Washington, DC

977 F Street, NW

“Pure”, by Manuel Pandalis, North American Premiere opening at the Leica Store Gallery DC

Manuel Pandalis’ images take audiences through a raw and intimate visual exploration of human physiognomy. With the rejection of strict poses, make-up, and intense post-production he allows his models to come as they are, creating unique portraits that focus upon the subjects face and revelations that are ultimately exposed through the human gaze.

Developing an increasing interest in concepts that went beyond the ideas that bind his commercial work Pandalis decided to free the professional models he worked with from the perpetual variety of characters they were painted and edited into being. “Some time ago, I realized I was fascinated less by a model’s façade than by the person behind it. For me, beauty is first revealed when I feel a rapport with the person.”

Stripping his subjects down to expose every rough edge, he explores the personality and character of each person, to reveal the individual without superficial masks. The resulting images are more like facial landscapes, which act as an invitation for the audience to look more closely. It is a series that truly lives up to its name; it’s simple, honest photography.

Opening Reception- February 15, 2014 7p – 9p at 977 F Street, NW


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