Crepes on the Corner Coming to Captiol Hill (257 15th St. SE)

U Street (Logan Circle)’s loss is Capitol Hill’s gain. (Ed. Note: U St/Logan Circle is still getting a Creperie in Point Chaud relatively soon) Back to Crepes on the Corner – From an email:

“Crepes on the Corner (website coming soon)

Coming to Washington D.C. in early fall 2010, owners Chef Vincent Bradberry and Marc Ross of the Spectrum West Collection bring a simple and genuine creperie to Capitol Hill. Both are long time Washingtonians with a mindset to use local ingredients and produce.

Crepes on the Corner will function as a relaxing neighborhood cafe serving local residents an option for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Expect delicious crepes made to order, homemade soups, garden fresh salads, and a great cup of coffee.

The outside area will be primarily used for growing fresh produce and herbs. Guests and garden share the same space. Customers can even snip some their own ingredients for their crepes or relax at one of the bistro tables set with an exploration of urban farming.”

They are anticipating an early August opening. Stay tuned for updates as that date approaches.

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  • I can only imagine some bold guerrilla gardeners planting some “special plants” in the garden that they’d like to see added to make some bodacious crepes, man.

  • Wow. That isn’t where I’d expect a well established restaurant to go. Great for the neighborhood, but I can’t imagine there’s a ton of foot traffic out there.

    There’s probably a decent amount of pent up demand.

  • 15th St. SE Capitol Hill?
    Where does it end?

    • a hill generally ends when the elevation becomes lower.

      capitol hill is a greater neighborhood name like shaw. both has smaller areas within it. capitol hill goes to the stadium, though a lot of people will just use the smaller area name… eastern market., lincoln park, etc..

  • excited to have something in our neighborhood! I guess it is more Hill East…reminds me of when big bear cafe opened up and the neighborhood rallied behind it! Go Crepes on the Corner!

  • I live two blocks from this. There is definitely a pent up demand in the neighborhood, even if only for the coffee aspect. Crepes are a nice bonus!

  • Ehh. I’ll stick with Eastern Market crepes. Crepe guy rocks.

    captcha: hodgdon cool
    (house of the day good deal or not?)

  • not going to lie, i am excited for this place!!! i will definitely frequent to help them be successful. looking forward to more commercial/residential places between E. Market and Potomac Ave metro stops.

  • Go Chef Vincent! Happy you abandoned 14th Street location and found a new locale and partner. Better energy on the Hill for your little corner. I can walk over on my lunch break.

  • Holly Crepes, Batman! Keep us posted for the grand opening.

  • Hooray! I live on Potomac Ave. SE, within walking distance of the planned cafe, and I can testify that there is most definitely pent-up demand around here for something like this. Especially if it’s a nice place to sit with a cup of coffee and do a little work/reading. The neighborhood welcoms you, Crepes on the Corner.

  • (Sorry about the typo–that should have been “welcomes.”)

  • Double true on the pent up demand, at least from a guy who lives right on that block.

  • goldmine. there aint shit near there. that placed will be packed all the time and have huge neighborhood appreciation.
    smart move.

  • Hill East needs a bagel place. Hell, DC needs a decent bagel place.

  • I live 1 block from there on 15th Street, SE and have for 13 years. Believe me, there is pent up demand for retail at this end of Capitol Hill. ANY decent restaurant or cafe would have more business then they would need! Looking forward to this place!

  • By my calculation this will be the nearest coffee place (other than the Safeway Starbucks) for almost 100 dense city blocks with a great many high and middle income folks. Park Cafe has no trouble selling it’s $25 entrees here–but of course that can’t be an everyday thing. You’re right that there isn’t a ton of foot traffic right there, but if they do a decent job of marketing this will become the heart of our neighborhood. I was dreaming a place like this would show up–hope they spring for a decent espresso machine.

    • a place like this doesn’t need foot traffic. it IS the reason people will be walking by.

      are there any well run places w/ decent food in dc that truly suffer from location? i doubt it. we may seem like a bunch of dull people here in dc, but we go the hell out, thats for sure.

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