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  • I love it! It seems to flow very nicely and is such an aesthetic improvement over the concrete speedway that those few blocks used to be.

  • I absolutely love the landscaping and traffic has been flowing (more or less) well, but I’d like to see more improvements done to the non-stoplight intersections – first, because no one stops for pedestrians (still!) and second, because people routinely block the box (especially during rush hour) rather than let cross traffic through. Maybe some ped-activated or weight-activated short lights need to be added?

  • gotryit

    On bike, I’ve been happy. The flow of traffic and amount of space seems to be conducive to getting along well with drivers. I generally get 3 feet of space when people pass me.

  • I’m afraid I wasn’t around to see the original Sherman Ave, just the construction hole, but the redone areas look great. I hope similar concepts can be applied to “rightsize” other dangerous, monster roads that currently prioritize commuters from outside the city rather than its residents, such as Florida Ave, New York Ave, and North Capitol St.

    • People write this a lot, but DC residents also need to go North to South (or East to West) to get to their commute.

      I spend a lot of time wasting away stuck trying to turn onto NY Ave, and guess what “state” license plate I see most often? DC

      • This is certainly true, and I’ll likely soon be starting a job that requires me to commute out of the city, so I’m sure I’ll see it first hand. Still, this can be done, especially in the case of North Capitol, in ways that don’t require ugly highways running through our city, cordoning off neighborhoods and making large swathes of the city unusable for much besides getting in and out.

  • I think the new Sherman looks and functions great. One thing that I did notice during the construction was the number of man-hole-covers. Is it me or are there more man-hole-cover on Sherman than any other road in the city??

    • Go to the intersection of 11th and U Street. There are, literally, more than 15 man holes in this single intersection. I’ve never seen so many in one place in my life. No idea why they are all here.

      Does the major storm run-off pipe follow Sherman?

  • Super nice. A lot was done – upgrades to electric, sewer etc. I heard that Pepco was the laggard holding up the completion, as usual….. But all’s well that ends well. This went from being a downright ugly street to a beautiful one. Once the plants grow in, it will be even nicer.

    • Pepco was the laggard as usual? What other major projects have they been behind on? Or is it just convenient to point to them?

      • I live on Fairmont and PEPCO has been the reason that there is no parking for residents from 7am – 5pm, seven days a week for four of the past eight weeks. This is currently the second round because the project was not completed in the first 2 week aggravation. Most days, they haven’t even been working … but the emergency no parking signs are posted & enforced. So there’s at least one other example of a PEPCO project lagging behind schedule.

  • Love it! I am no longer afraid to come home to find a car crashed into my front yard. Already fewer accidents at my intersection.

  • They should re-route the 63 bus to go up and down Georgia — it takes forever in rush hour on Sherman with only two lanes now.

    • I haven’t noticed that much of a slowdown on the 63 – mainly it’s due to drivers not yielding to the bus, so it stays at stops a bit longer. It’s not as bad as I feared when the construction began, and it certainly has to be better than GA, which is a total mess. There are so many lights on Georgia, and so many businesses with people going in and out of parking lots, that I avoid it on principle when behind the wheel.

      I am surprised the “bike lane” is pretty much a joke, because it’s not dedicated the way it is on 11th ST.

  • 86% less ruts and potholes! I may have to practice remembering to use it again… 5 years was a long time to forget about that street. 😛

  • Too bad that they don’t use opportunities like this to install innovative stormwater management structures—that I can see from these pictures anyway. It would be nice to have those curbs altered to allow stormwater to flow into the median where it could slowly soak into the ground or be taken up by vegetation instead of being washed into the sewer. But maybe there’s too much hard infrastructure under the pavement to make that feasible.

  • Aesthetically, it’s great. Wonderful landscaping and beautiful lights. Functionally, it’s a mess in the morning rush hour. One lane can’t handle the traffic flow. A quick fix would be to limit parking during rush hour and make it a two lane street.

    • bfinpetworth

      Part of the purpose of this project was to return Sherman Ave. to the neighborhood rather than the commuters. It was downsized to one lane in order to limit the amount of traffic and the speed of traffic through a residential neighborhood. The people that live there need the parking. If the single lane bothers you, then you should seek another route or another mode of transportation.

      • Agree with bfinpetworth. Sherman Ave was redesigned to be a residential street, not a thoroughfare. Commuters should be using 14th street or Georgia Avenue.

  • I don’t have a car, so I can’t comment on the traffic flow, but it does look great! Except… all of the trash cans seem to have disappeared in the renovations, so I’m noticing an increase in trash.

  • it looks great now while the median is still green. Check it by next summer and it will looks as crappy as the median that runs on New Hampshire right bu the petworth metro. Dirt and some struggling trees. The city is not going to come out and water it people! This was a wasted opportunity to create a much needed north/south cycle track down the middle of sherman ave instead of the median.

    • i absolutely agree. cycling infrastructure must be installed in all new construction. median was a waste. city could have done more with this project. dedicated bike lanes and much wider sidewalks.

    • I agree that the median on NH Ave looks crappy next to the metro, but that’s because so many people cross in the middle of the block – that’s why there’s only dirt there.

      But what’s awesome is that not a single one of the elm trees in the whole stretch from Sherman all the way up to Grant Circle has died. The trees are amazing – that’s why elms were always such amazing street trees (until Dutch Elm disease – but these new trees are resistant). They should really take off soon and start getting big, like the ones on Barracks row. I can’t wait.

  • i am not impressed. if the city was more innovative they could have placed dedicated bike lanes on sherman and made the sidewalks even wider. the street is not as pedestrian friendly as i thought it would be. this is something the city absolutely needs, not later but now.

  • Why did they unsyncronize the stoplights?

  • Does anyone have an opinion on the City maybe doing the same thing on 14th from Florida Ave. up to maybe Eucid or a little further? I’d love to see some type of designation that says you’re entering Columbia Heights. Just a thought.

    • I thought I read DC was going to work on Florida Ave south of Sherman. But google is failing me.

  • Sherman Ave looks fantastic now. I love all the median plantings and new trees. And traffic flows as well as it ever did – it’s really only the left turn lanes that are needed, not two full lanes of traffic, to keep it moving. I have been in DC for >15 year and the transformation of Sherman Ave is simply amazing. I always thought there was nothing that could be done to make that street attractive…and I was wrong.

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