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Did Anyone Witness the Motorcyclist hit & run at 13th and Quincy, NW Fri. Night?

by Prince Of Petworth June 30, 2010 at 10:30 am 29 Comments

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“Dear PoP,

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the hit and run accident that occurred on Friday night at 13th & Quincy, NW involving a motorcyclist. Well, that motorcyclist is a good friend of mine and he is in serious condition in the ICU and has been undergoing a series of intense surgeries to repair the damage caused by the accident.

Any information you can gather on the accident would be helpful. I noticed that there were a few posts on your article on hit & runs that mentioned this specific accident. Please encourage people to come forward and talk to the police. Todd, the motorcyclist, and his wife have lived in Columbia Heights since 2000, and this accident occurred two blocks from their home.”

If anyone has information please contact the police or you can email me directly at princeofpetworth(@)gmail.com

  • My former improv student. Get well, Todd!

  • I just moved to Park Place at Quincy and Georgia. There are a number of stop signs on Quincy where the cross traffic does not stop. I avoid it when I can.

    This sounds like an awful accident. Mend quickly Todd.

  • RD

    They recently made the 13th and randolph intersection a 4-way stop. it is so much better and safer now. They should probably do the same thing at 13th and quincy, and kansas and quincy for that matter. it makes everything a lot safer for everyone on the road. the blocks to the south and the north are traffic controlled by either traffic lights or stop signs.

    also, i don’t think i’ve ever had a car with maryland tags stop for me to cross the street in the crosswalk without the aid of a stop sign or light.

  • the verbotten one

    Not a witness but I have a great idea for what to do with the perpetrator when we catch him.

  • Lindsay

    I wish i had details but i always avoid that intersection when on quincy, and i’m very mindful of people pulling out blind when i’m on 13th…you can’t see anything there. a very serious accident there is bad enough, but to leave the scene? i hope they catch them and throw their ass in jail for a long long time.

  • David Tumblin

    All, I am glad to see this post. I live on the corner where the hit-and-run occured. My wife was first out of the house as I dialed 911, and she witnessed Todd being dragged under the car. Two female witnesses ran after the car. We also managed to keep three passengers who jumped out of the car after the crash from running. We are all in contact with MPD’s lead investigator from their major crash division. MPD’s local commander keeps us up-to-date on Todd’s medical condition, on the status of the investigation (information is not reported if there are still active issues), and on a review they are doing of the MPD and fire department response time. While 911 and MPD and fire records show a reasonable response time, many of us are now accustomed to a near instant and overwhelming response that we feel we didn’t see the night of the hit-and-run.

    Neighbors have made great progress in getting critical new stop signs, and we are now getting speed bumps in the 1200 block of Taylor, where there are schools and a lot of pedestrian traffic. We have not yet succeeded in our efforts to get four-way stops at Quincy and Kansas and Quincy and 13th. DDOT is reviewing the issue now.

    The overwhelming response of the neighborhood reaffirms how wonderful our community is, even when responding to tragedy. I will share what information I have with Todd’s friends. E-mail me at [email protected]

    Diane in Park Place, please e-mail, so I can add you to the e-mail distibution on what’s happening in our neighborhood.

    David, ANC Commissioner, 4C06

    • Anon

      “We also managed to keep three passengers who jumped out of the car after the crash from running”

      Stolen car/joyriding? You didn’t say, but color me unsurprised if they and the driver are all underage. Hopefully with 3 witnesses intimately familiar with the driver they can at least track him down.

      • TaylorStreetMan

        Despite the fact that all three were caught red-handed, I have no doubt they’ll be claiming innocence all day long.

        “I didn’t do nuthin’!”
        “It wasn’t me!”
        “You don’t know me!”

        et cetera.

    • Just sayin…

      Glad to see this kind of motivation on all sides, but you have to wonder if there’d be this kind of activity if it had been a cyclist instead of motorbike(r)…

      • PW Neighbor

        Why would you say that, a person was horribly injured…dragged under a car! Get that chip off your shoulder.

      • Anon

        If that person’s friends cared enough to reach out to the community, then yes. If Todd had been on a bike, or walking, there would still be “activity” related to this accident. If you live in the neighborhood, go look at the trail of blood on the street. Ask Todd’s wife and his friends how bad his injuries are. And next time think before you post a stupid comment like that.

  • Anonymous

    We walked upon the accident minutes after it happened. Thoughts and prayers for Todd. I want so badly for whoever did this to be caught and brought to justice! Stop signs definitely needed at this intersection. It is just plain dangerous. As a pedestrian, sometimes its near impossible to cross, even though the cars are “supposed to” yield.

  • 13th at Randolph

    David, do you have any more information that you can share? Did the car run the stop sign going west on Quincy? Was this a car full of teens, a DWI situation, a stolen car, DC tags, MD tags?

    The 4-way at Randolph has made a huge improvement and there really needs to be a 4-way at both 13th & Quincy and Quincy & Kansas. Unfortunately, as more and more MD commuters have become accustomed to the Randolph 4-way, it has become a 60% fast-rolling \stop\ and isn’t all that much more fun to cross…

  • TaylorStreetMan

    there are 4-way stops at 13th/Taylor and 13th/Sheppard, too, if I’m not mistaken. It make a huge difference, especially since there are so many kids in the area.

    Best wishes to Todd for a speedy recovery. I’d love to see some justice done on this one!

  • rocketnerd

    i am curious about which way the car vs. motorcyclist was going in this incident, as i couldn’t tell from the description. was the car driving on 13th and the motorcyclist was hit while crossing quincy?

    when driving, i always cross 13th and/or kansas at randolph, because of the stop signs. it’s just too hard to see behind the row of parked cars otherwise from the stop sign (and i’m sure it’s equally hard for those drivers to see you).

  • David Tumblin

    MPD’s major accident division is working with the three people who fled the car (but not the scene) after the impact. We believe Todd was traveling on 13th with the right-of-way when he was hit by the car on Quincy crossing 13th. Other witnesses will have better infomration. MPD recovered the vehicle. They are working to identify who was in the car and who was driving. We will continue to seek stop signs. The pedestrian walk at Kansas, Quebec, and 13th is also under review.

  • ShaRon

    I was sitting on my front porch with my neighbor, her daughter had just walked down the stairs when the accident occurred we heard tire screech and actually witnessed the impact. We saw we were screaming do not back up because the car was on top of the victim we were trying to cross 13th street but cars were coming toward us at that time the drive backed-up when I realized the driver was about to flee I start to run after the car but could not make out the tag number the driver of a cream colored vehicle knocked the victim from 13th st. onto Quincy between Quincy the driver then back onto 13th St. Northbound with the victim still under the car dragging him from Quincy about half a block before the victim manage to become dislodge from under the vehicle the vehicle then made a right onto Randolph St. I hope they catch the person involved in this horrific crime. This was a terrible accident but when the driver decided to flee this became a criminal act. I wish Todd a speedy recovery.

  • dreas

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope that Todd recovers fully and that MPD is able to determine who’s at fault.

    As far as the stop signs go, I think the 4-ways at the other intersections have possibly made the 13th and Quincy intersection more dangerous, as cross-traffic on Quincy seems to assume that traffic 13th also has a stop. I live a couple of blocks down on 13th and drive this way daily. At least a couple of times a week, someone on Quincy starts to drive through the intersection as though they expect me to stop.

    I’m glad to hear this intersection is under review, along with the intersections at Kansas. My husband and I have both nearly been hit more times than I can count crossing Kansas at Quebec.

    • RD

      I think it’s kind of telling that ALL of us in the neighborhood have had the same problems with these three intersections. i wasn’t thinking of the quebec one before, because i just avoid crossing there altogether. that intersection actually has a Walk/Don’t walk signal, but you can’t just follow that without also being super cautious. Most drivers headed north on 13th don’t even slow down to under 30 mph to make the slight right onto Kansas, even though the pedestrians crossing there have a Walk signal. Really hoping DDOT makes the right decisions here and we can save some lives in the future.

      • dreas

        Exactly. It’s especially terrifying when you’re pushing a stroller and a car comes flying around that slight bend. We are super careful, but it always seems like it’s just a matter of time.

  • ShaRon

    I have lived at this intersection of 13th & Quincy for 14 years now and there’s been so many accidents at this intersection several yrs ago a woman was killed at this intersection by the number of accidents reported here we just knew we were going to get a stop sign noooooo! If you are walking in the crosswalk some drivers won’t stop to let you cross and if a driver stops to let you cross cars in the rear will speed around this has happend to me on several occassions. Randolph got a sign Shephard got a stop sign why can’t we have a stop sign. Todd was traveling Northbound on 13th St. The car was going east on Quincy crossing 13th St. sign No sign

    • RD

      And I can’t imagine any nearby resident opposing a stop sign here. the only people i could conceive not being happy with it is silver spring residents who are choosing to use 13th st as a thoroughfare instead of a major arterial road like georgia avenue. and should we be making road safety decisions based on that? heck, with stop signs at the next 3 blocks, i doubt you are even slowing anyone down by having one more at quincy.

  • If anyone would like to learn about the background of Todd Beckett (the victim) or his status, you can check my blog which is updated daily. Todd and his wife Leah have lived in the Petworth / Columbia Height area for years. Todd mentors students in his spare time, prepares meals for the homeless, is involved with his church, and runs marathons as a hobby. He’s one of my very best friends and after he recovers I hope you’ll have the privilege of meeting him. He lives about 2 blocks from where the incident took place.

    If you saw anything regarding the incident (Todd was dragged nearly one city block by the car performed the hit and run), please contact:

    *Detective Scott C Earhardt*
    Metropolitan Police Department
    Special Operations Division
    Major Crash Investigations Unit
    Vehicular Homicide Squad
    501 New York Ave N.W.
    Washington D.C. 20001
    ofc- 202-698-0681
    cell- 202-486-0236

    And to offer your support, please follow Todd’s progress on his Facebook group page, called “Peace, Love and all of the Above for Todd”:


    Other updates can be found here:


  • Jennifer

    I am a close friend of Todd and his family. I just want to thank all of you who were at the scene, helping him. God Bless you all and thank you.

  • Christine

    My prayers are with you and your family, Todd. “NEW CHOICE”! Get well soon. Fellow Improv Student

  • Todd did well on his third procedure according to the nurses. He has finished having the gravel cleaned out of his limbs and they are now putting him back together. The breathing tube was removed yesterday and he can say a few words. The fact that the medical team is very pleased with his progress is a relief to everyone (please remember that visitors are not yet permitted while he remains in the ICU).

    Thank you all for all the support and many thanks to all the neighbors on the block of 13th street where the incident occurred, as well as the Prince of Petworth and the ANC commissioner David Tumblin for mobilizing the community. Your accounts, your pictures, and your care for the victim (as well as holding the accessories to the crime until police arrived) show a neighborhood full of character, integrity and compassion.

    We’ll need to throw a block party when this all over and Todd is back on his feet. Keep the prayers and good thoughts coming!

    For more information: http://christopherbaer.blogspot.com

  • Linda…Joppa, MD

    God bless u Todd, and continue to be strong! I want u to know that u’r in my thoughts and prayers all the time. May the Lord provide u with the healing u need, and bring u back to a healthy state. Know that there are lots of us out here routing for u! : )


  • Shannan


    I forwarded this post to my roommate, who actually witnessed the entire thing. She may have spoken to you already, but she was very shaken up all weekend about it. Todd is lucky to have such wonderful friends trying to help him out. I’m sure my roommate will help in any way she can.


  • Anonymous

    i haven’t seen todd in years and while we have many mutual friends, i didn’t make the connections that this post and todds accident were one in the same until last night.

    i do hope todd the best and a quick recovery.

    what is the status of the criminal investigation? are the three girls being charged with obstruction of justice? have they caught the driver? the kind of person that could do this i want off the street of my city. the horror of this is unbelievable.


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