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  • They still put the banner over some of the nicer elements of the building though.

  • For years, it looked even worse. It was built in 1923 as the Hilltop Apartments. According to our then ANC Commissioner, a group bought the building with the inent of building in 22 units by building upward. How much you can build up on top of a building depends on how many units already exist. The group misrepresented the number of units, received permission to make sort of a tower out of the building by building several stories up. They began by gutting the building completely, leaving only the front and side walls standing. That was in 2005. You can see a picture of the gutted building here:


    The city discovered the deception, and informed the owners that they could only build two additional stories. The owners decided it wasn’t worth it for them in that market and walked away, leaving a bombed-out looking shell of a building on our street until 2008, when another group bought it at auction and hired bought it and architect Eric Colbert took over the project. It rapidly came together in the respectful treatment you see now.

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