Meridian Pint Opens This Thursday – Behold the Table Taps in Action!!!

Thanks to all who wrote in about some action going on at Meridian Pint coming to the corner of 11th and Park Road, NW near Red Rocks. You know, the place with table taps.

There was a pre-opening event last night and I had the good fortune to stop by. I didn’t take a lot of photos (you can see some preview shots here) but I couldn’t resist the table tap in action:

So after a few delays I’m happy to say they’ll official be open to the public this Thursday!

I’ll be exploring the beers a bit more but in the meantime here’s a sneak peek of just one row of taps:

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  • Great Lakes on tap one block from my house — giddy.

    If you’re down with Edmund Fitzgerald (the beer, not the tragedy), you’ll appreciate my captcha: of shipping

    • Nick, I noticed the Great Lakes right away, as well! I know it’s becoming more common in the D.C. area, but I still get all giddy whenever I see it. I will be consuming copious amounts of Christmas Ale this November and December.

    • Edmund Fitzgerald is my favorite porter ever.

  • the lagunitas and troegs are standouts for me, i have a feeling this place is going to be packed.

  • So excited. I am sure it will be mobbed for the first few weeks …

    11th Street will be something to behold in a year or so once all the retail on the other side of the street fills in (primarily the 11th and Monroe building, I’ve given up on the building next to Arthur’s, which every 6-12 months is proclaimed to be the future site of something amazing, but nothing ever actually happens).

  • Personal day.

  • I’m looking forward to hitting that Founder’s Red’s Rye.

  • RACER 5!!!!!!!!!! While I love Church Key, this place is only a block from my house. Bad news bears for my wallet.

  • Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale. Mmmmm

  • So did you figure out exactly how the table tap works as far as billing, portions, etc? It is SUCH a cool idea.

    • You swipe your card when you sit down and it measures how much liquid is pulled from the taps until you close out the check

  • there gonna be any good specials or anything tomorrow night for their grand opening?

  • Troeg’s is delicious…

  • yay 11th st party zone!

  • YAY! This looks excellent. I’m so happy to have more nice bars in the neighborhood! And if CH is all clear of construction in two weeks like they promised I will be jumping for joy!

  • Thanks to Anon 12:14… that sounds awesome. What a cool place – I hope it turns out to be as much of a smash hit as we’re all expecting!

  • This looks fun and all, but I still have a nagging question about what they have in place to stop serving someone that’s had too much. Is there a master cut off?

    • As we learned in the comments on the earlier post (linked in this post) the bartender will have to periodically re-authorize the table tap to continue serving, so that allows the bartender to cut people off.

    • Huh?

  • Anyone know if they’ll have their sidewalk seating open yet?

  • Can someone tell them to please update their website? Does anyone know what their hours will be or whether they’ll be serving brunch this weekend? I’d love to check them out before heading to the baseball game.

  • Brunch and outdoor seating won’t be starting quite yet. Probably in the next few weeks. As of now, open at 5pm every day starting tomorrow.

  • I had the good fortune to be walking by Meridian pint late Monday night when they were having a small event for their staff. My friends and I peered into the windows out of curiosity and the assistant manager invited us in to check out the place up close. We only saw the first floor, but the inside looks gorgeous – with dark word paneling and lots of open space. The beer selection is as great as they say and will appeal to both those looking for cheap (PBR, Miller Light) and good (Ommegang, Allagash, Troegs) American beers. The assistant manager and the rest of the staff were all friendly and they are very committed to making Meridian Pint a truly local Columbia Heights establishment for 20 somethings and families alike. A lot of the delay in opening was because they wanted to “do it right” and from what I can tell, they seem to have figured it out.

    • Good to see someone is looking out for bargoing families. Many theories on the delay–heard it happened bc some contractor put the taps behind the bar, instead of on the tables. Scuttlebutt.

  • These table taps serve Kool-Aid? Prince of Promotion again over-hyping what in any other city would be a pretty normal place. Good thing dc residents always drink the punch.

    • The story is that is in OUR neighborhood. It is not normal to get this kind of establishment uptown. it’s big news. and this bar and the fact that it is focused on providing a ton of american craft brews on draft would be big news in any neighborhood of any city.

    • +1 to Riggs. It’s a bar. It will be the flavor of the month until some other shiny trinket in town gets the yuppies all excited.

      (See, e.g., Passenger, Griffin, Churchkey, Commonwealth, etc)

      • But those places are still crowded months+ after opening. What is your problem? Did they turn down your job application? Jeez.

  • You are cracking me up though, riggs

  • went thursday, had a great time. going to be big.
    the one behind the bar looks like some sort of off-centered afterthought. just lose the tv’s guys, or put them on for specil events only.
    they suck, and cheapens the place.

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