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  • Great video, but WTF is going on from 9:55 on…

    • Haha. I came here to ask the same question. How the heck does one come to a conclusion like that?

    • What’s going on is they want to paint all opponents of Uber as nutjobs.

      • Fair point but then again I haven’t seen anything logical that came out of the Taxi Cab Commission for being so anti-uber. They were licensed limo drivers – it’s no difference from belonging to a car service.

        UberX – I could kind of see – but just require them to get regular taxi license and drop the minimum cab size BS. Besides why set a price floor – if someone wants to charge less why can’t they?

  • I am no fan of DC taxis, but this is pretty one-sided in favor of Uber. Reason.tv is overtly libertarian, and this is apparent in the video’s hostility to government regulation. The video’s hipster veneer doesn’t mask that this is right wing propaganda.

    • Story of libertarians. Have some really good arguments and points, and take them to an extreme, often with a smugness and self-assuredness that rivals that of the DC Council.

    • Hipster or undercover Ted Cruz , Oh wait a second fashion doesn’t strap you to a belief system.

  • Does this journalist have ANY ability to concentrate and clearly articulate an issue? This video is so frustrating to watch because he’s too busy being a hipster douche bag to make a point worth understanding. God I hate hipsters….and DC cabs.

    • Maybe you should stop hating for a second and that would help you understand, and what does his fashion sense have to do with hating the way he communicates.

  • I switched to only using uber a few months back. It may be a few bucks more, but it is better than a DC taxi any day.

  • GOD , you peoples hipster hate makes it so obvious you know nothing about hipster society. All the hate you people are talking on hipsters isn’t even why the majority of most people hate hipsters. From my judgement in other cities they hate them becuz they will hate a bands album just cause it doesn’t sound like their first album or hate the new season of a show that they use to love cause Jessica who is in a sorority likes it too. The fashion is the best part but in DC if you have kinda tight jeans some dude in a tucked in polo will call you hipster across the street.

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