Standard Expands Outdoor Seating at 14th and S St, NW

Great news for a beautiful 70 degree day! While Standard reopened on March 1st at the corner of 14th and S St, NW I just realized a new (to me) addition. I knew they’d been planning on adding more tables but I was psyched to see they were finally there:

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  • They must have never learned that trees do in fact grow. Poor trees.

    • don’t worry, the tree is way stronger than the table. it’ll break it. plus if there is any room between the table and the tree, it’ll take at least a few years for that to happen anyway.

    • sound like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today! it looks to me like there is some space for growth to me… also seems to me like they could always modify the table as it grows!

      personally i think that the tree table is pretty cool. can’t wait to sit there with my barbecue this summer.

      • I’m having a good day and woke up on the right side! I like the tree table too! I just know that people will carve into it, kick the trunk below, etc.

    • lol I love that this was the exact comment I was going to make, and it’s the first on the post.

  • finally, I can go there and not feel like I’m in jail. hopefully people will stop tying up their dogs in that area since I don’t like my bbq with a side of feces-infested animal hair.

  • But now you will get a side of delicious-looking dumpsters (see background). You can say they were always there but at least with the old seating, it was on an angle and not a direct view.

  • Thank god!

    I do wish they would do away with the large fences. Pretty easy to remove. They could put wooden fencing or planters instead.

  • I miss the Garden District.

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