Nana Looking Good in Mt. Pleasant

by Prince Of Petworth March 31, 2011 at 11:30 am 11 Comments

After the huge success of the Mt. Pleasant Temporium – I’m happy to share photos showing that the new tenant, Nana, is looking equally awesome. Nana is located at 3068 Mount Pleasant St. NW (formerly of U St, NW). Their Web site says:

“The shop has evolved over the years (and Jackie and her “boyfriend” may have evolved from a U Street-out-and-about-couple to a married-with-two-kids-city-residing family) but the mission to share unique, finely crafted, beautiful and attainable styles in a genuine, friendly, neighborhood shop will always stay the same.”

I think it’s safe to say this is an awesome addition to Mt. Pleasant.

Now if they just had a new coffee shop

Lots more photos after the jump.

  • bloom

    Nana, you look marvelous. Thanks for being here. Making plans.

  • Neighbor

    Could anyone tell me what the prices are like here? What a shirt or dress goes for? Thanks in advance.

    • Amy

      Regular boutique prices (read: expensive). At the U St location there was a small section at the back of the shop with lower priced, resale items. Don’t know if the new store has that as well.

  • Becket98

    Great addition to the neighborhood. I hope everyone stops by and checks it out. The owner is incredibly nice.

  • JR

    We are happy to have you, Nana!

  • sceptic

    Really? I was disappointed because –
    a) there is a difference between “vintage” and “consignment”
    b) if you want consignment, you can cross the street to Frugalista for waaaaay better prices
    c) I don’t want to spend $80 on a dress that looks like my sister put it together from scraps of fabric on her sewing machine.
    Wow, I’m grumpy today.

  • Elle

    Stopped in the store this weekend and it looks great! I love nana’s selection of clothes – they are classy, unique, and versatile. I get tons of compliments on the pieces I buy here. SO happy to have this store in Mt. Pleasant now!!

  • Jenny

    I’m so excited about Nana moving to my ‘hood! They carry cute, unique clothes (and bags and jewelry). It’s not cheap but that’s life with a small, non-chain clothing business, I think. I really hope they do well in this new location.

  • Anonymous

    Store looks great, just not sure what they offer that would stop me from going to say Banana Republic?

  • Anonymous

    Love Jackie! Love Nana! So glad they’ve finally re-opened.

    Some things can be rather spendy ($70 t-shirt?), but they have lovely, unique clothes that are beautiful and well made. Plus, when they’re in stock, their IT! jeans are fantastic. I’d rather spend $150-200 on a more classic dress that will last me years, than a $30 piece of trendy poo from H&M. Nana also carries some eco-friendly and independent designers, which is cool. With shops like the Gap and Banana Republic it’s a lot easier to run into someone with the same outfit. Plus, Jackie is just really nice and fun.

    But if it’s not your thing, then at least I will have better luck finding something in my size! :)

  • Anonymous

    Really? I stopped by and while some of the clothes were ok, they sure were not worth $100+ I would rather go to anthropologie for that sort of prices and style. Things looks so “arts and crafty.” nothing special to me. But overall I think is a good addition to the neighborhood.


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