Open house and presentation of the draft recommendations for the Mid City East planning area

Map courtesy Mid City East

From an email:

“Please join the DC Office of Planning and the District Department of Transportation on September 26, 6:30-8:30 pm at the McKinley Technology Educational Campus Auditorium, for an open house and presentation of the draft recommendations for the Mid City East planning area. The draft recommendations to be presented, are informed by extensive research, analysis and community feedback that has taken place over the past few months. We look forward to your continued participation and hope to see you there!

Location: McKinley Technology Educational Campus Auditorium at 151 T Street, NE

The Mid City East communities of Bates-Hanover, Bloomingdale, Eckington, (portions of) Edgewood, LeDroit Park, Sursum Corda, and Truxton Circle lie almost exactly one mile north of the U.S. Capitol. These architecturally interesting and culturally vibrant urban neighborhoods are rich with community, but wrestling with concerns – heavy traffic volumes, aging sewer systems, and increasing needs for diverse, affordable and convenient housing, retail and transportation options. The Mid City East Initiative will strive to improve mobility, enhance commercial corridors, promote safety, preserve historic resources, green infrastructure, and cultivate development opportunities.”

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  • I am DYING to see if they are going to move forward with decking over North Capitol street (turning it into a tunnel) and putting a park on top. It was one of their top listed suggestions, man how schweet would that be.

    • Me too! That seems like such an awesome idea. Most of the ideas on the site were pretty meh, but I think there were a few really great ones. I just hope that they actually use the community suggestions and don’t just do whatever they were planning on in the first place.

    • That would be pretty sweet. That’s basically what they did with the Central Artery in Boston, turning it into a long garden way.

  • They always seem to announce these things at the last minute…

  • That’s a cool idea. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how feasible that would be. Sounds like that would be pretty expensive. Could be like the High Line in NYC, where the surrounding economic development more than pays for the park itself. But, I’m not sure there is much vacant land to redevelop along the corridor.

  • i participated in some of the community walks with the planners working on this project. i doubt any decking will happen. because of the height requirements needed for N Cap decking would only be a few feet out from the current bridges unless they dug out the street to lower it.

  • I wish they would build back Truxton Circle. It is a shame they took it away in the first place, including that church that turned into a KFC that turned into NY Pizza.

  • Last time I checked, the western side of the study area below RI Ave is Shaw. Has the name been changed to something more appealing to realestate agents? Cause I live here and I’m pretty sure its shaw.

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