Holy Cow, Meth Lab Fire in Dupont Tues. Night?

by Prince Of Petworth — February 2, 2012 at 10:30 am 42 Comments

Dear PoPville,

My friend lives at 1630 R St., NW where there was a fire Tuesday night. She is actually the one who called 911 when she went outside and saw flames coming out of a window. The firefighters told her that the cause of the fire was a meth lab(!) on the 4th floor. This news story confirms it. Who knew people make meth in luxury apartment buildings in Dupont?

Wild. WUSA9 wrote:

“An investigation into the cause of the fire led to the discovery of suspicious materials which may indicate a meth lab was being operated in the apartment.”

Somebody watching too much Breaking Bad

  • ew

    This is nothing new for those of us from Central FL.

  • 17thSter

    This is why it is important to have Renter’s insurance. You never know who lives next door. Most policies are less than $15/month.

    • Amen!

    • svi

      that’s what I thought too, but geico would not cover my methlab. stupid greedy gecko. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Does renter’s cover the health care costs from a lifetime of issues any young kids would have from living next to this derelict? And is this a disclosure the landlord will have to make to the next prospective tenant? So many interesting legal questions emerging …

  • Elza

    Whoa. It’s like being back home in Iowa.

    • Anonymous-est

      +1 Seriously, east coast, this is like soooo five years ago (and sadly, still going on in the midwest, and everywhere else for that matter). Do we have to teach you everything? What next? Growing awesome corn and making butter cows?

    • My thoughts exactly! Whereabout do you hail from?

    • Lindsey

      I am from Iowa and they busted a meth lab 2 houses down from my best friend from high school’s house. Best excitement in years. 🙂

  • Annonny

    Not really surprising….meth abuse is epidemic in the gay community and this apt is in the heart of the Dupont “gayborhood.” Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I’m guessing not.

    • SS3345

      What, what, what are you talking about?

      • Annonny

        I’m talking about a headline that reads “Holy Cow!” as if this is a big surprise. A meth lab in Dupont Circle should really surprise no one who lives in or is part of the gay community:





        If you are somehow “shocked! shocked!,” then you are not paying attention. The apartment building is within blocks of Cobolt, JRs, Number 9, the Fireplace, and Omega. It doesn’t take much creativity to make the connection that people making and selling drugs will be located near potential customers.

        I’m not saying *all* gay people are meth users, but there is an epidemic within the community and people should wake up to that fact. So it’s just not a surprise to me that somebody would be making meth in a neighborhood with a high potential for customers.

        • Anonymous

          I had a probable meth lab in my apartment building in Adams-Morgan a couple of years ago. Meth is not and has never just been for white trash in trailer parks.

    • Anonymous

      And the ignorant comment of the day goes to…..Annonny! Troll.

      • Anonymous

        Is it the ignorant comment of the day if you leave a comment calling another comment ignorant which just proves your own ignorance?

    • Maybe I’m hanging with the wrong crowd, but I’ve never found meth abuse to be an issue in the gay community. Also, the gayborhood has shifted away from Dupont in the past 5-10 years. There are still a lot of gay-friendly businesses there, certainly, but most of us live in other neighborhoods.

    • Yepp

      As a gay, who lives in Dupont, and knows plenty of people who do meth, I’ll defend Annonny and say he isn’t too far off base. Unfortunately.

    • Agree on all of this. I wish Dupont were still a gayborhood, but we’ve pretty much branched out all over the city and moved to the burbs. I don’t know many meth people in our community. I thought it was pretty pervasive in multiple communities. Interesting conversation though!

      • Old Tweaker

        Not proud of it but I recall doing meth at Tracks in the early 90s. This is not something new in DC!

        • Dang, I miss Tracks. What a great place. Those were the days, meth or not.

  • Someone’s been watching too much Breaking Bad, yo.

    • Anonymous

      Or too little. Walter White would never run such a careless operation.

  • Having a fun [and slightly risky] side job is the only way I’d ever be able to afford to live around there.

  • Tim

    Aw, it’s just like home! Except rural Pennsylvania figured this stuff out about a decade ago.

  • svi

    this is what happens when you let liberal arts majors cook meth.

  • I’ve heard urban drug production is the wave of the future.

  • Anonymous

    You know what this means. The hillbilly white trash have finally returned to DC. And gentrification is now complete.

  • NE Groover

    The gays and their meth. SMH.

  • Are these really ‘luxury apartments’ now? They were kind of dumpy in the 90s.

  • I can think of a lot of situations where a woman would legitimately be seeking help from a stranger at 3:30am. A lot of the organizations you mentioned can’t help someone who’s being purused by an attacker late at night.

    • Sorry, that wasn’t supposed to post here.

  • Heisenberg

    Gah! Last time I leave Jesse to work alone!

  • Shocked?

    What do you think PnP refers to in those Grindr profiles?

    • Anonymous

      Prince ‘n Petworth?

  • Ahhhh I feel like I’m back home in Deep East Texas…..

  • RickyMustard
    • Anonymous

      Wow. That is a phenomenally bad piece of writing. “… to meagerly sit and watch…”? “… to enter back into the building…”? Yikes.

      • Anonymous

        Wow – too true! Cringe-worthy writing!

  • jj

    and they have no way of telling who rented the apartment because they didn’t sign a lease and only paid in cash. brilliant.

  • Lee

    Follow up: Borger Management doesn’t want to pay for decontamination of the meth lab at 1630 R Street.

  • RickyMustard

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