Heritage India Will Get Liquor License Back with Restrictions

WJLA reports:

On Tuesday, the D.C. liquor board came to an agreement with the management of Heritage India to reopen on Dec. 21, but the establishment has agreed to a series of limitations in order to serve alcohol.

As part of their reopening, Heritage India must give up their entertainment license, meaning that they must close every night by midnight. They’re also required to sell food with alcohol.

Heritage India, located at 1337 Connecticut Ave., NW, was the scene of a fight that resulted in a Nov. 27th shooting death as well as stabbings. They released their own statement here.

I think they may already be open but will be able to sell liquor on the 21st? I took this photo yesterday:

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  • So all beatings, stabbings, shootings, sexual assaults, and murders must now be completed by midnight?

    WJLA didn’t mention who Heritage India wrote the campaign contribution check to or how much it was for, but I’m guessing it was pretty sizable. At least twenty dollars….

  • Way to go DC! That will show them to not have dumb customers!

  • They can sell liquor starting on the 21st according to the board order. They also can no longer have any promoter events and must close by midnight.

    At tonight’s ANC2B meeting we discussed this matter. It is far from resolved. The matter has been referred to the Attorney General’s office for a show cause hearing. That may result in their license being removed in additional to other possible penalties. In the meanwhile, the establishment has the restrictions I mentioned.

    We need to do a better job making sure establishments that put people at risk face appropriate penalties. A liquor license is a privilege, not a right.

    Hope that helps.

    • Just something on the side, Fusion will be celebrating their 3rd anniv this evening complimentary cocktails and appetizers will be served from 5 pm- 9 pm, all our fan are invited.

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