Good Deal or Not? “Immaculate Sun filled condo” edition

This condo is located at 1740 U St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Immaculate Sun filled condo features handsome hardwoods, open kitchen w. huge breakfast bar, 2 true sized bedrooms, fireplace, custom tile details, built-in bookshelves and reserved parking behind unit! This boutique building is Pet friendly with an amazingly low condo fee($90). WALK to shopping, U ST, Dupont Circle & Adams Morgan nightlife & 2 Metros! Motivated Sellers!”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

Do you think $479,000 sounds reasonable? If not, what do you think is a more realistic price?

Also worth noting, there is another garden floor condo at 1751 U St, NW with virtual tour here going for $324,900.

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  • There may be some “sun filled” basements in the world, but this doesn’t appear to be one of them.

    That said, this would be an amazing location, although the “amazingly low condo fee” bit makes me wonder about the actual state of this building. What on earth would a $90 condo fee actually support in terms of building upkeep and other costs?

  • 480k for a basement? never.

  • I thought that price was for the whole house! LOL

    • The fact that you thought that could possibly be the price of the entire house indicates you have not even looked at DC real estate in the past several years.

      If this weren’t a basement I would say this was a steal given the location and that there is a parking space included – the holy grail of DC real estate (at least for those looking for something under half a mil that isn’t in a recently constructed building).

  • Anyone ever wonder why PoP calls the real estate features “editions” when they are for sale but “options” when they are for rent?
    Food for thought. (Anyone remember that place on Conn. Ave. below Fla. Ave.)?

  • I would not pay $325K for a basement condo, let alone $479K.

  • That’s amazing that there’s a 150k difference between these 2 condos when they really look pretty comparable- about the same size, same block. I’m guessing they’ll both sell at around 325k.

  • Do you think $479,000 sounds reasonable? … Also worth noting, there is another garden floor condo at 1751 U St, NW with virtual tour here going for $324,900.

    In every single one of these GDoN posts, you avoid passing judgment to the point of obtuseness. In this case, though, it looks like the curtain slipped, and you just answered your own question.

  • I live about half a block away from this place, and pass it daily. I can attest to it being “sun filled.” I moved into my apartment because it was the sunniest I could find. The houses on the other side of the alley are all low, allowing the sun to flood the back of the apartment. Also, unlike most rowhouses, this place has windows on three walls. There was recently a bunch of work done on the whole house. The entire building was scraped, primed, and painted, the front garden was professionally landscaped, and I believe new windows went in. Also, I wondered about this at the time, but they just recently rebuild the back porch. Rather than add a huge new space that could fit a table or at least some chairs, they opted for just a small stoop and stairs down. Seem’s like a smart way to keep the basement sunny.

  • i have good friends who rent out the unit above this one and am there pretty frequently. the place seems to be in good shape, they’ve never had any problems, but 480 for a basement is insane.

  • I guess I’m getting old, but there is no GD way in heck I could imagine paying $480K for a basement! I would buy a house in Brookland before this nonsense. I can understand wanting to be where the action is, but that’s a lot of money… Give me a yard and some quiet nights.

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