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A Disturbing Statistic – 14 MPD officer arrests in 2013

by Prince Of Petworth January 24, 2014 at 9:30 am 13 Comments

From a press release:

“Friday, January 24, Councilmember Tommy Wells, Chairperson of the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety, will convene a public oversight hearing on police conduct. The oversight hearing will review policies and procedures related to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) standards, training, internal investigations and interventions regarding police officer conduct.

“We must review how the Department identifies and investigates reports of criminal conduct by police officers; we need to take a hard look at the hiring standards; we need to know how the Department responds to concerns about questionable conduct before that conduct becomes criminal,” said Wells.

Recent reports of police misconduct in the MPD 7th District have been accompanied by news of 14 MPD officer arrests in 2013 and a September, 2012 Washington Examiner report that more than 90 officers had been arrested in the previous 3½ years.”

  • Anonymous

    An Old G I was talking to a few years back said “of course we have folks on the inside”!!

  • 7th District

    MPD, while it has been improving (albeit slowly) over the years suffers from similar issues that WMATA’s been suffering with…”being the employer of last resort”, mostly for PG County residents. The 7th District is atrocious.

    There have been a rash of incidents over the years where MPD, for one reason or another hired cops that wouldn’t have passed a background check to work at Walmart, yet we give them a gun and send them out on the streets with their new found “power” and wonder why they continue to act as they did before becoming a cop. We have ex DYRS kids, who spend their youth/teens assaulting, robbing, breaking and entering, then somehow found their way into the MPD, and “surprise surprise” when they are then charged with murdering a spouse/girlfriend a few years later.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, do you have references/citations for that? (wouldn’t have passed a background check to work at Walmart…ex DYRS kids, who spend their youth/teens assaulting, robbing, breaking and entering…)
      If true, that’s pretty horrifying.

    • Groan

      So in your world, the fact that someone was in the juvenile justice systems means that they “spend their youth/teens assaulting, robbing, breaking and entering”? What’s your source for that blanket accusation?

  • One of the most intriguing aspects has been the relationship to MPD entering classes of 1989 and 1990, when DC, in addition to hiring good officers, surely, apparently scraped the bottom of the barrel to quickly put 1,500 officers on the street. Not that I can blame them entirely as the City was in a drugs/murder/urban decay crisis, but the later results are not entirely surprising – this cohort has generated a lot of crime, including several of the recent arrests.

    More on this from last year and 1994 here:



    I wonder how those officers are seen within MPD.

    • Anonymous

      Chief Lanier want new residents of the city to believe that this is some sort of anomaly. I wouldn’t trust her if her if her tongue came notarized. This is nothing new for the DC police department. Go to google and type in Washington, DC police Dirty Dozen. Yes, DC have a few criminals on their force and the sad thing is I wouldn’t be surprise if the bad officers outweighed the good.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! Well, I guess this explains the persistence of open-air drug trafficking in known parts of town.

  • Anonymous

    Disturbing, but somehow not too surprising.

  • Angry Parakeet

    I have the displeasure of knowing one of those arrested from The Class of Barry. No scruples, lies like a rug. He’s beaten two raps now at taxpayers’ expense (lengthy trials)

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Tommy! This is only the tip of the iceberg, I’m afraid. My only factor in voting for mayor will be the candidates toughness on crime. Please look into the arrest rates of Ward 4. Many incidents, but few arrests and little being done. This is very concerning to many residents. Thank You!

    • DC Dude

      Tommy is one of the weakest CMs on crime! He’s the one that keeps reducing fines and punishments as part of his progressive hug a criminal campaign. If you’re looking for tough on crime he’s not it.

      And in case you are wondering, DC’s rates of “bad cops” are well within the national averages. Check for yourself, just go to the state POSTs (Peace Officer Standards and Training) and look at the data yourselves.

      • Anonymous

        I haven’t seen any other candidates including our mayor do much!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone watch the actual hearing and see the testimony from the woman who claims that MPD killed Marc Washington (MPD officer accused of producing child porn and found drowned off Hains Point last month) and then framed it as a suicide and has conducted a giant cover-up? Apparently Parks and Rec didn’t lie: these hearings do indeed bring out the crazy.


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