrying IN the vegetable bin. An employee quickly caught the mouse (by hand– eew!) and acted like it was no bid deal. Guess he had seen it many times before. When I approached the manager about it, he was fairly indifferent too, telling me that all kinds of animals are amidst your veggies when they are on the farm field. Suppose he has a point.

    • When was there a Rodman’s in Cleveland Park? Where was it? I can picture the Magruder’s — but not a Rodman’s. In any case, I’m pretty squeamish, and I do realize that when I drop something on the floor and freak out, that prior to it hitting my kitchen, it was growing in the dirt, with the bugs and the birds. So the manager does have a point — but it’s one that I try not to think about too much.

      • Magruder’s yes. I meant that Magruder’s. My bad. Don’t mean to slander Rodman’s, which is a kind of rancid and gritty, but I have never, never seen evidence of vermin there.

        • Thanks for coming back to correct this! I’ve been a customer of Rodman’s for years, and feel that the employee’s and the owners take pride in their store and their work. The customer service is outstanding. The store is a wonderful jumble of products!

  • Safeway is disgusting. I’m not familiar with this specific Safeway but the one at 5th and L St NW is equally as gross. The visual condition of the their sandwich counter in the deli area will make you sick just looking at it. Among other things, there is this gross black mold looking stuff surrounding the entire prep counter and around the open containers of condiments. Gross.

  • Thank you for making us aware of this hugely important issue. I shopped here occasionally after the newly minted Swift Safeway closed down. I will never shop at the Brightwood Safeway ever again. And I may avoid the new Swift Safeway when it’s done as well – this is unacceptable and Safeway corporate is equally to blame.

    • Safeway corporate is totally to blame! If they had competent oversight this would have been recognized and corrected.

  • After reading this report, I fainted!

  • This play is the worst! I always regret it every time I stop to grab a few things on the way home from work. We need a Wegman’s! Please!!!!!!!

  • Is worked at giant while in school and agree with some other commentators that this should never, ever happen at a competently managed grocery chain. Izzy would have fired the entire management team at any giant that even approached these conditions. It is indicative of serious management problems. I will definitely never shop at Safeway again.

  • This has made me become a Whole Foods shopper. It is more expensive, but the stores at least seem clean.

  • This is a store that can’t seem to adequately staff the registers…y’know…*where they take your money*…not sure why anyone should be surprised that the short-staffing and indifference to customers rolls downhill from there.

  • Ugh, I’m afraid to read this report. I got food poisoning last year after buying one of their rotisserie chickens and I thought it was just a one off. Now not so much.

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