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  • Is this actually “bespoke?”

  • Seems unlikely, doesn’t it?

  • Hrmm, yeah, doesn’t bespoke mean custom made? Which seems a bit at odds with vintage – I mean, I suppose things could have been custom made for someone once upon a time, but if they’re vintage, probably not bespoke made for the current customer…

  • Their dressing room is actually a TARDIS.

  • When is this stretch of 14th actually going to become something?

  • You mean filled up with Chipotle, CVS, et al.?

  • These pictures are horrendous. People… we have graphic designers for a reason. Look at all the terrible signage in that first picture. If you want a sign designed for your Columbia Heights business I will offer my services as a professional graphic designer for free. I can’t deal with my neighborhood looking like this.

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