SciFi Fans Brace Yourselves – Group Hopes to Bring Science Fiction Museum to DC

From the Museum of Science Fiction:

“In spring 2013, Executive Director Greg Viggiano began speaking with people about creating a museum for science fiction in Washington, DC. The response has been very enthusiastic. Greg quickly found science fiction fans of all stripes that were willing to share their professional talents and time to move the project forward.

Within six short months, a diverse team of 38 volunteers has accomplished key first milestones and worked on a long-term plan for making the museum a reality—making significant progress on everything from curatorial aspects such as gallery design and visitor experience to the non-profit management areas of development, project management, education, information technology, public relations, marketing, finance, accounting, and legal compliance.

We are unified by a shared vision. We want to build a museum, an experience that does justice to the breadth and richness of science fiction history, where we preserve that history in perpetuity and inspire visitors to embrace the genre and its ideas. As a first step, we are developing a 3,000-square-foot preview museum where we can test exhibit concepts and new interactive technologies to share a real-time look into this grassroots effort. We have begun our site selection process. We expect to open the full-scale facility within 24 to 36 months.”

You can see a fundraiser page for the Museum of Science Fiction: Preview Location here.

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  • andy

    I have come from the future. This museum is awesome!

    Also, the earth was destroyed by a comet.

  • The timing is perfect. This will open just as my kids are hitting prime sci-fi discovery age.

  • Considering how many times DC has been destroyed in terrible sci-fi films, perhaps this is a good payback. And besides, someone is going to need to use the Spy Museum’s space assuming they move…

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