Judging Restaurants/Bars – Bar Rouge

Bar Rouge is located in Hotel Rouge at 1315 16th Street, NW. Their Web site says:

“Our sexy, chic lounge serves up spirited elixirs, creative American cuisine and specialty dishes perfect for sharing. Sip tasty cocktails created using liquid sensations and mixology. Savor the vine with our extensive wine list that changes monthly. Start with appetizers like crispy shrimp, spicy calamari or hot chicken wings. Our playful dinner menu features sublime sliders, fresh salads, and delectable entrees including pan seared chicken with whole grain mustard sauce, steak frites with grilled onions, grilled salmon with tomato basil puree, and grilled Angus burger on brioche. Indulge in sumptuous desserts like banana crème brulee and strawberry tiramisu. Bar Rouge serves breakfast, dinner and late-night cocktails till one in the morning.”

Any fans?

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  • I’ve never tried the place but the statues in front bug me every time I walk by. I’m all for lawn decoration, but couldn’t they muster some variety with their statues? Why are they all identical? Was there some sale on replica Venus statues?

  • A nice generic lounge-type bar. The location makes it a good place to grab a drink with someone coming from VA or the other side of town. I’ve never tried the food.

  • I recall the food being quite good when I grabbed cocktails and appetizers there about 2 years ago.

    as for the statues, obviously it’s a stylistic choice to have them repeating… one that’s is in line with kimpton hotels’ general funkiness.

  • I’ve never been there, but Kimpton hotels are awesome.

  • Slow service, over-priced drinks, douchey clientele when I went a few years ago.

  • bfinpetworth

    Stayed in the hotel in prep for my relocation here. Although I’m a big fan of Kimptons in general, this one is pretty weak in comparison. There is a trashy feel to the interiors and not nearly as high end as many other Kimptons. The bar was ok, agree it attracted an odd crowd.

  • It seems like forever since I’ve been there. It was good back then but, at the same time, there weren’t many options in that area way back when. I doubt it’s really kept pace.

    The statues are its thing! You can’t hate them!

  • I think it’s a good option for a large party on a weekend. It’s a big space, but enough off the beaten path to not get too crazy. It’s tolerable for non-lounge going types. One of those places you go when you think, “Man, everything will be packed to the gills” after you get out of movie at 10pm on a Friday.

  • I prefer the Tabard Inn, Hotel Monaco or if you want lounge the Hotel Helix…if you are going to hit this area for drinks why not head up to St. Ex or Birch and Barley.

  • this place was probably cool lounge for two weeks when it first opened (early 2000s?). kind of strange pick…

    Klimpton’s are a solid boutique chain, but if I want overpriced hotel drinks, I’d rather go to Beacon (around the corner) and take in the view from their Sky Bar.

  • I had one of the happiest afternoons of my life there with two people I love about 7 years ago.

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