Reported Dognapping of a 2.5 year old female cockapoo named Margo near Kingman Park


From the MPD-5D Listserv:


The photo above is of a 2.5 year old female cockapoo named Margo – blonde coloring, about 25 pounds, and recently groomed; she was stolen from my friend’s home last night in NE DC (1500 block of D St NE). She is microchipped (ID# 985121010681957) and was last seen with a black and white collar with red trim. The robbers broke into the basement, took some trivial electronics, Margo, and her dog food. If you see her or have any information as to her whereabouts, please contact me or the DC police’s tip line at 202-727-9099.

There is a REWARD for her rescue!!!!”

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  • That is awful–I will certainly keep my eyes peeled and I she’s found safe.

  • this is terrible. my eyes are peeled! sending you lots of healing thoughts – from one cockapoo owner to another.

  • How terrible, hope Margo makes her way home soon.

  • That is horrible. When I saw stolen dog, I assumed it was yet another dog that had been in the yard unsupervised. If someone were to break into my house, I’d rather they take anything- my grandma’s silver, my electronics, family heirlooms- over my dog. So heartbreaking πŸ™

  • My thoughts are prayers are with her owner and this dog. I am heartbroken and hope this ends well. I’m so sorry for this– this is my worst fear and I worry about this all the time. My eyes are peeled too. Will circulate to friends all over DC.

  • This is awful! I will keep my eyes peeled for Margo. My thoughts/prayers/good vibes are all with this family and finding this lovely dog!

  • are those doggie chips trackable?

    • No unfortunately πŸ™ I always thought they should be. You can buy a collar that has a GPS on it, but it’s more like if the dog gets out and gets lost. A thief would probably get rid of it pretty quickly.

  • Is there a chance that she escaped after the break-in? When my house was broken into, the cat hid, but then got out the open window after they left. He stayed in the yard, but Margo maybe went for a wander.

  • so horrible, I hope she turns up soon!

  • lovefifteen

    Wow, that is so horrible. I am so sorry!

  • This is Margo’s dad. Thanks, everyone, for the sympathy. Margo was in her crate when the house was broken into. Her food was taken, as was a leash. So while I’m still very scared, I’m hopeful that her abductors meant to keep her or sell her, and at least are trying to care for her. I hope to come back soon with happy news.

    • Eric – A woman commented on the NBC news story about seeing a story of a similar-looking dog being found after being thrown from a car and taken to the vet by a friend of hers in Abingdon, VA. Her name is Lisa Lanier Millhorn and I provided her the link to your FB page in a private message so she could send you the details. She messaged you, but is worried it went into your FB “Other” folder of your Messages. Here’s the link to her page as well :

      I hope this helps and I really, really hope you find Margo! I actually live three blocks from you and I think I’ve seen you in the neighborhood so I feel especially terrible this happened to a neighbor!

  • This is really terrible. I hope that Margo is okay and that’s she found soon. This post is a nightmare and has me waiting on the edge of my desk chair so I can get home and check on my puppy at home…..

  • Posted to my Facebook and Twitter in hopes someone in DC may see her out and about. Good luck.

  • I am so saddened at this news at that someone would be so cold as to steal your precious baby. I will pray for her safe return and your peace of mind.

  • Just saw on Twitter that Margo was found and returned to owner. Great news! Eric, do you have any more details?

  • The video and story are on NBC4 Washington’s homepage. Amazing. Pat Collins was on the case yesterday and through the power of that or social media she was recognized. Absolutely amazing and so happy to live in this community. My husband and I thought all night about Eric and Margo and hoped for a happy ending, this was the best Tweet to wake up to. Our dog says hi to Margo and is so happy she’s safe.

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