Woman Shot in Columbia Heights, Man Shot in Ivy City (Sun. Night/Mon. Morning)

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From @DCPoliceDept:

“Shooting_0115 hours_3000 14th Street, NW_No lookout”

From @IAFF36:

“Shooting (115am) – 13th St & Columbia Rd NW – female shot, treated & transported to trauma center #DCFD #ColumbiaHeightsDC”

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From @DCPoliceDept:

“5D-Shooting, 0038 hours, Gallaudet & Providence St. NE, LOF Chevy Tahoe, tan in color, occupied by a B/M Dark skin white tee shirt.”

From @IAFF36:

“Shooting (1245am) – Gallaudet St & Providence St NE – male shot in chest, treated & transport to trauma center, life threatening #DCFD”

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  • It suck that the lady was shot, but I’m not surprised at all. That bum piss and cig butt covered block has been due for something like this for some time. The “Police” seem to always hang around 14th south of the metro but are oblivious to (or don’t care about) the pot smoking and open containers at 14th and Columbia.

    • Agreed, that area south of the Metro is just an open air drug market. The amount of times I see people obviously selling drugs back and forth using old cigarette cartons is astounding.

    • Yes – every time I go to that 7-Eleven someone will ask, “You smoke?” It’s amusingly brazen.

    • Totally agree with your comment. Surprisingly, however, the “no loitering” signs by the health clinic seemed to have improved that area. Their next task should be getting rid of the bathroom in the alley. Thank goodness for the heavy rains!

      • not sure it was the “no loitering sign” but it’s more likely that it’s the permanent presence of cops within eyesight of that “health clinic”. Now they only need to park some more cops in front of that 7-11 and that should be a big improvement, at least for normal people who need to walk through there to get to the circulator stop. Personally I changed my preferred route home from work in order to avoid that area altogether. I always feel like I’m going to get stabbed.

        • I’m not sure what caused the reduced loitering, but I do agree that once that sign went up, the loitering went down. Maybe it gave the cops a reason to police the area more. As for the alley, the worst part is that it could actually be a really nice brick walk, maybe even akin to Cady’s Alley (albeit probably without any high-end bistros). But still! Imagine the original brick of that alley exposed, car traffic limited, the old Church on Columbia road restored or converted, and some benches and lights. Reclaiming that blight would be a HUGE boon to those blocks. Surprised Donatelli hasn’t already pushed for it, considering they essentially own the 1400 Irving street block.

          But seriously, how many 3000 block of 14th street shootings/robbery F&V/muggings/etc. do we need before someone at MPD realizes that that block needs a permanent, 24-7 patrol? I suppose this is the obvious result of highly concentrated low-income housing.

    • Same thing has happened at Murry’s on Georgia. It has been increasingly getting worse and is a joke because it is a block from a police substation. One could stand there on any day and witness multiple drug deals. Stand in front soliciting. Walk down a side street and exchange. Repeat.

      Come on MPD!

      • Why are you so worry bout what other do, mine you business and you’ll live longer. Go complaint and do something about your government that do what they want, when they want. Fool

    • I think it is necesary to have an officer posted at the corner. On a side note, you ever see the giant police officer at the CH metro after work.

  • Blithe

    Um, instead of a picture for this post, I’m getting an ad for cruises to places like New Zealand. 🙁 If someone in marketing really thought that was a good idea, that’s beyond tasteless.

  • Projects on 14th and Columbia need to go. Residents can stay but tear down projects, build apartments with more floors, make them available for varying income dwellers, I guarantee you the place will become more dignified and the demand will be there. The city needs to get its game on in terms of providing affordable housing while making neighborhoods tolerable and safe for the entire community. And people who commit crimes consistently, whether violent or not (every drug dealer is complicit in violence somewhere in the supply chain–just watch Breaking Bad), should NOT be able to live on the taxpayers dime in subsidized housing. There are too many other deserving families who should get that break who will be good neighbors and law abiding residents, and who will use that opportunity in some cases to break out of the cycle of poverty.

    • I say tear it down and replace it with high price condos. It’s solution that is higher probability of sucess.

    • Highly concentrated public housing in a busy part of town, serving an underemployed population is a recipe for these kinds of attacks, shootings, robberies. This city wants to build more affordable housing, but what it should do is start with the stock they already have. Clean it up, make it mixed-income, and NICE, and people will take care of it. Crime problem goes away, cops can do other things, streets are cleaner.

    • Much of the violence that occurs around subsidized housing isn’t residents but former residents who feel the need to “represent.” Witness the North Capitol Street shootings that were blamed on Fur Nightclub.

      • This.

        And it’s also family members who are not necessarily officially “living” in the residence (think: grandson living with grandma). You can’t throw elderly grandma out on the street if her lowlife grandson is the one causing trouble. That just creates even more problems.

        • You can kick her out if grandma understands the policy and that her decision to harbor low-life grandson can result in her eviction and that of other non-criminal family members. Hard choices but if you are lodging on the my dime, you need to be held accountable for upholding a modicum of standards.

          • Have to agree with this. There has to be accountability and if grandma is the parent, then she’s accountable for acting like a parent.

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