Not Sure if Your Neighbor is Cooking Meth? You’re in Luck MPD Hosting a Methamphetamine Lab Training Awareness Class on Tues.

Photo from suspected Meth Lab fire in Dupont Circle, Feb. 2012

From MPD:

“On Tuesday, January 14, 2014, at 7:00 PM the Third District Vice Unit and PSA 304 will be hosting a Methamphetamine Lab Training Awarness Seminar. The purpose of this event is to create an awareness of what to look for in reference to meth labs and narcotic sales. The seminar will be held at the Third District Police Department 1620 V Street, NW.”

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  • Lol thats slightly wild
    i didnt think you would find much meth around here until i met the parents of that law student who went down for running a pretty sizeable meth opp out of dupont

    • Yeah, DC doesn’t strike me as much of a Tina town. There’s plenty of molly and weed going around. Coke is available, but very crappy. Crack is probably the most prevalent of the harder drugs.
      Virginia? That’s where you would find the meth labs. Not DC.

    • Its popularity among groups beyond poor white trash has grown a great deal in recent years.

      • I wonder if Breaking Bad has anything to do with that…

        • I highly doubt that meth really needed any publicity. Meth is essentially a “cheaper” version of coke (obviously they’re different, but same general class). There are enough folks in DC from all over the country to bring meth into the door.

        • Yeah, I hear people who do drugs never sit around and watch TV. They are like the most active class of people…

  • hehe, exactly. I bet all the pot dealers are coming out to see what their harder brethren are up to.

    • I suspect MPD is clever enough to have a few narcotics officers attend the class in plain clothes just to scope out the audience. Then again, maybe not….

      • My thoughts exactly. Sign-up sheet on arrival and all of a sudden, MPD has a list of people who may be interested in what MPD is looking for in their business.

  • If you were here in the early 2000’s you would have seen meth being hugely popular in DC, especially within the gay/club scene.
    Saying that the labs are only in VA is a little naive. The picture above is from a lab that blew up in Dupont last year. They were investigating a suspected lab up by Cardozo high school just the other day. I don’t think it’s big anymore but it’s still here. Lurking. Waiting.

    • yea, someone told me that….
      that is big in the gay community, which surprised me

      • It was really big in DC gay circles through about 2004 or 2005. Seems to have become more of an underground/private party drug for the gays these days, but that’s just my observation. I used to see all kinds of kids tweaking their way up 17th street and thru the night at town, now it’s more about the twerk, haha.

  • Really MPD? Once again, the police are relying on the residents to do the policing and investigations. What happened to good police work? Most of the cops know where the drug houses are yet refuse to make arrests or even investigate. If drug dealing is such a problem, how about instead of teaching residents how to recognize it, we have the MPD concentrate on the people selling drugs on the corner in broad daylight or the known drug houses that act as hubs for this illegal activity? Let’s see some leadership on crime from our elected officials and more results from the MPD.

    • gotryit

      Because people working with MPD is a much better answer than MPD going at it alone. I’ve interacted with the 304 and Vice officers in that area, and they are awesome, but not everywhere all the time.
      Many times, the things criminals do that would justify a police response are covered up when the police are around, but done right in front of us. So speak up and help them us all out.

    • Part of making a case that survives through the court system is having witnesses. Part of getting witnesses is educating the public to know what to look for. MPD may “know” where all the drug activity is going on but until it can document the facts and have third parties corroborate them, prosecutors are going to tell the detectives to forget it.

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