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New Target Date for Trader Joe’s Opening at 14th and U Street is March 21

by Prince Of Petworth January 9, 2014 at 10:30 am 53 Comments

1914 14th Street, NW

Perhaps the only thing that could rival the announcement of a new movie theater near U Street is the opening of the eagerly anticipated Trader Joe’s. Though we originally heard February was the target date – ANC Rep [email protected] tweeted a new date last night:

“Target opening date for Trader Joes (14th St NW): March 21 #ANC2B”

Though I still miss Taco Bell a bit – I’m obviously happy to accept this trade. In the past some commenters haven’t really understood all the excitement about a Trader Joe’s. Well I have two words for them, or I guess one hyphenated word, [Ed. Note: I actually don’t know if it supposed to be hyphenated] mini-tacos. Try the Trader Joe’s mini-tacos and I’ll prepare a big glass of kool-aid for ya.

  • Anonymous

    And Joe-Joes. Don’t forget the Joe-Joes.

    • sarah

      i’ll probably have gone through my stockpile of holiday joe-joe’s by late march. so this is perfect!

    • Jen Jen

      Joe-Joes are so good. I’m convinced the filling is a mix of cream, peppermint, and crack!

  • Anonymous

    Dan – Do you know the retail mix slated for the building in addition to TJ’s? I know the Wyndown folk are moving in. Who else?

    • The big space to the north of the Wydown will be another carpetbagging chef (from Boston, in this case) opening a DC restaurant. https://www.popville.com/2013/04/scuttlebutt-confirmed-tico-taco-coming-to-14th-and-u-street-nw/

      I’m not sure if any non-food retail has been announced for the building.

    • I’ve heard a restaurant call Tico… and Wells Fargo… and DC Noodles has reopened on the U St side.

      • ash

        I bank with WF (mostly bc I’m too lazy/don’t want to deal with the hassle of switching banks) so I’d LOVE to have one in such close proximity to me!

  • Anonymous

    two words: cat cookies

    • DC_Chica

      what are cat cookies? my cats love their (canned) cat food!

      • Anonymous

        My dogs like the canned dog food, but it always makes them sick. :(

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Jesus Christ, some of you get waaaaaaaay too excited over a discount grocery store.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t find the prices at TJ’s particularly discountful. But they have a broader selection of treats and prepared foods that aren’t total fat and sodium bombs than most groceries, and the PoPville demographic is pretty much exactly the TJ target demographic.

    • Anon

      Jesus Christ, people are happy and excited.

    • Colin Bragg

      TBH, I think it’s nice to just add grocery stores to the area so that the others aren’t as swamped. [See] the Whole Foods on P st. (before Giant reopened) for the last 3 years. What an awful mess and the Soviet Safeway has never really done anything to help alleviate that log jam.

  • Anonymous

    Original opening date was supposed to be some time in February, if I remember correctly.
    A one month delay isn’t too bad for DC.

    • Anon

      The original date was Dec. 2013. I’ve been waaaaaaiting. : )

  • Anonymous

    Placing bets on what opens first: streetcar or Trader Joe’s?

  • anon3

    I miss the old neighborhood feel that was here, but I sure don’t miss that taco bell. I am not sure how the particular store made their food taste so much worse than the rest of the chain.

    • Trueblue

      You miss the “old neighborhood feel” that was there?? What does that mean? Domino’s Pizza? El Paraiso (which was ALWAYS empty)? The other mysterious building that was there? No thank you! I only miss the Taco Bell (and maybe the KFC, but I’ll never admit to that). But other than that….good riddance and welcome Trader Joe’s!

      • annonny

        What about the fried fish/seafood/crab legs restaurant that was in that strip? It always struck me as a nasty place to get food poisoning, but for a while at least seemed to do a decent business.

  • Thought

    I’m surprised it will take 10 more weeks… Walking by last night I noticed the shelves and refrigerators are already installed. Hopefully it will open earlier.

  • Anonymous

    So far, except for the packaged nuts — almonds with rosemary and sesame covered cashews, I’ve been underwhelmed by Traders Joe’s, in part, because I haven’t been near a convenient location. It seems like a great place for snacks — which I don’t need in my life — but not so much for real food stuff. I’m looking forward to trying out a few more things. Maybe I’ll believe the hype.:-)

    • AJNE

      It’s great for fresh produce/meat/cheese so…

      • Anonymous

        No, it’s not.

        • Anonymous

          It’s great for cheese. For produce, not so much.

        • Anonymous

          Yes it is. I’m not sure what types of meat, cheese, and produce you need to buy. It’s the same – if not better – quality as Teeter’s and Safeway. Hell, TJs sells kosher meat! Good luck finding that at Teeter’s and Safeway. The produce at TJs is nothing special, but it’s better than what you get at Safeway.
          The only thing TJ’s lacks is fresh fish. But let’s face it, the “fresh” fish at Teeter’s and Safeway is just frozen fish that has been thawed out. Meh.

          • Anonymous

            Well, I don’t buy meat or cheese normally, so I guess I can’t judge. But there’s not a lot of selection when it comes to produce.

      • Chris

        I find it is great for cheese, but the produce is pricey. I also like some of their salsas and simmering sauces.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. All the Trader Joe’s fans that I know are in it for the snacks. I try to keep that stuff out of the house. :)

      • AG

        I don’t go so much for snacks (except for the $5/lb raw almonds I use for almond milk or butter that are the cheapest I’ve found anywhere), but the pantry items, meats, and cheeses are VERY well-priced, especially given the quality. They also have decent produce, but the selection isn’t consistent, so it’s not the place to go for staples.

        • Anonymous

          The issue with the produce at TJs is that they buy whatever is in season. Hence the lack of consistency. That’s how they get the volume discounts that they can pass along to the consumer. For me, this is a plus, as it forces me to vary my produce buying and stick with the seasonal selection.
          You want vine ripened heirloom tomatoes in the middle of winter? You’re going to have to go to Whole Foods and pay $6/pound for those imported from Chile. They’ll have them at TJs at the right time of the year when they’re $1.49/pound.
          If you want the very best produce, then you’re better off going to specialty farmer’s markets or Whole Foods. If you mostly buy produce at HTs or Safeway, then there’s no real discernible difference, IMHO, other than price (TJs is lower!)

          • Jen Jen


    • jerseygirl

      their frozen fish selection is way better than most grocery stores and cheaper, too. i like wild caught and sustainable seafood, and most places other than WF doesn’t carry (or doesn’t label) their fish. and before you knock frozen fish, seafood that is flash frozen at the source (like alaskan salmon) can taste way better than the same fish that is shipped unfrozen cross country.

      • Anonymous

        Their frozen wild caught salmon is really good. $9 for two meaty, nice sized filets is perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Some, but speaking of exicting, but delayed openings. Any word on when the main retail at the CityCenter development will open? It was originally supposed to be late 2013, but that didn’t happen. I have yet to hear any major retail announced there. Don’t know why they are keeping so quiet. The buildings look just about done.

  • Love Trader Joes! Hopefully they’ll open a location in NE or SE sometime in the next few years.

    TJ’s has a lot of snack food but they also have somewhat cheaper pantry items than Safeway or even HT. I recently purchased prosciutto from TJ’s for about $5 and was surprised to the same brand/package size selling for $8 at HT.

  • anonymous

    Although I’m glad that TJ’s is opening, I’ll probably visit it once to satisfy my curiosity. I’m sure the crowds will be so overwhelming that I’ll be discouraged from returning. Hopefully, traffic clears up at the West End TJ’s.

    • annonny

      I’m usually really put off by crowded stores and long lines, but frankly my experience at TJ in Foggy Bottom has been great. The lines are not short, but the cashiers really keep things moving, unlike my local Safeway where it seems checkout is manned by people on quaaludes. It’s also rarely the case that 50% of the checkout lanes are closed, which often happens at Safeway and Giant.

    • Park

      EXACTLY. I like Trader Joe’s just fine and pop by whenever I’m in the West End and have time, but I can’t even imagine a time of day that this location wouldn’t be absolutely thronged.

  • 14th Street bus Rider

    I am happy that Trader Joe’s is opening – I haven’t shopped at any of their branches very much in the past, so I am loking forward to seeing it for myself. On top of that, I am very much looking forward to the construction at the Louis being finished and the street, and the sidewalks being put back together.

  • monkeydaddy

    On a hot summer day I like to “lower the ‘Boom” with an Oranjeboom lager tallboy.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’m happy that this location is opening soon, but I’ll probably still drive out to the Tyson’s Corner location whenever I want to go to Trader Joe’s, because this one is going to be an extreme shit show every day of the week, just like the Foggy Bottom location.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll still go to the Foggy Bottom location, despite 14th Street being closer. The FB location should see a lighter load, once 14th opens up.

      • Anonymous

        I wonder if that’s true, or if it’s like building new roadways — people then drive more and the traffic is still the same as before.

    • Anonymous

      Right, because traffic to and in Tysons isn’t a fustercluck. I’d rather deal with waiting in line while I’m munching triple gingersnaps than stuck in my car.

      • Anonymous

        Driving to Tyson’s is NEVER a good alternative to anything.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    The freezer section is to die for. The make an Alsatian pizza-tart that I love even tho it didn’t fit in my freezer very well. Also huge selection of cheap but okay wine. Good competition for Whole Foods to keep the prices down.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God that a new business is opening on 14th that is NOT a small-plate restaurant!!

  • anan

    Is dedicated parking planned?

    • Anonymous Miss

      There will be designated TJs parking spots in the garage.


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